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Come to Camberwell for Coffee

Written by | Filed under Eating & Drinking

Following on from the previous post on Camberwell coffee it seems that development of the Camberwell cofee ‘scene’ is continuing — two new arrivals are worth highlighting — Daily Goods and the Pigeon Hole.

Daily Goods is due to open very very soon (maybe this week or next?) at 36 Camberwell Church Street. According to this article on the new shop will combine American influences with the proprieter having moved from a concession in Kinko Cycles in Soho to this new venture in Camberwell.

A coffee shop that has fairly recently opened is the Pigeon Hole Cafe at 2 Datchelor Place (just down from the Flying Fish) — it is a cafe and antique shop, its website states “Everything you see inside – from the tables and chairs, to the artwork on the walls – is for sale, whilst the cafe will provide customers with the best of local food and drink, sticking to simple recipes with an aim to excite the taste buds.” The cafe’s website features lots of enticing food and cakes

Cant wait to wake up and smell the new Camberwell coffee!


Edited to add: According to their Twitter account Daily Goods Camberwell opened on Thursday 24 July

July 23rd, 2014

38 Responses to “Come to Camberwell for Coffee”

  1. Dagmar says:

    Is it still July? That’s good. This coffee is good stuff.

    There will be full-on sun in Camberwell at about 10am in an hour’s time. We should rush out into it after the last two days of solid rain.

  2. Dagmar says:

    Cool, arty, edgy, urban grit, sought-after Dagmar Road: this from yesterday’s “Evening Standard” feature “Spotlight on Camberwell”, a thoroughly comprehensive and competent piece, useful for people looking to spend around a round million pounds on a modest family home in an area surrounded by “three lovely large parks”, Ruskin, Myatt’s and Burgess. Jenny Eclair tweets for key features of Camberwell, “176 bus — best bus in London”.

    Friends of DKH Wood tweet “plse mention the gaumont film studio that was in c’well 1904–1912. Free screening on location 30aug friends of”.

    “Camberwell is hard to categorise,” says Anthea Masey in her totally honest and helpful piece — what a brilliant thing to say. She also says the Camberwell Beauty butterfly can be seen around now, late summer, “when the winds blow it in from Scandinavia,” so keep your eyes peeled.

    You don’t think some edgy wit in the Hermits told her that, do you?

    Camberwell, she says, is four miles south-east from central London, which makes it feel quite a long way out. In fact you can walk the one and three-quarter miles to the Thames at Vauxhall Bridge/MI6 beach in half an hour, which makes Camberwell relatively central as a residential area surrounded by large, green parks.

    But well done, Anthea Masey. You have captured the mix, the mess, the Camberwellian smorgasboard complete with carrot-inspired butterfly that is the settlement by the well where the welsh live.

  3. Eilean says:

    My coffee cup overfloweth. The copy of ‘Paying Guests’, featuring Camberwell, has now arrived. Sadly I had to leave Camberwell to purchase this book as there are no book shops left here now, other than the Cancer Research shop in Butterfly Walk which has a very pleasing selection. In 1980s Camberwell we had the following book shops: a huge second hand book shop on Camberwell Grove, a small bookshop in Canning Cross, and a double sized bookshop in Butterfly Walk. I cried when the Butterfly Walk bookshop closed.

  4. Dagmar says:

    Review Books on Bellenden Road is comfortably within Camberwell’s compass. Order a book before noon and they have it for you next day, a brilliant service. As a place, location, space or, indeed, shop, it is a proper bookshop, full of silence and yet the magic and mystery of words falling like the music of celestial lyres.

    Rather than haemorrhage money push-button-style drunkenly late at night on Amazon and then get shocked several days or weeks later by a parcel arriving with some midnight-chimera tat in it (“Did you order ‘The Epistemology of Late-Victorian Ladies’ Bloomers’ by F. Smith, University of Goldsmiths Press, 1969?”), a daytime or even vividly hungover trip to Review Books, run by Roz Simpson and Evie Wyld, will tip the velvet nicely.

    But Eilean, how is the tension of “Paying Guests” pleasing you?

