India comes to Camberwell

Come to Myatt’s Fields Park in Camberwell this weekend

I picked up a flyer in the fabulous Minet Library the other day which I thought would be of wider interest.

Its about an event in Myatt’s Fields Park between Camberwell New Road and Coldharbour Lane in the Lambeth part of Camberwell.

The park, as I’m sure you’re aware, has undergone a transformation over the past few years with a new children’s playground, new children’s centre, new cafe and redevelopment of the grounds. The transformation is almost complete — with the last few buildings opening in September. This is a great Camberwell success story achieved by local people working with Lambeth Council with funding from the National Lottery.

This Saturday 14 August in Myatt’s Fields Park there will be Indian barbecue with music, dance and food. Come along to the area around the bandstand 5–7pm — flyer below.

Indian barbecue flyer

Music every Sunday
At 2pm every Sunday though the summer there is music in the bandstand — this week Javanese band Siswa Sukra will be playing. The Little Cat Cafe is open Wednesday — Sunday selling snacks, home made cakes and other refreshments.

And also this Sunday Come and volunteer in the park: wildlife area gardening day
This Saturday 14 August 11am – 3pm volunteers are needed to help us maintain the wildlife garden. Everyone and all ages welcome. Meet at the wildlife area. Wear suitable clothing

This is Camberwell at its best.

The Myatts Fields Park Group’s website doesnt seem to have been updated for a while — if you want further information your best bet is to sign up for the email bulletins from Victoria Sherwin at Lambeth (email vsherwin@​lambeth.​gov.​uk)

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  1. Sadly, I can’t go to Myatt’s Fields. On a happier note (!) there is an online petiton you can sign to object to the change of use of the Bingo hall.

    We will be providing a more comprehensive blog later tomorrow with details of how to send in letters objecting to the planning applications but in the meantime please feel free to put your name to the petition. It is only one part of the whole campaign but it is helpful.



  2. I MUST, completely endorse Monkeycat’s recommendation to sign the online petition

    If you’ve never signed a petition in your life this is your important chance to start. You will never get another chance to try to make something so important change in this area EVER AGAIN. The former cinema is the most important building left in Camberwell which can have a really positive effect on the area’s long term regeneration.

    Put Camberwell on the cultural map and sign the petition. And PLEASE, encourage everyone in your address book to do the same!

    Spend quarter of an hour working on it for the good of Camberwell!

    Go on, while it’s raining in August.

  3. For the young — and young-at-heart — amongst us, there’s also The Mix festival in Burgess Park on Saturday, where you can see Scorcher, Infecta, and — my favourite — Conrad the Scoundral:

    Has anyone noticed the way the town hall’s being discussed lately? First Councillor John tells us that most observers don’t have a very good view of proceedings (, then we get the news that the council want to re-engage the public by touring council meetings: A cynic might observe that they are trying to make the case that it’s surplus to requirements, so that it can be sold off.

    Wouldn’t the old town hall make a fantastic cultural space?

  4. Where is the new gallery, the New Gallery? Is it in the new building at the head of Southampton Way?

  5. The agents for Pelican House are a bit slow. I called and asked for details about the other space from New Gallery — which they confirmed remained unlet at the time — about six months ago and again a couple of weeks later but they didn’t send anything.

    Hope New Gallery have the skills and wherewithall to sustain a programme of good quality shows and make the business stack up. A good exhibition space along there is a great addition to the area. They will have to be highly skilled at marketing their wares to get the right people with money and influence in the art scene to drop by because general footfall at that location leaves no space for optimism.

  6. I tried out the new cycle hire scheme today. Efficient and pleasant, though a shame it doesn’t extend further south than Oval or Elephant. A bit of a walk home after docking my hire bike…

  7. Monkeycat @

    Excellent work regarding petition 😉

    Gay Camberwell @

    Only Tfl could conspire to neglect to put a cycle hire station in perhaps the or one of the most congested bus route crossroads in London…The green would be an ideal location as would Medlar Street or in front of the old cinema/bingo hall.


    Where has all the vision gone in this life?

  8. @eusebiovic Yeah, I’m really going to get a bus from where I live so I can get off it and get on a bike, then bike back to where I picked up the bike, leave it and wait for a bus to get back where I live again.

