Tadim, Turkish cafe

On Sunday morning the wife and I went to have breakfast at Tadim, the Turkish cafe at 41 Camberwell Church Street.

It must be at least five years since I ate there, and all I could remember is that it did decent sandwiches and there was a semi-open rear room. When we got there I saw that the rear room had a proper ceiling on it now, except for two tables at the very rear which were still under corrugated plastic.

With no memory or idea of the portions involved, we ordered a croissant, Halloumi, some feta and spinach pastries and spicy minced beef wraps. When it came, we saw that we’d drastically over-ordered; there was loads of it. We had to ask for some stuff to be wrapped so we could take it with us when we left.

And it was very tasty; all the vegetables were nice and fresh, the pastry fluffy and the bread hot and tasty. And to cap it all, cheap too; £1.50 for a small loaf of Halloumi with cheese? I’ll take it.

The whole thing came to just over £10 including two cokes, and was more than enough for two people; we could have got away with just the wrap and the pastries, which would have come to about £7 all in. Even the waitress who only gave us 30 seconds to decide every time we asked for a little more time couldn’t spoil that.

Author: Peter

Long-time resident of Camberwell, author of this blog since July 2004.

5 thoughts on “Tadim, Turkish cafe”

  1. Hello!

    How marvellous to find another kindred SE5 spirit live on the wires! Tadim is, indeed, a fine place for eats, and their portion control is commendable in its generosity. If anything, it is a shame that they shut pretty much on the dot of 11, meaning you have to cut short your drinking time in order to eat. And i’m sure we all know how difficult those drink-or-eat dilemmas can be…

    You seem not to have mentioned the Hermit’s Cave, on the opposite corner to Tadim. My personal favourite, a proper pub, with indefinable tat on the wall, endless toby jugs above the bar, a full complement of french bar staff, and the best selection of locals, young, old and crazy as you’ll find this side of Peckham. Big leather seats too, and not bad food either.

  2. Hi, Michael. You’re right, I haven’t written about the Hermit’s Cave yet — but I’m sure I will at some point, as I get to know all of Camberwell’s pubs again.

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