The Phoenix rises from the ashes

Five days into the new year, I finally ventured back into the world again. And the good news is, Camberwell has yet another good pub.

The Phoenix in Denmark Hill station (Windsor Walk, SE5 8BB) has had a major refit and is no longer the pikey O’Neill’s it used to be, where even in the prime location of a train station it was still soul-less and lifeless (even worse than when it was the Phoenix And Firkin, before that). Now, although still owned by the chain that owns O’Neill’s, it has a personality of it’s own and a great selection of beers.

The place itself used to be the railway offices and waiting room, and has a huge high ceiling and a mezzanine which has more tables. The centre of the room is taken up by the old station clock. The lighting and decoration is soft and welcoming, a massive change from previously. The barman was very helpful (and informative) and overall it just felt comfortable.

They have Leffe on tap (mmm, my favourite) as well as a selection of bottled Belgian beers, and no Fosters/Carling (as far as I could see). Food looked to be tasty but unpretentious, a bar menu rather than gastropub style, although I couldn’t see the prices.

If I weren’t cutting down on booze for the next few weeks I’d go back there as soon as possible. Another winner in SE5.

After that we went to Willows restaurant, but my bus will be here shortly so I’ll have to write about that another time.

Author: Peter

Long-time resident of Camberwell, author of this blog since July 2004.

9 thoughts on “The Phoenix rises from the ashes”

  1. Any idea what is going on at the Bickleigh? Is it just a bit of decorating or is under new management? I have never been in but go past it every day.

    Your blog is excellent. I will be trying out the Phoenix tonight.

  2. The Bickleigh? How did I miss that??? It’s just around the corner from my flat. I’ll check it out tonight.

    And thanks very much for the kind words.

  3. A quick note to say thanks for the recommendation.

    Met a friend in the Phoenix the other night and it was great. As you said, good lighting, friendly/attentive yet chilled out bartenders, good clock, and good music (although apparently piped in from global headquarters).

    Several varieties of posh bangers and mash available — not particularly cheap but extremely tasty, in best gastropub tradition.

    Great access to public transport too — well within range from north london, for example.

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