Caught in the crossfire

I hope that bad news really does come in threes, and that I haven’t chosen to move back to South London in the middle of a gang feud.

Following on from the stabbing and execution I reported before, comes the news that the fire at Pharoahs pub is believed to be deliberately started, and could have something to do with firearms.

The fire happened last Friday night between 12.30am and 5.00am; it’s pretty remarkable that I didn’t hear anything, because it’s near my flat (conveniently, it’s also practically next door to the fire station). When the wife and I took a walk to Peckham on Saturday we saw the police cars and tape sealing off the road, and both thought ‘Who’s been killed now?’. We were relieved to find out it was just a fire — but now the story about it being linked to gun crime has been reported in the newspapers.

Fingers crossed this is just an isolated incident.

Welcome to Murder City

Just as I decide to move back, Camberwell becomes the murder capital of London.

Three days before my North-South transition, a woman was murdered in a knife attack on Peckham Road.

Then, on Saturday night, a man was rammed off his motorbike and shot by two masked assailants on Camberwell Church Street.

The first I’d heard about it was when we were trying to get a bus back from Oval and the drivers of the first two 436s to pass told us that they wouldn’t be stopping in Camberwell as there’d been a shooting. I covered up this detail as my wife is easily spooked, and told her that something had happened and nobody knew what.

Camberwell Church Street was completely sealed off for traffic, with buses diverted up Denmark Hill. It took us an hour to get back from Oval.

I really hope this is not going to become a regular occurence. Not the delays from the Oval, I mean the murders.

Doing very (Camber)well indeed

Let me begin with a few apologies:

  1. The template of this blog is horrible. I’ve only just installed WordPress and haven’t had time to change it yet, but wanted to at least get this blog underway.
  2. That pun in the title was rotten, and I’ll try to refrain from them again.

That taken care of, I’ll start the CamberwellOnline blog.

When I first moved to London, in 1995, I lived in Camberwell. I had a flat on the corner of Rainbow Street with my then-girlfriend, and after a little while I got a job at the Town Hall.

Later I moved to Knatchbull Road and although I moved away in late 1997 I kept working at the Town Hall until the summer of 1999.

And now I’m back. I moved into Shenley Road with my wife just over two weeks ago, and was smitten with the place all over again.

Camberwell’s changed a lot in the last five years, but also kept it’s distinctive character. I want to write about that character; about it’s restaurants and bars, it’s mix of hip and seeedy, it’s landmarks and eyesores. It’s everything.

This is what the CamberwellOnline Blog is for; a chronicle of the place and of my life in it.