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  • Dagmar: No, it will be a cafe selling handmade bicycles, where men may have their beards trimmed.
  • Lambda: If The Lodger is half as good as last year’s Hunchback of Notre Dame then we’re all in for a...
  • Monkeycat: The comment about the little girl in the first part at 5:14-5:20 is classic stuff: “Oh dear....
  • Monkeycat: @Ashley: I am rather looking forward to a bit of Hitchcock in St. Giles. And of course you can spread the...
  • Jeremy Crump: There seem to be no credits with the film – does anyone know anything about the making of this...


  • Burgess Park, Camberwell
  • Sun of Camberwell, Camberwell, SE5
  • Stormbird, Camberwell, SE5
  • Joiners, Camberwell, SE5

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