Photographic memories

Let me begin with an apology to any members of the SE5Forum who may be reading this; I had every intention of attending the AGM last night, but life interfered and I found myself unable. Sorry. If you’d like to report back on it, please leave a comment or drop me a line and I’ll be happy to post it.

Something a little different today: photo updates.

Beverley Carpenter projection

Last weekend, Beverley Carpenter projected some images onto Camberwell Magistrates Court.

Peckham Farmers Market

Peckham Farmers Market was very busy on Sunday. They had some delicious English apples.

Kennedy's Sausages

And reader Alan Edwards has put together what is surely the definitive tribute to Kennedy’s Sausages & Pies, now closed after 130 years.

A change is as good as a rest.

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39 thoughts on “Photographic memories”

  1. In my firefox browser the frying pan pic is about 2cms wider — this may be intended as it is the same in explorer — than the two photographs above it. But the title text is squashed down the right side of the pics. And “4 responses to photographic mamories” begins top right and alongside the frying pan pic.

    In explorer the title text is underneath each pic and “4 Comments” begins in the usual place — to the bottom right of the initial post.

  2. SE5 Forum will come with a report on the agm and much fuller information. It would be rather splendid if anyone who came to the meeting could give a view.

  3. Yeah7.

    Peter (posting No. 4), I was merely referring to my Posting No.2 which sent me witticism awry around the picture — the number 2 actually fell into the picture. So in Posting No.3 I pretended to be a grumpy machine-breaker, what do you call the, a Billy-Braggist someone who leaves cutting edge London to live in Dorset.

    The sausages really sing out.

  4. If you want good sausages there’s always Moen’s in Clapham Common…a short trip on the number 35 omnibus

  5. Or Simply Sausages, who can be found at most (if not all) of the weekend food markets, and the food market at London Bridge station. Their shop in Smithfields is now sadly closed.

    Anyone else getting layout problems with the images in the post? I’ve tested on a number of different browsers and can’t see a problem.

  6. The Green and Denmark Hill are too grotty to accommodate a good butcher right now. But Camberwell localists’ taste for real meat is more than just a century’s long flash in the pan.

    What is needed is an organic butcher in NEW Camberwell, somewhere with wide pavements perhaps, to accommodate William Rose style queues, within walking distance of all true Camberwellians.

  7. Don\‘t fret. With recession ahead and money tight, investors will be pouring money into Camberwell. Coffee shops, supermarkets, cafes, butchers, it\‘s all on the cards. And the folks roaming the streets round here 247 are crying out for it. Just last night a drunk exposing himself stopped and asked me if there was an independent, quality butchers nearby.

  8. On another topic entirely, I see on Cllr Peter John’s blog the following news:

    “Finally, the Camberwell Grove Working Party met last week to discuss plans for the re-opening of the road. There are still huge problems with any traffic light “solution” on Camberwell Grove, as it has the potential of creating real gridlock in the area. So the latest proposal involves the re-opening being limited to the south to north carriageway (the only carriageway which will be open after the repairs in any event) with north to south traffic continuing to be diverted. This is not a
    perfect solution, but with the severe limits resulting from the bridge repairs no solution is 100% acceptable. This proposal at least has the advantage of keeping traffic moving on Camberwell Grove, especially during the morning rush-hour. Officers have gone away to consider the proposals in greater detail, and I will update this page with any further information I get.~”

    Does anyone know whether this is right? Staggering if so, given the bulk of opinion expressed at the public meeting late last year To the barricade…

  9. I realise this solution may only cost a £100 and not require 14 years of consultation, but what about solving the Camberwell Grove problem like this: a couple of concrete bollards to restrict width, a sign saying No Lorries and big arrow/little arrow signs — where one side has right of way?

  10. JohnnyM @ 13

    A brutal, if rather salient point…can we reverse the negative side-effects of unregulated free market economics (that includes poor quality social housing and ill-conceived commercial developments)? -
    Or are we merely pissing in the wind?


  11. SE5 meeting was good.
    People can turn up as focus group members to any meeting where something important to them is being discussed, have their say, go home again.
    No doubt the SE5 forum will be posting the issues they decide to deal with as and when.…..

  12. JohhnyM’s entertaining story of the chap who exposed himself, asking for an organic butcher, puts the above pic of sausages in a new light.