    The political vision in most aspects of what goes on in this country tends to be twenty or thirty years behind where it needs to be. We cowtow to big business, doffing caps to CBI and sit on the fence of risk for fear of getting things wrong and being put out of office. Hence no grand plans for transport which ever get done thoroughly… The vision is in the people not in the mandarins. The whole bike thing is a charade. JC Decaux got it all smoothed and teething problemed out in Paris. It would make sense to go with them, drive a hard bargain and get it right here first time. SO. What do our lot of losers in power do? Put it out to tender and make sure a new outfit get hold of it so they can reinvent the wheel, so so speak, and go through all the learning curves again. And do a half baked set up which has failure built in from the start. Like all transport innovation it needs to have comprehensive coverage for it to work smoothly and it’ll clunk around being irritating and inefficient and super costly until that’s realised and done. But what the hell? It’s the tax payer who pays.

  9. re bikes they’re planning to have many more at more places as soon as possible. there have been quite a few problems with them, e.g. in some of the areas (waterloo possibly) they’ve underestimated the demand so bikes are being dumped.
    another issue is free advertising for the barclays bank which just ain’t right and people have started improving them by posting stickers about the barclays investing in arms

  10. On Camberwell’s Centre for International Culture and Community Innovation (CCICCI) ie: Gala Bingo

    It is VERY IMPORTANT that everyone who uses this blog speaks out and signs the petition.

    It is equally important that all those people should tell, nag, cajole, irritate and implore all their friends, facebook contacts, twitterettes, diggs, bingos and bellgos to speak out as well.


    Do it, sign up and shout out, make a noise and see where it goes. You never know, if we manage to muster enough support (exactly as the church is able to do through its congregation contacts) we might actually get somewhere.

    HAVE FAITH in a secular outcome, have faith in ourselves. Have faith in a non god solution.

    Build it and they will come.


  11. There was a good post on Indy Media about people adding some extra comment to the Barclays bike logos. “Barclays: Proudly supporting the Arms Trade” type of thing. I’ve yet to see a moded one in the wild.

    Cool that there’s a new gallery in that building. Doubt its intended to capture local footfall. More likely work out by using the area’s hot-art-scene reputation to reel in some folk with money from out of town.

  12. Money is God. The moneylenders will be turned out of the temple one day, but not yet. An arts centre would be OK but two people will turn up, to… what? And who will pay for the staffing and security?

    The best art is most definitely attached to hard sales, not to patronage.

    The Mix in Burgess Park was great — a large amount of money was quite evidently thrown at it in security (police) costs alone, but the community may have thought that their private sector clubs deliver a more real experience.

    There were some great guest acts including some brilliant funk on the second stage — in fact the second stage was deffo the best. All urban is good. Urban! It’s a great euphemism and also really realistic about the reality of the bleedin’ obvious. Urban music generally speaking is truly modernist, pared-back-human, and very exciting, leads the way.

    The Tate did an excellent tent where you could make your own musical instruments from cardboard and string which would then be electrified and plugged into a computer so you could actually play them on a small stage.

    The Mix lacked the edge of knife and gun crime — there were no human sacrifices — but the community will soon enough get it that we are all family, not fodder.


  13. Went to Brockwell Park today…

    There seemed to be a Caribean/Jamaican jerk cook off thing going on down there…it all looked very good…even though I just caught the tail end of it


  14. SLG used to have about two people in on an average Sunday (four counting the security guy and receptionist). I liked it like that.

    The refurb of Rye Lane looks to be finished. We were there on Sunday morning before it got mentul busy. Next up the Station Concourse, hopefully.

  15. Tried to go to Ganapti last week, but it was full… of Guardian Readers I guess. My friend from Brixton who works in advertising has been now.

    Me, who’s been going there since it opened, can’t get a table any more!

    Tried out Il Gilardino nearby. It’s food Jim…

  16. @eusebiovic That was the annual Jerk Cook Off, it’s outgrown the Horniman, where it has been held for the last few years, so has moved to Brockwell Park.

  17. joe damage @

    Thanks, I was a bit annoyed that I didn’t go earlier on in the day — Like I usually do on a Sunday. Typical! I missed all the good stuff — they were all clearing up by the time I got there…

    That will teach me to watch live football in Hootenanny when I could have been tucking into some lamb jerk with calaloo and festival — tut tut

    I love Brockwell Park — it’s a gem

  18. This may have been posted already, but here goes.

    And in other news on a tip here from the man like Peter I tried Indiaaaaaaaaah over Safa the other day and was quite impressed.

    Better food than Safa, but suffers from lack of clients, like Cinnamon, Ambrosia etc.

    Good taste, good value, nice service. Going to the bogs felt like I was on my way to someone’s shabby flat — which I probably was. But that’s part of the cheaper Indian restaurant appeal innit. Try it!

