Coming like a ghost town?

Is Sunday in Camberwell always so quiet? Having shaken off the last vestiges of my cold, the wife and I received more visitors (I make it 10 in the six weeks that we’ve been moved in) — two on Saturday night, two on Sunday. As Sunday was sunny, we went out for pints.

First of all, to the Grove/BRB — almost empty. Even the tables outside in the sun were deserted. When me, the wife and Tom walked in, we doubled the clientele. We were outnumbered by the staff. I think you get the point.

One pint later, off we went to Blake House. Again, empty. Maybe three other people in there when we arrived, and soon they left us to it. Mind you, that could have been because of the lack of beer; only one lager on tap, only two brands in the fridge. Sold out of Stella — not bothered, because I don’t drink it, but having the top-selling lager off is a bit of a slip-up.

I have a feeling that Blake House is going through lean times; first there’s the lack of beer, second the lack of customers. I think it’s really nice, but opinions vary. It would be a shame if it were to go under.

But back to my point; two pubs, one sunny afternoon, no customers. Did everyone go to the park for the day? Was there a big party that no-one invited me to? Does no-one drink on Sundays? Did I just choose the wrong places?

Back in Queen’s Park the local pub, The Salusbusy, was constantly busy. Was this Sunday just a one-off, or is Camberwell teetotal?

Author: Peter

Long-time resident of Camberwell, author of this blog since July 2004.