Birthday decisions

I need to decide where I’m going to have my birthday dinner/drinks (when did I stop having birthday parties?). It’s going to be for about 12 people so I can’t book a whole room, and it’s going to be on a Saturday night so I don’t want to be anywhere super-busy that will try to hurry us out. And it’s going to be the last weekend before Christmas, so it’s going to be a fucking nightmare.

My first thought was Blake House because they have the nice upstairs restaurant and bar, and it’s never been too busy before. My one drawback with the place is that the portions fall on the small side, and my friends (and I) love to eat.

I thought about The Grove as well, because of their great pizzas, but I don’t think they do table reservations and I’m not sure how willing they will be to close their snug bar on a Saturday night.

Much as I like the place’s casual atmosphere, The Vineyard isn’t the place for my birthday. However, Rock‑8 could be a good option as it has the seperate conservatory area and tapas is always a winner for groups of people. Perhaps a little too far from Camberwell centre, but right next to Denmark Hill station.

Of course I could go for Indian food at Safa, which could turn out to be a surprisingly popular option. Or I could try somewhere completely new and unexplored, but that’s a hell of a risk for a birthday meal. Especially my birthday meal.

I can definitely rule out: The Silver Buckle, 4 Sure We’re D Best, Jungle Cafe, Bolu Restaurant and a host of others beside. I may be getting older, but I’m not senile yet. And if you’re wondering why I haven’t written about the three places I named above, you obviously don’t know Camberwell.

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  1. the grove does do reservations and you can hire the small bar at the front free of charge (a minimum spend — usually £10 per head (depending on night of week applies). There are cool live djs there thurs, fri and sat. wicked pizza!!

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