  19. That review sums up that pub pretty well. To paraphrase: “It’s okay, but what is there to say about it really.” It didn’t mention the home-brew is vegan (allegedly), which is a selling point of sorts.

    Further afield, Indian-wise people rate Barbur in Honour Oak.

  20. We should all get behind saving the former cinema on Camberwell Road from being removed completely from local community use and becoming an evangelical church.

    There is a paper petition at The Sun and Doves. They must be signed by this Friday midday although I believe late objections to the change of use planning application will be considered after the closing date and before the decision is made.

  21. Someone will know the 40-quid killer of Geoff Bacon. Someone will know someone who needs roughly that amount of cash all the time.

    That Bingo church should seek somewhere with room to breathe. You have to hand it to their business, though, that they can eat property.

    These American pastors! There’s nothing wrong with living the life of Reilly, ask any C of E church mouse or Catholic padre darning his socks in the night when there’s nobody there.

    Ndzinga dance and drumming were at the Horniman again yesterday. Now they’re proper. Geoff Bacon would have loved it, I bet.

  22. What is it you’d like us to do Chunters? Start our own stop and searches? I’d like to help but the BBC blurb gives no indication of location. Usual weak reporting there.

    The cops don’t need us to get behind them. They’ve got cash coming out their ears. It’s all about the overtime for that lot, and what BMW they get to hare about in.

  23. Chunters
    I saw this on the news last night and thought it looked like the estate on Warner Road but wasn’t sure The report just said South London. Does anyone now where he lived? The culprit attacked a woman nearby earlier that day but got away with nothing.

    Dagmar you are right someone will know this guy he is probably local . If I had a suspicion that it was any one I knew I would be “grassing” the him up to the Police.

    Phil G
    How will the police know who it is if local poeple don’t help them?

  24. The bus pass thief could be from anywhere along the bus routes leading to Camberwell Green where Geoff Bacon was assaulted and where he lived on the Peabody Estate. The thief needs help on whatever level you can think of, especially now this awful story is going national.

    There are times when the multifarious people of Camberwell nod together.

  25. Phil G Wrote…

    “What is it you’d like us to do Chunters?”

    I’d like you, if you know or saw anything to report it to the police.

    The location was the Peabody flats on the green.

    “The cops don’t need us to get behind them. They’ve got cash coming out their ears.”

    That, quite frankly is a pathetic statement.

  26. Yeah, I don’t want to spread bad vibes, well not too many anyway. It was an interesting and tragic story Chunters, and it’s very SE5, so I’m glad you posted it. I just don’t think much of the police, that’s all. I know that’s not got much to do with it. Maybe I’m bored at work.

    Gonna check out that art gallery soon though.

  27. Re: Geoff Bacon.

    If you read the story you’ll see that Geoff Bacon was attacked way back in April. The police are only appealing for help now that he’s died. Which means from April to August they failed to catch the man who did it.

    Presumably a “mugging” isn’t prioritised, or possibly even investigated, until it becomes murder. We all know that burglaries aren’t investigated any more; soon violent attacks that do not lead to death will go the same way.

  28. I have recently been updating the Gay Camberwell calendar so that it shows every Camberwell event that I can track down, regardless of whether or not it is gay-related. Which is nice as it means that people can easily see what there is to do in SE5 on any given day. But bad as I suspect that many of those who are not of a gay persuasion don’t benefit. So I thought I’d mention it here, and hope Peter won’t mind — is it still advertising if I don’t benefit in any way from it?

    Re Camberwell and crime, my friend recently told me that Orange refused to deliver his phone to his home as it had an SE5 address — they said that as there was such a high level of fraud in our postcode they have a policy not to deliver here. Has anyone else encountered this?!

  29. @Norman Maine

    The South London Press gave quite a bit of publicity to Mr Bacon’s mugging back in April. I remember it because he’s been around in Camberwell for as long as I can remember. His wife died a few years ago and I think he had a stroke a while back but that didn’t stop him coming out. He was a familiar figure in Morrison’s (and Somerfield before that) and would inevitably be seen chatting with the staff. He was a very friendly bloke, said hello to anyone and everyone.

    I would imagine his death will have dismayed and saddened the officers who investigated the original mugging. While Johnson cuts police numbers and Cameron expects us to volunteer more (to solve crimes likes this?) the chances of catching muggers drops even further.

