Guest Post: The arse end of Camberwell

Note: The account of the less salubrious of Camberwell’s pubs that you are about to read was left as a comment by a regular reader, Rachel. I include it here because it’s worthy of wider exposure, and not because I’m pissed off that I spent 20 minutes writing a post before accidentally deleting it. The post is in the form of a report to her girlfriend, so when she suggests ‘we’ should go there, she means her girlfriend, not me. That caused me to double-take, I tell you. Anyway, here’s Rachel’s report (with my links).

We survived our trip round the seedier pubs of Camberwell. We started in the Corrib. My friend (A) had said before we started that he would only have half pints but as we were about to go into the Corrib a large, white, tattooed skinhead man came out so A said he would have a pint!! The Corrib was ok though we made the error of going in the Saloon bar which was quite small and mainly filled with a pool-table. There were about 8 or 9 men in there at least 3 from the North East — Sunderland — watching the Newcastle game!! So we had to talk quietly but there was no bad feeling towards us.

Then we went to the Castle (the one by Castle Mead high rise flats) [more or less here — Ed] — truly truly awful which I had expected but I think A was a bit shocked. Again all men (apart from the barstaff) but older. The place was really seedy and run down, sticky tables, cracked windows and just not very nice. It is now the measuring stick for the worst pub we can find — the standard has been set too high I think!!!

On to the Nags Head which was buzzing by comparison. Finally there were some women drinkers. My friend’s wife ℗ joined us for a drink here. It was just an ordinary local pub — much like the Cadleigh but bigger. The landlord even came over and had a little joke with us. Thank god though P joined us in here because she didn’t like it much and this was the best pub so far.

On to the Silver Buckle [SE5 7AA]. You know about the SB so not much to say here. Except it was relatively quiet. Mainly young people but more of a black — white mix. It is just not a nice pub.

On to the Joiners — the purple pub on Denmark Hill [SE5 8RS]. This is a great pub — it has been done up really nicely and I think we could go and have a nice drink in there. Not sure if they are doing food (maybe that will come later). It has drawn the Arts students in already. Very nice and not very dodgy.

Thanks, Rachel — I’m so happy that you went to these places, so we don’t have to.

Author: Peter

Long-time resident of Camberwell, author of this blog since July 2004.

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  1. Fame at last!! Glad to be of service.

    One small correction though I emailed it to my girlfriend not boyfriend.

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