Poor-quality kebab

Bolu Restaurant

Last night I decided to have a kebab. You can probably guess that I was drunk just by the fact that I took that decision. I haven’t eaten a kebab since leaving Queen’s Park (Spice Grills make amazing kebabs) so this was a nice departure for me.

It was about 11.45 and the kebab shop (no, I can’t remember the name. It was the one near the library, however) was heaving. I ordered a doner (I must have been drunker than I thought, I haven’t eaten one of those for about five years) and it was an utter disappointment. The meat was almost cold and the pitta bread broke apart. The chili sauce wasn’t Maggi, either. Plus, I accidentally ate a piece of lemon.

An utter let down, and a salutory lesson.

On the plus side, I did find an answer my earlier question.

I hope to take some pictures of Camberwell soon, brighten this place up a bit.

Update: Here it is, Bolu restaurant. I was very drunk.

Author: Peter

Long-time resident of Camberwell, author of this blog since July 2004.

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  1. ur a dick head. bolu is the best kebab not only in camberwell but the whole of south east london.

  2. [edited to remove bad language. as there’s no text left, you can imagine how much there was]

  3. i got food poisoning from a chiken kebab there a few years ago. reported them too, but the enviromental health people wanted a ‘stool sample’ from me so i neglected to take it further. kebab shop over the road much much better

  4. Your just too drunk to remember how good it was lol! I was near enough raised in that restaurant, My family runs it, thank alot yeah.

  5. Well, i gotta say I have had some proper **** out of that place (under-cooked chicken, and boney bits in the lamb donner (don’t even get me started on the burger and the standard of their ’10 times cooked chips’!

  6. You haters are just craaaazeeee. Bolu is one fly joint. Me and my homeboy Jew Money hang out there all the time and they serve us up some mean mofo dishes. Jew Money lives right around the corner and his missus is always droppin lyrics about how he always in Bolu and how he ain’t never home eating her homecooked Jewish dishes. But Jew Money just won’t listen — he loves those Bolu grills and he just tells wifey to hold it down. Get wit Jew Money and show some love for Bolu — he knows what he’s talking about! Mmmmmmmm.

  7. I think your completely out of order, Bolu is one of the finer dining experiences of South London, you just need to go through the magic door in the back to see. I am a big name in advertising and I take my clients there all the time. And some day, when I make babies, I plan to raise my child on the adana, just like Bolu’s girl.

    It’s your fault for eating that damn lemon, not Bolu’s. And next time you go casting accusations like that, you follow through and get that stool sample — me and J‑dawg will be happy to drive by and pick it up just to prove you wrong.

  8. I have eaten kebabs in every part of the country. A 25 year long lover of the doner, I think my opinion counts. Bolu kebab house is legendary, why? Because it is just so good, consistently. The finest kebabs i the U.K. A close second is, ‘Glossop pizza’, in Glossop, Derbyshire. Hats off to Bolu, the undisputed best kebab in the land.

  9. I have not before in many years of munching their grub, especially in the famous back room restaurant, looked up Bolu on Wikipedia. It is a town and province famous for its cuisine. There are mountains, forests and springs, just like Derbyshire, really.

  10. You need to love Bolu. Open so late for so many years serving cusine to drunks that have forgotten what variant of kebab they favour and just shoval it all down lemon slices and all only to wake up the next morning feeling like sh*t and forgeting the 8 pints of lagar and three jagermeister shots proceed to blame Bolugirl,s family establishment for their ills whilst typing on their blog. By the way Bolu delivers. Any thoughts on Bolu vs Taste London??

  11. Bolu is average at best. It’s just another bab joint. There ain’t no legend, no glory. It’s identikit elephant leg babmeat for pi55heads.

    Taste London schwarma far superior, and their plated bab for £6 is really good too. The Lebanese whup the Turks on this one.

    That bab place round the corner from Buckle is pretty good.

    Course, Morleys is best.

  12. PhilG @12

    I agree — the best kebab joints are Lebanese — no one does a kebab like them and in my experience their establishments are often spotlessly clean too…

  13. Yep, sorry, drunk or not, Bolu serves unexceptional standard-grade kebabs. Nothing to recommend it over hundreds of other places, other than location.

    Spice Grills in Queen’s Park made the best I’ve ever eaten; good quality meat in hand-made bread, prepared in front of you. Unbeatable.

  14. The Bolu back room restaurant is excellent. If George the main man is on, you eat very well indeed. Established in 1975, Bolu is part of the real SE5, has seen the changes, endured all manner of bad manners from clients, but has always been a front-line pioneer of Turkish grace, hospitality, patience and humour in the fast-flowing stream of life that is the flux and failure, survival and success, intoxication and desperation, spirit and soul of Camberwell.

  15. Miklosc Jancso had his ROUND UP, here’s mine –

    The Bear — very good as always, unfortunately, you have to be in there by 3.30 on a Sunday to get any food as they’re sold out.