  5. Phil G says:

    Cafes? Never really got into them but I thought I’d give the SE5 scene a go. I liked the Pigeon Hole, particularly the front room. Note that they have a book exchange. Daily Goods was OK but quite hard and spartan inside, I wouldn’t want to hang about. I sat at the window, which was good but then you’ve the road noise. It’s in Peckham but Lerryns — a certain rough n ready chipboard appeal but I really didn’t think that much of it. Yet more hipster hype. Though it is near Asda, which made a change from the horrors of Morrisons Camberwell, where they seem to have scrapped the plastic bag recycling point.

    They’ve got lazy at Falafel now haven’t they. Can’t even be arsed to bring the food over half the time. And styrene plates for the £5 dishes. That guy must be rich by now. Still, it’s the best value quick food around. The other place ain’t doing so well. I see they’ve changed the seating.

    I also see there’s a security guard standing watch and looking bored in the library now. Looks like an intelligent use of council tax. Asked the librarian why but she wouldn’t divulge. It’s unlikely anyone was stealing books. Surely if there are problems then there’re these people called the police who can be called.

    Latest S London Gallery show — I was unmoved.

    I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again. If you spend £300+ for a 1980s/1990s bike from Seabass you need your head checking. These things weren’t even good back then, and don’t look especially fly or retro now. They’re just shit old steel bikes. It’s astonishing.

    I’ve been going SE15 way a bit more lately. Ganapati takeaway sit-in, recommended. Pubs there getting busier and East Dulwicher by the month. Victoria Inn OK but I wish it didn’t smell of fish so much. There’s been a few new yoga / exercise places around the Bussey. But let’s not forget our own Zen Yoga.

    New Caribbean takeaway at the spot that used to be Take Two(?) near Love Lane. It’s part of a chain. Was q good and the large really is that. Probs better than Patty Island, though I did rate their curry goat after a few jars at the Hermit. Really Rice and Peas in East Dul is the best of my summer tour of these places.

    Had a ropey haircut at the barbershop near Love Walk. Wouldn’t go back. I suppose I could go again and try a different clipper but why bother.

    Shocking burger at Grand Union a few weeks ago. I mean just tiny, pricey and altogether crap. Never again. My friend had a salad that was even worse.

    Peckham pool recently. Forgot it’s a good-sized pool. Way better than Cambers, though the changing rooms are worse, for sure.

    I saw Sarah Waters on the TV news the other day, being interviewed in Ruskin Park bandstand, where a scene from her new book is set. The internet says she lives in Kennington.

    They’re so charming in The Crooked Well aren’t they.

    Checked out The Old Dispensary the other month. Not been in years. Still looks the same inside. Word is that the Buckle (for those who remember) crowd were rehoused there, but have been moved on. It was OK. Q quiet. Landlady was nice.

    That’s it folks. Your summer summary.

    Your friendly friend
    Phil G

  6. Dagmar says:

    That is Atacama dry, Phil, wonderful, in this world of hipster vanity.

  7. PK36 says:

    It’s ‘Pay What You Like’ at Dulwich Hamlet for tomorrow’s match against Hampton & Richmond Borough. 3pm kick off so hope some Camberwellians can make it to support your local non league team.
    Hamlet have started solidly this season and are currently 4th in the table after beating league leaders Margate on Tuesday night.

  8. Dagmar says:

    Hey, PK, stonking game, ta for the tip-off. Pity Hamlet lost it twice. Both their goals were superb. 2–2 in the end. But it was a great game and afternoon. The bigger clubs, sodden in money, debt and riddled with all kinds of cirrhosis of chauvinism, could learn a lot from the hilarious, humorous local atmosphere on Champion Hill.

  9. southLondonJohn says:

    A cracking game indeed and the attendance record smashed — the crowd was 2856. An enjoyable and entertaining match that Dulwich should have won, as said above both Dulwich goals were superb. Best of luck to them this season.

  10. eusebiovic says:

    I predicted a few years ago when they were at their lowest ebb that the mighty Hamlet would rise again…

    It was fantastic to see such a healthy crowd on saturday…hopefully the word will get out and add some numbers to the average gate which has been growing steadily in the last 5 years

    We’re lucky to still have a local non-league team to support — it’s an asset to the community and much better than watching the dullards ply their over-rated trade in the premiership

  11. Dagmar says:

    Next Saturday’s FA Cup game against Worthing should be a wonderful, warm afternoon of football and fun. The atmosphere at Hamlet is fab. Children feel safe there even on their own like last Saturday taking plastic buckers round for donations.

