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Blake HouseBlake House

Last Wednesday the wife and I went for our customary monthly celebration of our marriage (an excuse to eat out, as if one were needed). We like to try a different place whenever possible, and the move to Camberwell has obviously opened up many new doors.

We decided to go for Blake House (16 Grove Lane), which wasn’t in Camberwell when I was last here. It used to be The Kerfield Arms, a typically sticky-carpeted dark pub, so it’s redevelopment is really welcome.

Upstairs, the restaurant is very spacious and the big windows were open as we had a rare warm evening. The waitress was very friendly (and stunning to look at, although as I was with my wife I obviously didn’t pay much attention). It was pretty empty, only ourselves and two more tables, even considering it was a Wednesday night.

My wife ordered Seared Cod and Deep-Fried Fennel, while I went for Duck Breast with Potatoes (I forget which type, but it wasn’t mashed). The food arrived in pretty good time and was tasty, although not amazing. The portions were fairly small and my Duck was slightly overcooked.

For dessert I had Creme Brulee (tiny) and my wife had a Chocolate Fudge Cake (I think; we also had a bottle of wine and that detail is hazy). Each main course was about £12, desserts were about £4 and the wine was about £15; a total haul of roughly £50.

We came away happy with our night; it’s really comfortable and intimate inside, the food was good and, although leaning towards expensive considering the size of the portion, not extortionate.

For now, the best restaurant I’ve been to in Camberwell. Heh.

Author: Peter

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