Bad news and good beers

More bad crime news, I’m afraid. As reader Hannah pointed out, a woman was raped on Camberwell Green early on Sunday morning. The 22-year-old was crossing the Green to get to a bus stop, and as she passed the children’s play area she was attacked and raped.

The description of the attacker is infuriatingly vague (black, skinny, wearing a puffa jacket, baseball cap and trainers — the new urban uniform) but if you’ve by any chance got any information that could help then contact Detective Constable Paul Carroll on 020 7232 6182, or Crimestoppers (anonymously) on 0800 555 111.

And please, please take care when out late at night.

Okay, on to something more cheerful. Burgess Park is to host the Rise festival, a music event to help fight racism. Currently confirmed acts include The Mitchell Brothers, Kano, Lemar and Horace Andy, all of whom I’ve heard of, and “soul-jazz artist” Eska, who I haven’t. The festival will take place on July 16th and entry is free.

A couple of quick near-Camberwell recommendations; Bar Story is a cool little bar under a railway arch on Blenheim Grove — it looks almost temporary but has a nice feel to it. And just around the corner in Holly Grove is Ganapati, a South Indian restaurant which serves food quite different to your average Indian restaurant and sells some lovely beer from the Meantime Brewery in Greenwich. If you’re out in Peckham and fancy a beer and a bite, both places are worth a visit.

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  1. I’ll be taking Mrs Gooberman along to both cheeks, it may take a bit of convincing but she loves Safa and we went there because of your write-up (in fact I’ve been five times now ansd I love how they give the lady a rose).

    Terrible news about the rape, I hope someone comes forward the green is so busy at night.

  2. I notice there are some really grand plans for the much enlarged Camberwell Arts Week this year — now renamed Camberwell Arts Festival!

    I believe the parade and Jazz in Lucas Gardens take place on the 11th June, but there are many events throguhout June.

    Look out for a little green booklet in most pubs for more info!

  3. Since we’re widening our outlook to Peckham, and with all the recent and a sadly bleak news from Camberwell in recent days, have a look at this to warm your heart.… (Though we all know Camberwell is still the best)

  4. Was sorry to hear about the recent crimes, always terrible when it’s close to where you live.
    As for Peckham recommendations, totally agree. I must confess I moved from Camberwell to just over the hill in Peckham a couple of years ago, and missed the abundance of eating out/bar options in Camberwell. (Without having to make the long walk down the Grove to get there first, of course) Ganapati is fantastic, a great place for lunch as it’s normally not too busy and the food is just right. (Beers are also fab if you don’t have to think in the afternoon).
    Bar Story is also a very relaxed place for a drink should you be heading home from Peckham Rye station, or else bumbling around at the weekend.
    The Peckham Experiment, on the corner of Bellenden Road and Choumert Road, has recently changed hands and is promoting itself as ‘French Restaurant’ with some cheap deals. Bit of a varied history in my opinion. Opened about 4 years ago selling great food at great prices. Then the prices went up. Then it closed and reopened more as a bar and the prices seemed to go up again. Foods always been good. Remains to be seen what the new owners are making of it. Ok, sorry for talking about Peckham, back to Camberwell.….

  5. Definitely keep the Peckham stuff coming — as a former resident of Peckham i feel as much affection for Peckham as Camberwell — lets form a big Peckham/Camberwell family! Another Peckham venue that’s worth going to is the Rye Hotel just off Rye lane, a really great laid back pub with good food, friendly hosts and a hilariously inept pub quiz.

  6. … I guess not. More good news Cheeks, looks like The Castle is about to start serving Leffe.

  7. Doh, as someone in a cartoon once said. Just read Gareth’s comment above. Head not quite right yet, you know.

  8. I’ve been away for the weekend but the first thing I noticed when I was passing through Camberwell is the sign outside The Castle promoting the fact that Leffe is arriving. Hooray!

  9. I’ve subscribed to all of the Camberwell pubs with BeerInTheEvening, hoping that one day it will give me some decent material. I think I’ve linked to it on here before.

    And as for The Gowlett, it was in The Independent’s Best Local Pubs guide, so I’ll definitely have to check it out now.

  10. Near the Gowlett, on Adys Road, I notice there is a pub that boasts a Tapas bar. Anyone tried this?

  11. Hello, I’m new to this site but couldn’t help notice your comments on Bar Story, which I agree is really great and has a very relaxed atmosphere. I think there is a little Italian restaurant roughly opposite which I have also been to a few times which is worth a visit as the staff are so friendly and the food is very reasonably priced.

    I’ve only been to The Peckham Experiment once and found it a bit disappointing so it’s interesting to hear it is changing around. The pub opposite used to do a good pub quiz on a Sunday night with a crate of beer as the first prize and pretty easy questions so everyone feels good about their score!

  12. hello — the italian place that someone mentioned earlier is indeed good food at great prices ‑it’s called Il Giardino (sp?) btw. Also Ben, the owner of Bar Story, has plans to use the space under the arches at the back of the bar to open some sort of public space for galleries, talks etc which will be a nice addition for the area. Have been to Ganapati a few times now and found the food, while well cooked and creatively put together, a little on the bland side to be honest as well as over-priced, but def worth trying if you want a fresh curry that’s not run-of-the-mill. I think the idea with that place is to have food which is more authentic than the usual dross you get in most curry places — I’ve never been a huge fan of South Indian Hindu food (much prefer the richer flavours of Pakistani or Bangladeshi dishes) but lots of my friends rave about this place so def see for yourselves. Pistachio Club on Lordship Lane is lovely curry place. Anyone know of a decent Chinese/Thai restaurant in SE15?

  13. Has anyone else been to re-opened Peckham Experiment? We went there last night and it was a truly awful experience and we paid nearly £70 for the pleasure!

    The food is lack lustre and the service indifferent. For my main course, which verged on unpleasant, I had a tiny piece of extremely over cooked tuna and a mound of unpleasantly sticky noodles. The biggest surprise came at the end of the meal — this establishment doesn’t take either credit or debit cards. We pointed out to the waiter that this isn’t normal practice and on the rare occasions that restaurants don’t take cards they usually tell you long before the bill arrives — he argued otherwise. Result — my husband had to wander off into Peckham around 11pm to find a cash machine that was working. This place needs to pull its socks up considerably if it wants any customers.

  14. I thought Peckham already was an experiment. That failed.

    I’m with the philosopher Bishop Berkeley — if you think that Peckham no longer exists, it doesn’t.

    The War is Over.

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