Come to Camberwell for the Sun

So finally on Friday, 30 November 2012, the Sun and Doves pub on Coldharbour Lane SE5 will reopen.

After over 14 months of closure the much missed pub (pictured as it undergoes transformation) is set to reopen as The Sun of Camberwell.
The Sun Pub, Coldharbour Lane SE5 due to reopen on 30 Nov 2012
According to new tenants Antic the Sun of Camberwell will continue the former pub’s emphasis on food. Improvements to the pub include an “enlarged trading area with a separate function room, a new open kitchen and improved disabled/baby changing facilities.”

Antic have done a great job with the Tiger pub on Camberwell Green and so I have high hopes for the Sun.

What really made a S&D special pub (apart form the art, quiz, music nights, new year celebrations and films) and gave it the edge over Camberwell’s other great pubs ‑the Cambria Arms, Bear, Tiger, Crooked Well, George Canning etc etc- was the garden and I look forward  to sipping beer into the evening outside next summer.

More information on the Antic Pubs website or on the pub’s website

34 thoughts on “Come to Camberwell for the Sun”

  1. Hate the name, can’t see many people saying “do you fancy a drink in the sun of camberwell”. The Joy of SE5” would have been more quirky!

  2. Groucho Marx walks into the Sun of Camberwell. “Mark Dodds!” says the barman, “nice to see you! This one’s on the house.”

  3. Thank you Alan Dale and Dagmar and you other lovely people. Far be it from me to be against the onward march of the Great British Pubco Scam. Saga, I mean but.

    So. I got a call from Scottish & Newcastle this morning at 7.20am: “Hello, Sun and Doves? We’ve got a delivery for you. Can you let us in?”

    Just in case anyone reading this doesn’t know the background to this -
    On 23 September 2011 I was evicted from the Sun and Doves, now called The Sun, because its original name is my trademark, for owing S&N £150,000 back rent from the 2005 rent review.

    Today is 28 November 2012.

    As has been indicated many times before:

    S&N couldn’t organise a pissup out of an Effing Firkin Full of Beer.

  4. Looking forward to it reopening, I only live across the road in Crawford Road, shame about the name though, Camberwell Sun might have been better

  5. Just been to the launch of the Camberwell Travel Guide…very impressive and fact-packed it is too!

    I had an enjoyable chinwag with some familiar faces and some long lost aquaintances and won a fake plastic eyeball in the non-quiz which also took place on said premises.

    I thought “The Eclipse of Camberwell” might of been a cool name for the Sun & Doves 😉

    Thank you all

    I drink my tea

  6. What is “The Camberwell Travel Guide”? What a shame. Even at the last minute, I would have hitched my knickers up and gone.

  7. Unfortunately couldn’t get to the travel guide launch. Would be great to know more.

    I have a long standing appointment with 6Heads Green Christmas party the Innovation Warehouse in Smithfield. A very, really, exciting and enjoyable thing. If you click on the link you’ll See Doctor Mike Tennant addressing the assembled party goers / environmental science geeks / eco warriors about his take on Systems Theory. The hand in the background, just underneath his nose, is mine; taking a photo of him ‘from the other side’ so to speak. Those bright people will go far.

    So would like to know more about the travel guide and on such a local note — drum roll please … — the results of Southwark’s thorough first stage consultation / survey of Camberwell Green users “What did the people say?” questionnaire has dropped through my inbox into the mud of my homeless person’s floor. If you’re interested, you can download the pdf here:


  8. I walked past The Sun of Camberwell this evening and it doesn’t look anywhere near ready for a 30th Nov opening.

    Hmmmm…Me thinks it’s going to be put back a week or two…

  9. * LYNDHURST PRIMARY SCHOOL’S FABULOUS WINTER FAIR * is tomorrow 3–6pm towards the top of Grove Lane * Husky rides * Santa’s Grotto * Amazing raffle with local eateries prizes kindly donated — raffled called on the day by headmaster * Christmas gifts including exquisite craft items * Bargain bookstall — 3 for £1 * Toys and bric-a-brac donated by ABC1 households * Mulled wine * festive food * barbecue with whole animal roasted on spit


  10. *** LYNDHURST WINTER FAIR *** “Be there or be square!”

    Saturday 1 December 2012 3–6pm top of Grove Lane


  11. The perfect day tomorrow, would be to go in the chill for the 10.30am funeral of the albino squirrel in Brunswick Park picnic area; then to No.37 for a strong coffee, biscuit and a cry, dear; then up Camberwell Grove to Lettsom Gardens to help with their tidy-up from 1pm till 2.30pm — they will serve nice hot sausages for helpers; then to Lyndhurst School’s WINTER FAIR, by Christ, the best fair in Camberwell by far, 3–6pm. By that time, you will have earned your MULLED WINE and freshly ROTATED LAMB!

  12. I like the symmetry of spinning lamb and wool in wintertime.

    I can cope with mulled wine at a pinch. Are the huskies and children served hot?

  13. There’s one advantage to winter…It means that I get the chance to look dapper in my quality threads.

    Bermuda shorts, t‑shirts and sandals pall in comparison — I firmly believe that a man has no business wearing open toe sandals…


  14. The worst thing, Esuebio, is seeing naturist men in sandals, beards and spectacles — that’s nearly all of them. They lurch out at you from behind bushes with a huge grin and little else, if you see what I mean.

    The lamb was devoured today at the Lyndhurst Primary fair, mulled wine was drunk, it was a very warm and human occasion. Interestingly, the Hammers beat Chelsea today, another triumph of humanity over shareholder value.

    Did anyone go to the albino squirrel’s funeral in Brunswick Park, this morning?

  15. @Dagmar

    Yes, I certainly enjoyed my Hammers beating Chelsea today…something that used to happen regularly before Abramovich arrived with his chequebook and platinum moneyclip.

    As a South Londoner who went to the East Side I’m not one for disliking the Millwall who also happen to be on a fine run at the moment. As are Dulwich Hamlet…

    And talking of fashion again, don’t even get me started on flip-flops (shakes head in despair)

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