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  • Eilean: Cheering news to be found about the a free screening of rare Edwardian films in Dog Kennel Hill Open Space on...
  • Eilean: Been away so only just seen this news on the potential threat to some of Greendale. Did anyone go to the...
  • Gabe: Further reading on the drone/blimp occasionally seen hovering above Rye Lane reveals it is not a lashed-up...
  • Gabe: Good one MC. We didn’t make it to the Orchestra in the end. Meanwhile, I properly noticed the McNeil Road...
  • Monkeycat: On another note, the Camberwell Community Council is meeting tonight at 7pm at the Employment Academy on...


  • Sun of Camberwell, Camberwell, SE5
  • Stormbird, Camberwell, SE5
  • Joiners, Camberwell, SE5
  • Camberwell Arms, Camberwell, SE5

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