  30. I felt sad when I heard about this — but wasn’t surprised, yet another victim of the never ending wealth of negative social side effects that our slide back towards Georgian era politics is provoking…

    Hmmmmm? — The mind boggles

  31. Phil G, ye have returneth to the ways of the Lord, by Bingo! Rejoiceth-us! Cheerth!

    Half way up up Shooters Hill eastbound in the Red Lion car park, there is a mobile whelk et cetera booth on wheels, Chummys of Folkestone (Cockles, Whelks, Jellied Eels). Chummys were voted best fish stall in Britain by English Heritage.

    On the return trip, Blackfen continues to fascinate the travelling situationist, the vagante au pedalo de la rue. The Jolly Fenman pub is very jolly indeed, but sells the worst, most vinegary pint of Greene King IPA in the world, presumably to deter strangers with a thirst for ale rather than for the fast-brewed baby water they call lager.

    One dons one’s cloth cap, bestrides one’s penny farthing, and moves on.

  32. @Gay Camberwell: It’s not advertising, so feel free. If you give it a permanent URL I’ll even set up a link to it. And I’ve never heard of not having something delivered here because of the postcode.

    Regarding the murder of Geoff Bacon, I think it’s an absolute tragedy. I’m sure the murderer didn’t intend to murder him, but mugging an old man is just as heinous a crime in my book. 90 years old, a war veteran, a lifelong Camberwellian; this genuinely saddened me.

    But I don’t think for a second that anyone here would have any information about the crime and not report it to the police, and I’m not quite sure what the implication of Chunters’ message was; that we are wasting time talking about food when we should be out shaking down our informants networks?

  33. Obviously, cos I’m a nice upstanding citizen trying to play by the rules — unlike many in SE5, if I’d seen or known anything then I’d have reported it back in the day, whatever good it might have done. (Not much, in my years of experience of police investigations of things like this, CPS, courts, etc.). But the link has at least added to my crime knowledge of this area to justify its bad reputation, so thanks.

    Maybe SE5’s thick crust of scum do read this blog and they’ll now develop a conscience, or at the least get greedy for the £20K. You never know. Crimestoppers and all that.

    If the crime isn’t plastered in DNA or clearly — and I mean clearly — caught on the many, many CCTV cameras in our country, then appeals and rewards is about all the police do. Check out their pitiful arrest rates and compare them to pay and expenditure.

    The only thing the cops have to go on is that the black bloke was not in his teens / early 20s, like the muggers round here often are.

    Anyways, here’s our local gallery

  34. (ps Made the post above yesterday, but it was held up in the blog machinery.)

    @GayC — the events calendar is fine work. Please keep it going. Because of it I’m going to attend that Korean film showing in early Sept. Keep forgetting about that place.

    Also someone mentioned squatters before. They’re definitely still in Windsor Walk near Denmark Hill station. Saw three or four of those Levellers types this morning, and a dog of course.

    I’d quite like to date a squatter girl. She could come round my poky flat for a shower. I could try some of her nut bake. She could call me a capitalist pig and ridicule my grey suits. I could ask her who built her mobile phone, or got insulin for her Dad. I’d peel off her Army surplus and we could make sweet lurrrrve.

    If I went and knocked on the door would they let me in do you think?

  35. On our postcode, when I first moved here from SE22 my car insurer flatly refused to continue the policy. I had to cancel the renewal.

    I was quite stunned. Especially since I have a secure carpark. I expected to pay more cash but they just weren’t interested. SE5? Sorry sir we don’t cover anything in that postcode.

    It was amazing really, quite a big insurer too. I forget which one.

    No probs with postage though.

  36. That was an interesting segue from the rather nice scenario with the squatter squaw to car insurance premiums and postcode disdain and ennui. “Bet she really goes, sir, nudge nudge!”

    Thus the SE5/SE15 blog reveals the richly raucous reveries of Camberwell’s gritty romantics, whilst the SE22/SE23 equivalent merely trumpets the availability of organic weed killer and trombones the meterosexual’s existential chronic scratched itch of pleasing the nagging “partner” with home-baked nut cutlets.

  37. Know what I mean sir? I bet you do, phwoooaar… a nod’s as good as a wink to a blind bat… tell us what it’s like Phil if you get your way. I have a whole bag of clothes pegs you can have by the way, you know, for the ‘before the shower’ bit.

    Incidentally, I am very angry about a lot of things. Gala Bingo is one and another is how our politicians seem to be chivvying up for a lot of arm’s length fence sitting. It really pisses me off.

    Then there’s the pubco thing. And then there’s the sheer waste of money in bucket loads as administered by local authorities thing.

  38. a lot of the time fences are made of wood. they can wobble really beautifully if handled correctly. only cats are known to successfully balance on wobbling fences 😛

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