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  • Dagmar: I couldn’t get in. It was full beyond belief. Did any go and get in? The concert was filmed and will be...


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Whirled Cinema

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This is an unpaid promotion written by Elle Pilkington of Whirled Cinema (with edits by me).

Hidden away in one of the many railway arches of Loughborough Junction, Whirled Cinema is an independent cinema above Whirled Art Productions’ artist studios. Whirled’s programme consists of the best of foreign and independent films with a few of the stand-out blockbusters slipped in too. This spring the cinema is introducing an additional programme of films screened as “Whirled Seasons”. Each season will focus on a specific point of interest and will see the screening of a variety of films ranging from old favourites to cinematic gems that you never knew existed.

Whirled Seasons kicks off at the end of April with Hoffman Season, a celebration of Philip Seymour Hoffman’s earlier acting roles. This season will see five of Hoffman’s films from between the years of 1991 and 2000 screened on each consecutive Monday starting on the 28th April. Have a look at the running order for Whirled Cinema’s Hoffman Season:

  • 28/04 Triple Bogey On A Par Five Hole (1991)
  • 05/05 Boogie Nights (1997)
  • 12/05 The Talented Mr Ripley (1999)
  • 19/05 Happiness (1998)
  • 26/05 Flawless (1999)

For all screenings doors open at 7pm, film starts 8.30pm. Tickets are £8 per screening (or two tickets for £12); members get in for half price, and students get two for £10.

Comment now » . April 13th, 2014. Filed under Events

Camberwell Arts Festival needs you!

Written by | 17 Comments.

NB This was posted by ‘MrsPBTT’ as a comment on a previous post, but I thought it deserved a post of its own. Some light edits have been made. — Peter

From Saturday 14th until Sunday 22nd June, the Camberwell Arts Festival draws together some of the best talent in the area, celebrating the visual arts, music, cinema, performance and design. This is our 20th year, so our inspiration is the number twenty, and what that might mean to Camberwell.

We’re now getting to close to finalising our own programme but, as ever, aim to make this festival a celebration of everything going on in the area. As part of the festival we’ll be producing a programme both online and in print. We’d love to involve as many activities as we can and need your help!

We break this down into four key areas:

Open Call: Fringe Events

If you’re an artist, maker, performer, clown, comedian, gardener, designer (etc) and would like to submit an idea we’d love to hear from you and get you listed. Sadly we’re unable to provide a budget but if you have your own location and permission for a piece of work, please let us know and we’ll help bring the crowd with some promotional support.

Lucky Dip

An open entry exhibition that takes place out in the open! 20 short listed artists will be allocated a street, park or public building in Camberwell through a lucky dip process. They will receive a budget of £100 to create an artwork specifically for that location in order to compete for the 4th Camberwell Open Prize.

Artists’ Studios

If you run or own a studio in the area and would like to open your doors to the public during the festival, please get in contact

Festival Events

If you’re already running a festival, exhibition or workshop in the area during the festival and would like it listed in the festival programme we’d love to hear from you.

The deadline for submitting your events or work is Sunday 20th April. After this date we’ll be producing the programme and going to print. To submit your events or work, please email us at camberwellcallout2​0​1​4​@​gmail.​com, detailing which category you fall into by putting it in the subject line. Don’t forget to include your web addresses, Facebook pages and Twitter feeds.

Also, if you have any photos, old memories or mementos of festival gone past please do send them through to us so we can start to build a library.

In the meantime, please do spread the word and you can follow us on Twitter as @CamberwellArts and Facebook as camberwellartsfestival.

See you in June!

17 Comments » . March 27th, 2014. Filed under Art, Events

Camberwell centre to become 20MPH zone

Written by | 25 Comments.

As part of TfL’s plan to improve cycle safety they proposed a 20MPH limit through the centre of Camberwell, which has now apparently been approved. It covers the area between Benhill Road and Medlar Street, along Church Street and New Road, and will take effect from this Friday, 21st March.

Southwark Council have plans to extend this limit throughout the whole borough in the future.

25 Comments » . March 16th, 2014. Filed under Transport

Camberwell’s view of St Paul’s

Written by | 9 Comments.

Many people have heard about and experienced the views of St Paul’s Cathedral from locations such as Primrose Hill, Hampstead Heath and Richmond Park, which are protected by law. This prevents the construction of tall buildings across large swathes of central London. You can see a map of the areas affected here.

But did you know that Camberwell has its own splendid view of St Paul’s? Walking north on the west side of Camberwell Road from the Green, the dome of the cathedral is clearly visible for a 100m stretch of road. It is a particularly stunning and unexpected sight at night-time, and a pleasant reminder of how close our neighbourhood is to the centre of London. The view is highlighted in the Camberwell Green Conservation Area Appraisal, which states that it should be protected and enhanced. Indeed, even the masterplan for the redeveloped Heygate estate has been shaped by a desire to protect this view.

However, it is now under threat from a potential development further north in the borough. Delancey have submitted an application for a Scoping Opinion to build three residential towers of 10, 14 and 23 storeys on Park Street, near Tate Modern. The tallest of these, at 80 metres, sits directly on the line of sight between Camberwell Green and St Paul’s.

It would be such a shame if this view was lost because of the desire of a developer to cram yet another skyscraper onto the London skyline. There is still time, though, for Camberwell’s voice to be heard. Please consider emailing your views to Southwark at planning.​consultation@​southwark.​gov.​uk (citing application number 14-AP-0528), and help save our view for future generations. The consultation period ends on 27 March. And if you have not yet seen it for yourself, have a look next time you are on Camberwell Road.

9 Comments » . March 5th, 2014. Filed under Development