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  • Eilean: My coffee cup overfloweth. The copy of ‘Paying Guests’, featuring Camberwell, has now arrived....
  • Dagmar: Cool, arty, edgy, urban grit, sought-after Dagmar Road: this from yesterday’s “Evening...
  • Dagmar: Is it still July? That’s good. This coffee is good stuff. There will be full-on sun in Camberwell at...
  • Dagmar: I think in the 1920s that was the case, when every nuance of the class system was of Everest proportions. So...
  • marmite: Jane Shilling in the Standard also described Camberwell as ” that shabby – genteel suburb of...


  • Sun of Camberwell, Camberwell, SE5
  • Stormbird, Camberwell, SE5
  • Joiners, Camberwell, SE5
  • Camberwell Arms, Camberwell, SE5

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