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A quick read back through the few posts I’ve made so far shows that I’ve mainly only written about food, drink & shopping — not my intention when I started this blog. To be honest, I don’t think I’ve really found my voice yet — but persistence will cure that.

On the 436 home last week I saw two newspaper hoardings with headlines which interested me — although not enough to seek out the newspapers. The first was along the lines of ‘SE5 Crime Rates Shock’ (or similar) and the second was ‘Camberwell Police Station To Reopen’. Obviously, I’d say one had something to do with the other.

When I finally left my job in Camberwell in 1999, the Police Station was open only during the hours of 9am-6pm or something absurd like that — not exactly peak crime hours, I’d guess. Sometime between then and now, the station has shut down completely. I know there has been a campaign to get the station to reopen (although there was no web presence — a shame, I think), and it looks like that campaign has been successful.

I’m not sure how much the embarrasment of a ‘gangland execution’ in front of the closed station influenced the decision.

I don’t know the details of the reopening — I never found the newspaper, and there doesn’t seem to be anything online — but I’m pretty sure it can only be a good thing for the area. Hopefully it won’t be a 9am-6pm job again.

Quick Update: Is it this they’re referring to?

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