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Welcome to the Camberwell Online blog, a place for free and spirited exchange on anything with even a tangential connection to the South-East London district.

Camberwell Arts: Open Studios, Arts Markets & Catalogues.

Written by | 15 Comments.

We hope you enjoyed the 20th anniversary Arts festival with its mugs, cakes, lucky dip installations, arts market, music and Hokey Cokey! That was back in June, so we thought it was about time we updated you on what we have been working on since then. Download out latest newsletter from here.

Cataloguing Camberwell e-flyer landscape

Thurs 13th Nov, 7:30pm, Peckham Pelican — 92 Peckham Road, London SE15 5PY

Come and join us at the Peckham Pelican (strictly speaking, still within the Camberwell borders!) to pick up your very own commemorative copy of CATALOGUING CAMBERWELL as well as celebrate…
• Launch of the Christmas Open Studios flyer
• Launch of the Christmas Arts Market
• Introducing the new board of Camberwell Arts
• An exciting announcement about the 2015 festival theme!

There will be music by Winston Skerrit and Cassandra Rutledge, who will showcase work from the 20 Downloads project developed for this year’s festival, followed by The Art of the Magic Lantern — which uses pre-cinema projection equipment to create a new live performance by Nicole Mollett and Frog Morris.


We invited local residents to create a collective catalogue of this year’s festival of 20 commissioned artworks, 20 events and exhibitions that looked back, forwards and sideways at Camberwell and all it has to offer.
The results are Cataloguing Camberwell – a selection of our 20 favourite reviews.
In these pages you’ll find party bags, pop-up concerts and cake-based treasure hunts, the Beast of Camberwell, Eight Wonders of Camberwell and a Camberwell-inspired mug collection.
It’s not your typical catalogue, perhaps — but one that we hope showcases our thriving local arts scene and inspires you to explore Camberwell further.


We are delighted to announce the first ever co-branded Open Studios event!
In the run up to Christmas, the studios and artists of Camberwell will be throwing open their doors to the public and selling their wares to art-lovers and gift-seekers.
From canvases to prints, silver to ceramics, you will find something to suit all tastes and budgets in SE5 this Christmas.

Download your copy of the flyer from our website
Everyday, we are showcasing the artists on Facebook and Twitter #CAFXMAS2014 so you can get a sneak peak of what is to come!

East Camberwell Open Studios: Thu 28th — Sun 30th Nov
(Vanguard court & 11 Vestry Mews)

West Camberwell Open Studios: Fri 12th — Sun 14th Dec
(Artichoke Print Workshop, Clockwork Studios, Coldharbour Studios, Empress Mews & Remakery)

…Or pop into Daily Goods between 25th Nov-7th Dec, to see work curated by Orso Major Gallery.

MADE IN CAMBERWELL xmas 2014 logo

Saturday 6th December 10-5pm — Datchelor Place (Off Camberwell Church Street) SE5 7AP.

Join us at Datchelor Place on Sat 6th Dec for… MADE IN CAMBERWELL: An arts market bursting with crafters, artists and makers from Camberwell and beyond.
Set in a cosy cul-de-sac surrounded by cafes and eateries, we’ve made it easy to stock up on Christmas presents whilst keeping you toasty, well fed, and full of Christmas cheer.
Want to be a Stallholder? Download the application form & e-mail CamberwellArtsFestival@​gmail.​com

For the latest info:
@CamberwellArts - #CAFXMAS14

15 Comments » . November 8th, 2014. Filed under Art, Events, Shopping

Camberwell and the South East, 1960s.

Written by | 33 Comments.

Quite lovely short film in two parts about the modernisation of Camberwell and its surrounds in the early 1960s. Ironic to see the praise for modern housing which is now falling to pieces or knocked down, while the dismissed old housing is now worth hundreds of thousands, if not millions.

So many things that no longer exist. The church on Wren Road, the Rosemary Branch pub, the Camberwell Beauty on the Samuel Jones factory, the last remaining London dairy farm.

“The drama of change is the balance of loss and gain.”

Thanks to Twitter user @leighannewalker for finding these.

33 Comments » . October 21st, 2014. Filed under History

Local Clicktivism

Written by | 34 Comments.

A couple of recent petitions that I’ve been asked to promote:

We want physically segregated cycle lanes on Albany Rd & Thurlow St and Dutch standard prioritised protected crossings for cyclists/pedestrians at cycle route junctions, in the Aylesbury Estate plan - with the recent cancellation of CS6, better provision for cyclists on the back streets becomes more important.

We call on Eric Pickles, to investigate allegations of governance failure, poor financial management and potential fraud at the London Borough of Southwark, relating to the sale of the Heygate Estate - not directly about Camberwell, but it’s just down the road and has also cost you money from your taxes.

Update: A public consultation on the proposal to extend the Bakerloo Line South — via either Old Kent Road, or a new Camberwell station.

Update: Here’s another one, calling for fairer flight paths to and from Heathrow — Camberwell is one of the affected areas.

If you know of any more, email peter@​camberwellonline.​co.​uk or tweet @camberwellblog.

34 Comments » . September 28th, 2014. Filed under Activism

Ten Years Later

Written by | 23 Comments.

I’ve been away, and busy. Away in New York and Italy, busy writing the second edition of a book about the other part of my life, making websites. But now I am back, so let’s have some local news.

Work is well underway on the new Camberwell Library, between the Green and the Magistrates Court. It’s set to open in Spring next year. Some revitalisation work on the Green itself is due to start soon, but nothing visible so far.

All of our new businesses are still going, and sounds as if we’re going to be joined by a new hip pizza restaurant on the site of the former Johansson’s cafe, and possibly a new artisan bakery a few doors up (the owners are actively advertising for a deli on the site, not sure if there’s any movement on that front).

And the proposed CS6 cycle lane [PDF], from Penge to the City, passing through Camberwell (AFAICT down Denmark Hill and along Camberwell Road), has been dropped.

But you knew all of that already, of course, because of the fantastic comments on this site, which keep going even when I can’t. The problem is, I don’t have time to devote to the blog as I did in the past. I’ve been writing this for TEN YEARS! (I missed the anniversary, in July). And while I have some helpful regular contributors (thanks Mumu, especially), most of the work is done by the commenters.

A few people, presuming abandonment, have asked about a forum for more regular news; we had the SE5 Forum forum in the past, but people preferred to comment here. Although that was when I posted more regularly; now that’s not the case, is a forum or discussion board an alternative worth pursuing? Or should I repeat the call for more authors, and hope for the best? Or, perhaps, provide more regular updates in the form of collected tweets, as the shorter form of Twitter makes it easier for me to write there.

I want to know what you, the loyal lifeblood of this blog, want to do. And then I’ll do it.

In the meantime, now that the writing’s finished I should be able to come back to some kind of semblance of semi-regular blogging. Send me your news.

23 Comments » . September 24th, 2014. Filed under General