    Funnily enough, you never really see a game in a big stadium, it all happens at a distance. At Hamlet you really see the game. But it’s the atmosphere with its off-beat humour and soughing poplar trees just like Tuscany that really make it.

  12. Geekinesis says:

    Is anyone aware of a camberwell forum? I’ve looked at se5 forum which isn’t that interesting. I am thinking more of something like the east dulwich forum where it has different sections and a for sale area etc.
    camberwell online fulfils the function to an extent in the comments sections but maybe a dedicated forum would be useful to the community?
    is there any benefit to starting one? Is there any interest in having one? It’s pretty easy to set up..

  13. Dagmar says:

    The harvest supermoon rises at 7.29pm this evening at the end of Peckham Road directly east from Camberwell. It is full at 2.38am tonight when it will be just about overhead.

    Last it it had a trial run and was magnificent. Never mind the demise of Scotland, that’s just admin. This is a real happening.

  14. Dagmar says:

    That should be “Last night it had a trial run…”

  15. Dagmar says:

    Correction. It won’t be overhead at 2.38am, it will in fact be over Brighton.

  16. eusebiovic says:

    A great set of photos from the Dulwich v Hampton and Richmond Non-League Day via Brixton Buzz website…–2-draw-with-hampton-richmond-borough/

  17. Dagmar says:

    Hamlet v Worthing today in the FA Cup at 3pm. It will be sunny by then, the government says. The full splendour of an afternoon at Dulwich Hamlet is there for the taking. Can we expect Arsenal or Chelsea at Champion Hill soon? Orient?


  18. Dagmar says:

    … concentrate on the league…

  19. Monkeycat says:

    Hi Geekinesis.

    There used to be a sort of East Dulwich forum thingy on the old SE5 Forum website but everyone ended up using this one to chat on and make comments so it became redundant. Maybe the time has come to resurrect one.

  20. Dagmar says:



    This magazine needs new bloods all the time. We should make stronger links with Transpontine, too. I post a lot here because I want it to prosper, but I like the sound of my own typewriter too much and wish more people posted.

    SE5 Forum is good for serious social admin. Camberwellonline is more freestyle. I wish more ‘Well dwellers would rabbit, ramble on, on it.

  21. geekinesis says:

    nope i am not leaving, I was thinking of more of a forum plugin to this website, Sometimes its hard to follow conversations in particular subject in comments, its not a criticism, more of a suggestion to expand.
    But if it was on this website it would be extra work for the admin obviously :)

  22. champ says:

    Oh, OK then.

    Had a few in the Hermits last night. Utterly empty for a while, like a Tuesday afternoon.

    The student accommodation has reopened on Champion Hill after a two-year out with the old and in with the new demolition and building program. The landscape gardeners were still moving out on Friday, and there was a snaking queue of eager learners waiting for rooms on Saturday.

    Like rabbit hutches, so they are. A “large single en-suite” will set you back £7,700 per academic year. Sharing a bathroom saves you £1,500.

    A licensing application has been made for a bar and cinema there. No word if it will be open to non-students. No that a beer hunter on that street would need to go anywhere beyond the Fox.

  23. Dagmar says:

    What’s he say?

  24. Dagmar says:

    Sorry! I meant geekinesis — geek, stay with us. Long Live Greater Serbia!

    Champ, you old fox, I do not think they will let Cave dwellers into the post-gap-year bunnies compound, however keen we are to join in.

    The Fox is brilliant. ‘Spoons have almost single-handedly saved the pub trade by buying the best, most socially significant sites in terms of human geography, like Stonhenge.

  25. Job says:

    Has anyone lost a three legged cat?
    The vet says his name is Hobble and he was micro-chipped in Chichester.
    He is going to Battersea Dogs unless someone claims him soon.

  26. Eilean says:

    Did the vet make that name up? It’s a long way to hoppity hobble from Chichester

  27. sloth says:

    Job you should post the found cat on twitter (if you have an account) with a photo and some well chosen #hashtags. Lost/found cats tend to get a lot of coverage.