  13. Scottish & Newcastle have been bought by Heineken and Carlsberg, so presumably Marks Dodds is already at Dover under an assumed name, in disguise, wearing a cloak, broad-brimmed hat and dark glasses, ready to board the night boat.

    Danish company Carlsberg own the Carlsberg brand, Dutch drinks giant Heineken (who will run S&N in the UK) own the Heineken brand and peanuts in both operators’ alehouses contain peanuts.

    “Organisers have decided not to resurrect the brand,” says the paper about Turnmills in Clerkenwell. 21–23 March will be a Last Dance weekend there. The zimmers will shine under the glitterball!

  14. Aha! Rumbled again. Not too far from what passed through my mind about this takeover Dagmar. And I was in Dover this weekend as it happens but on different business. I don’t know where to start with Carlsberg. Got any ideas?

  15. Turnmills was the first place in London to get a 24 hour license — back in 1987. a ture ground breaker in many ways.
    Maybe it is just time for Turnmills to move on — i’ve had some great times there but won’t miss the odd layout and confusion of the building!

    However i suppose this is the nature of nightlife — you move in, drag up and area and then move on the pastures cheaper and in more need of magic regeneration dust! conventional wisdom says open up a trendy club in a derlict industrial building and soon the bars and estate agents will follow — it worked in Clerkenwell and Shoreditch- but it takes more than a superclub to drag some areas upmarket. Look at the Ministry of Sound — a massive global brand and superclub but i don’t think its presence has had any effect on the nature of other businesses in E&C — maybe we SE Londoners are more impervious to the lure of loft apartments, skinny jeans and stupid haircuts than our East London cousins!

  16. Yeah… good point Regeneguru, if Carlsberg did takeovers they’d sell the Freehold of The Sun and Doves to me. But the adverts are always a load of fantasy bollocks aren’t they. So tongue in cheek you know they’d never do what they say on the can.

  17. JohnnyM i assume that comment was aimed at me?

    Vauxhall maynot be cheap for houses but it is relatively cheap for people looking to set up clubs (abundance of railway arches and industrial buildings etc..) that’s one of the reasons q very vibrant late night gay scene has grown up ther ein teh past few years.

  18. Hannah — I agree with you on that Vauxhall point. Many in Camberwell do not understand or pretend not to that the commercial and residential property markets have their own dynamics. For example, retail space will cost more on Oxford Street than an equivalently-sized apartment, yet the reverse is true on Farmers Road SE5 (try telling that to the offshore company landlord gunning for residential conversion).

    All I can say on the Night 36 is, that had better not be our pre-election bribe. Are we really reputed to have such low community self-esteem as to accept that?

  19. What would happen if everything (commercial/residential/community/whatever) was just reclassified to it’s most lucrative classification?

  20. So the market would dictate Planning Use classes? Well it does sort of anyway in that where the demand for residential property is high investors will buy up commercial property and apply for a change of use — obviously the council may not neccessarily grant that change of use. Obviously in the case of Vauxhall some propoerty is unsuited to residential — ie the railway arches.

  21. I suppose there’d be no state schools for one thing, or hospitals…

    Unless some sort of notional pricing was applied for community use maybe..

  22. Well exactly — one of the reasons the Town and Country Planning Act (and hence use class orders) was introduced in 1948 was to give the state greater control over how land was used in the effort to rebuild the country postwar.

    Our planning system is not perfect but plannign is too important to be left purely to market forces i would say.

    Anyway this discussion does not apply to Nightclubs as they don’t have a class they are what is known as Sui Generis — ie planning permission is given for that specific use rather than just a general “type of use”

    Right somebody say something about sausages or organic vegetables before i bore you all to death!

  23. Yes. Kennedy’s I was no expert having only bought from there twice but their sausages and other stuff seemed pretty UK. I would have gone back and bought more often if the shop had been open — it was closed three or four times when I pitched up on the off chance of getting a sample — as a result of my interest being stimulated by comments here and on flickr… It was around 4pm or mid — late afternoon every time. On one occasions they were open but sold out of everything but Christmas pudding. It was quaint and the people working there were nice but it was a time warp.

  24. The Kennedys factory on Peckham Road (near the junction with Southampton Way) had auction signs attached to it yesterday. All three of the buildings go before auction on 14 February. It’s a pretty big site„ so I imagine it will be bought by a property developer and levelled.

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