King of The Castle

I have a slightly thick head this morning after taking advantage of The Castle’s extended opening hours. Unfortunately they had not yet received their delivery of my preferred drop, Leffe, so I went for the Guiness instead. Isn’t there a rule that the darker a drink is, the worse the hangover it gives?

The Castle is a top pub; the staff are very friendly, the clientele not too beery and leery. Last night the DJ was playing a fairly eclectic selection of music; Prince b‑sides, Moloko, Musical Youth… pretty much anything he felt like. It was fairly shambolic and good fun. I thought I recognised the guy and when he handed out flyers at the end I realised that he’s part of the It’s Bigger Than crew who play a (similar) monthly set at 93 Feet East. I don’t know if he’s at The Castle every Thursday, but you should try to catch him at either venue.

I’ll definitely be going back to The Castle tonight — I forgot to sign off my tab at the end of the night so my debit card is still there.

Author: Peter

Long-time resident of Camberwell, author of this blog since July 2004.