Spam and Eclair. Mmmm.

I’ve just installed Spam Karma to try and cut down on the 50+ spam comments I receive every day. I don’t know if it works or not — the few tests I made say ‘not’ — but if you find your comments getting trapped, drop me an email and let me know. Cheers.

Quick Camberwell news: the only (semi-) celebrity in the area, Jenny Eclair (comedian and author of the novel Camberwell Beauty) is interviewed in New Statesman this month. She bigs up The Phoenix (although, not by name), which is described as ‘a trendy new bar right next to Denmark Hill Station’. ““I bring everyone down here nowadays,” she says.

Author: Peter

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4 thoughts on “Spam and Eclair. Mmmm.”

  1. I don’t wish to detract from the achievements of Mr Gooberman, Heartbeat is as fine a Sunday night entertainment as you’re likely to find. BUT, amongst Camberwell Celebs are we overlooking Lorraine Chase, ‘popstar’ of ‘Luton Airport’ fame and also currently starring in Emmerdale, or somesuch? She lives on Camberwell Grove, and even has her picture displayed prominently in the window of the ‘Taverna’ Greek restaurant at the bottom of Camberwell Grove. It’s in the form of a mini-shrine, and is slightly suspicious.
    Also, the ever-lovely Jenny Agutta lives on Grove Road I believe. Being a fan of her performance in ‘American Werewolf’ I think I can say no more without getting into trouble with the missus.

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