    The Old Dispensary — I put a shout-out on here a while back for feedback and no one got back to me (that’s Beat poetry). Not even Alan Dale went in there for a pint. I went in there today, for the roast and the “Irish music”. My family is from Galway, so when it comes to Irish music in pubs, I know whereof I speak. This wasn’t it. Couldn’t be bothered with the roast. The seats were uncomfortable as well. Mark Dodds was slagged off on here for his early assessment. He was right. You were wrong (whoever slagged him off).

    Hermit’s Cave — Nice pint. Live football. Does what it says on the tin.

    The Castle — Fine. That’s about it. Fine.

    Got a takeout from The Flying Fish. Yum yum.

    Summation — I’ll stick with The Bear for food and drink. I’ll pop up to Hermit’s Cave every now and again for live footie. That’s about it.

  16. I did try the new dispo. It’s ok. It’s open late too.

    Agreed re Bear. Have been in the Buckle the last two Saturdays. The Saturday night resident DJ is very good.

    Hermit’s Cave is great. Don’t forget ‘Sun-Doves’…

  17. Or John Ford’s “The Informer” (1935). Almost as satisfyingly grim as “The Round Up.” Olympic sports day was a bit of a laugh on the Green yesterday. The big pile of fruit on the grass from Sainsbury’s was good. The mayoress was regal. The flypast of pigeons was within budget.

  18. *Do not* order from Bolu Kebab if you are female unless you like getting chatted up by dirty sweaty greasy albanian refugees that work there,last night on the way home from work my girlfriend said do you fancy a kebab, when ordering the cheese dick started making lewd suggestions about how it would be him delivering ‚i tried to get home b4 he turned up but never got there to greet the sweaty tramp. anyways the food is not the best but they deliver till 1 or 2 in the morning so thats why we use them.in future we will use the best kebab shop south of the river *Dulwich Kebab* who i gotta say use better ingredients and are helpful and don’t try to suduce your missus while they take your order. thats all for now folks,peace out!

  19. The discerning diner who enters the Bolu will notice 11 blue stones set in concrete on the pavement at the threshold. They might be enamel, glass, lapis lazuli or even be sodalite, a luminous blue component of lapis used marvellously throughout Marlborough House, Pall Mall, home of the Commonwealth Secretariat, a palace gloriously revealed to the public during Open House this year, whose murals depicting battles won by the Duke of Marlborough are massive and magnificent.

    Perhaps the Bolu’s stones are of special significance, a form of welcome, or maybe guarding against the malice in the aura of surly, foul-mouthed grub-seekers wishing to besmirch the name of easily the best kebab house in London, whose back restaurant is excellent, altogether a fine source of spiced and seasoned nourishment for Camberwell since 1975.

    Those wishing to read the signs will be much occupied this week.

    Why, just now, two sets of significantly contrasting vehicles crossed Camberwell simultaneously. The first was a flight of five seagulls, flapping untidily inland to remove themselves from the storms at sea, which they already sense are on their during this wintry week. At the same time, below them rumbled the Orient Express, drawn by a numbered diesel, with 67025 Western Star taking up the rear, or “dead” as gricers term it. The guests on the train, heading for Venice, sat in their best, before tables piled high with silver, as though subprime had never happened, nor indeed the Second World War that did so much to modernise and transform the country’s fortunes, for those who survived.

    Thus the seagulls flee the storm, expecting, as it were, sardines to be thrown from the rustbucket trawler that is Camberwell; and the Sagalouts temporarily escape the downturn, oblivious of the writing on the wall outside their gaudy Pullman carriages, which spells SE5 TIME, amongst other prophetic urban messages of stressed values, imposed austerity and moral extremity.

  20. I agree with some of the above — it’s a great kebab house — and anyone who is drunk and ordering a doner shouldn’t be listened to — order a shish. For a local kebab it’s the best around. IF you fancy something better go to Marylebone or South Kensington where the quality of meat is better as is the range of no-doner option

  21. I love this place. The owners are just so funny, always making jokes with the customers, do practical jokes. They do the fattest, baddest (and I mean bad in the GOOD way) pizzas around. Cheap as hell as well. Go Bolu.

  22. Bolu kebabs are beautiful. It is the happiest kebab house in London. Maybe it is because of the 11 blue stones set in the threshold. Everything in Camberwell has that magic ingredient X.

  23. They eat dogs in Roysten Vasey too?

    Segueing on… we went to the No67 café at the South London Gallery a couple of weeks ago. It turns into a restaurant in the evenings. Considering the monies spent, it wasn’t very good. Possibly because we is vegetarian and it’s not that kind of place. Unenlightened, you could say. The lamb-eaters over the way seemed happier, for what that’s worth. The young sheeps couldn’t possibly comment.

    My new favorite pub is the Montpellier in Peckham. It has its own back room cinema that shows some good films. They had a good deal on 2‑for‑1 falafel burgers the night we went. Recommended.

    Speaking of eating out… the pizza place on Bellenden Road named after Sophia Loren’s ass (arse?) is now, apparently, a Thai foodie place. Anyone been?

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