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Help crowdfund the Coal Line

Written by | 1 Comment.

My Camberwell friends, I may have a part of the cycle solution (certainly to Millwall, Dagmar) – but we need your help! The Peckham Coal Line is now Crowdfunding through Spacehive. Take part and help this resident-initiated project move one step closer to creating an urban linear park that would connect South London. An oasis of greenery soaring high across the rooftops of Peckham on a disused rail siding. A route as useful as it is beautiful, unlocking dormant Victorian infrastructure to connect neighbourhoods and high streets, and people to work.

More than a park – a vital connection: The 900-meter link will be for walkers and cyclists and will bridge a gap in a wider network of greenways that would run largely traffic free across South Camberwell to Greenland Dock where Sustrans are planning a new bridge to Canary Wharf. The campaign needs to get out to a wider audience so if any of you know of someone who might be interested please forward the website to them.





Wider Networkx

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New old photos of Camberwell

Written by | 10 Comments.

A new account on Flickr, Historic Images UK, has posted a batch of old photos of Camberwell that I’ve never seen before. Among many (many) of Camberwell Grove, there are some real old treasures. Here are a few good ones.

This is the corner of Camberwell Green where the public toilets now stand. Is that some kind of shrine there, or just a monument?

Camberwell Green 1930.JPG

The Lava Skating Rink, which stood at the top of Camberwell Grove near Denmark Hill station. So-called because the surface was covered with lava from Vesuvius.

The Lava Skating Rink, Grove Lane, Camberwell 1908.JPG

Camberwell Grove, 1905. Hasn’t changed much.


I think this is the cottage that still stands at the top of Camberwell Grove, although it’s not thatched any more.


A drawing of the old St Giles church, which stood on the site of the current one.

St Giles, Camberwell.jpg

300-year-old galleried stables on Camberwell Grove. Gone now, I think.

Old Stables, Camberwell Grove.jpg

10 Comments » . August 5th, 2015. Filed under Art, History

Proposed improvements to Camberwell town centre

Written by | 41 Comments.

Southwark Council have recently begun a public consultation into proposed improvements to the ‘public realm’ around Camberwell Green. There is an overview of the plans in this PDF [3MB], and more detailed maps are available at the consultation website.

In this post I’m going to point out a few of the more obvious changes that I noticed, with comments where I feel them useful. Hopefully in a future post we’ll get some more detailed commentary from Tom Leighton, who’s likely going to be somewhat more critical than I.

Map of Camberwell Green showing proposed improvements

Congestion around the bus stops outside Butterfly Walk has been addressed by relocating bus stop Q (35, 42, 45, 68, 345, 468) from outside McDonalds to the north side of the junction, outside the Green on C’well Rd. The pavement here will be extended to accommodate the extra passengers, and a new pedestrian crossing.

The pavement will also be extended from the corner of the junction where the Tiger sits, up past bus stop P outside Barclays Bank, to Butterfly Walk. Unfortunately, congestion around bus stop L, outside London Food & Wine on C’well Church St., hasn’t been similarly addressed with any pavement changes.

Traffic signals will be changed to allow right turns from Denmark Hill into Coldharbour Lane, and two-way traffic into Daneville Road. The pedestrian crossing near Orpheus Street has been moved further north, directly outside the entrance to Butterfly Walk. These two changes are aimed at making safer the area around Orpheus Street, previously noted as an accident blackspot, and where Esther Hartsilver was killed recently.

Sadly, there seems to be little further provision for safe cycling around the area. Small exceptions include a short cycle track turning southbound into Grove Lane, and a small cut-through to the leisure centre from Kimpton Road, where the new entrance to the parking spaces will be.

Another small step to making Camberwell Green junction safer in general is removing the right turn for buses onto Denmark Hill from C’well New Rd. I believe the eastbound 185 is the only bus that makes that turn, so it will be diverted along Medlar St.

There seems to be a preponderance of new taxi bays, for some reason. The bay outside Noodels [sic] City will be moved to outside FM Mangal, and new bays created outside Cruson.

The pavement outside the Hermits Cave will be extended, and the traffic lights outside removed. This is part of some changes that were already planned as part of the Pocket Spaces initiative — and already begun, in the case of Datchelor Place, as The Pigeon Hole are finding to their cost.

Overall I think these are broadly positive changes, although I’m a little disappointed by lack of proper considerations for cyclists — but then, as we don’t even get the TfL rental scheme here, I can only suppose that Southwark aren’t really interested in that.

41 Comments » . July 22nd, 2015. Filed under Development, Transport

Are you going to Camberwell Fair?

Written by | 12 Comments.

Camberwell Arts Festival is over, and jolly fun it looked too (I was only in town for two of the days it was on, unfortunately). But there’s more to look forward to as, after a 160 year absence, Camberwell Fair returns to the Green on Saturday, 25th July, between 12pm and 8pm.

Painting of the original Camberwell Fair

The fair will showcase the cultural diversity of Camberwell, with music on two stages: the Wormfood stage has established artists playing Afrobeat, Reggae (legend Dawn Penn!), near Eastern, Afro-Colombian and more, and the Community stage playing newer local artists.

There will be a market of stalls from local businesses, and food from the Camberwell Arms, the Pigeon Hole cafe, the Pished Fish, and Peckham-based Old Spike coffee roastery.

Entry will be free, but you’re encouraged to register for a ticket, as ticket holders will be given priority entry when things get busy.

You can get more information from the Facebook event, or by following @CamberwellFair on Twitter. There’s also still time to get involved — you can run a stall, act as volunteer, work on the bar, or make yourself useful in a multitude of ways.

On a related note, every Sunday until the end of September there’s a seafood pop-up at ‘a secret Mediterranean courtyard’ (behind the Sun Cafe on Havil Street). Tickets are £25 a pop, sold in minimums of four.

As always, do get in touch if you have any more news of goings-on. You can comment here, email me, or tweet.

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