Circumstantial evidence

I keep seeing ‘Camberwell’ and ‘crime’ linked together in various news stories, and I only realised recently that it’s because of Camberwell Green Magistrates Court (15 D’Eynsford Road, SE5 7UP); everytime the TV reporter says “… a court in Camberwell heard today…”, I’d assumed the crime happened in Camberwell. Ha ha.

On the subject of crime, local Lib Dem candidate Richard Porter has raised a petition on his website for the reopening of Camberwell Police Station (registration required). I’ve written about it before, and regardless of party politics I think it’s a tremendous idea.

In other news, The Old Dispensary seem to be going all out for custom — four postcards advertising the place were pushed through my letterbox yesterday. I may scan one and post it here, if I can be bothered. I wish the place well, even if they are a haven for desperate junkies.

Author: Peter

Long-time resident of Camberwell, author of this blog since July 2004.

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  1. Disappointed to see only 5 sigs so far. I decided to visit The Old Dispensary and had a jolly good evening even if it was pricey. However, after there I ended up in The Silver Buckle. WOW! that place is heavy but had a good craic.

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