    Good piece about London’s ‘regeneration’ projects in the Guardian today, with, unsurprisingly, particular focus on Southwark.

  28. Job says:

    Cat has been claimed. He’s hobbled home.

  29. Gabe says:

    I don’t have much to report from a summer in Camberwell and Peckham. Apart from a couple of things that everyone else will already have noticed…

    * There’s a new bus — the 136 — that runs along Southampton Way to Elephant (same route as 343). From the top deck you get a good view into the Heygate Estate as it is regenerated (knocked-down).

    * The petrol station on Peckham Road by the Art College has closed. Looks like it will be flats or student rooms. A shame because that’s where I used to get petrol.

    * There’s a new nature garden being, er, developed near Brunswick Park School.

    * They’re building something between the Court House and the Old Peoples Home by Camberwell Green. The new library?

    * Burgess Park after a year or so of re-opening has turned out really well. There seems to be lots of biodiversity and nature stuff. And it’s very popular.

    * After a bit of use, the cycle lane from New Cross to Camberwell is, as I first thought, spectacularly shit. Better than nothing, but far from adequate.

    * I haven’t tried any of the new coffee places yet. Or the new pizza place off Havil Street. One day.

    * Lyndhurst Primary School is still under construction.

    And that’s about it

  30. Geekinesis says:

    Are there any nice ” bar serving pizza ” type places in camberwell yet?
    I am thinking places like bar story and Peckham pelican.

    I think we are possibly doing well for daytime laptop and coffee hangouts. with the new cafés springing up but Peckham seems to be the place to go for the spontaneous Tuesday night 2 for one pizzas plus beer.

    Yes I admit I do order two pizzas and eat both on occasion. It seems a waste not to.

  31. Monkeycat says:

    @Geekinesis: There’s always Sun Cafe, which is on Havill St, down the side of the old town hall. Lovely pizza, lovely venue. Don’t do 2 for 1 though that would be nice.

    Don’t listen to what they say about being in Peckham, it’s in Camberwell (as is the Peckham Pelican by the way. It’s called the Camberwell Cormorant in the Monkeycat household.

  32. Job says:

    The former Johansson’s is being reopened as pizza place. The owner is the former head chef from Pizza East Shoreditch.

  33. Monkeycat says:

    @Job, I heard this before. Any idea on a date or if the deal is done? Could be good if it is true.

  34. Job says:

    Deal is done. Keys in the hands of the new owners. Planning permission for a new pizza chimney applied for. Opening uncertain. I think they are aiming for Christmas.

  35. Eilean says:

    Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear, Baroness Green has allegedly called Camberwell a ‘dodgy area’. Our very own (ex) South Camberwell councillor

  36. Monkeycat says:

    @Job: In that case I can tick my “a few decent pizza places” box.

    All that’s left now on the list is “just one decent Indian” and “Please for the love of God a decent fresh fish shop, and no Morrison’s is not fresh”.

    @Eilean: Knowing where Jenny Jones lives, I can totally see why she gets a taxi home occasionally. And if you read the article it’s not quite as clear and dry as it first appears.

    Quote from the Standard: “Expenses figures for the past three financial years show Baroness Jones of Moulsecoomb, who earns £54,000 as an Assembly member, claimed for 35 taxis at a cost of £518. The number shot up from four (£61) in 2011/12 to 20 (£311) last year”.

    By last year do they mean 2012–13 or 2011-12? Are we talking about £518 from 2011–13 or only to 2012?

    I think this article has more to do with having a cheap dig at a Green Party member rather than a well thought out and well argued article.

    As I would see it, it’s better, environmentally and financially speaking, to hire a taxi once a month (or less) than own a car and drive around when you fancy it, even if taxis are more polluting.

  37. Job says:

    @Monkeycat: have you ever bought fresh fish from the Flying Fish? I haven’t but I have heard you can.

  38. Gabe says:

    Yeah, I think it’s a legit expense for someone in her position. No problem with that.

    Meanwhile, I saw another new thing: a cafe is being built in Brunswick Gardens. So we’re sorted for cafes.

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