Monopedal mayhem

1 Legged SE5 Man Causes Chaos

I spotted this poster for the Southwark News while I was out today. The headline grabbed my attention immediately, but when I went into the newsagent they were all sold out — obviously this story has captured the public’s imagination.

Does anyone know what this is about? Why has the man only got one leg? What chaos did he cause? Was the chaos related to him having only one leg? I demand answers.

Author: Peter

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7 thoughts on “Monopedal mayhem”

  1. According to the Southwark News a one legged man in a wheelchair mangaged to board the 45 bus at the Elephant. One of his fellow passengers moved away because of the smell of urine coming from the monoped. The one legged man took great offence at this and managed to bound up the stairs to strike the fellow traveller on the back.
    Things calmed down until the bus stopped for the inevitable change of drivers by Edwardes bike shop. One legged man took issue with the driver over the delay and tried to break the perspex screen. The driver tried to retaliate but dropped his cash box spilling the contents onto the floor whereby a gang of youths scooped up the cash and ran off. Our protagonist made his escape at great speed towards the green.

  2. I saw that billboard headline toor — I must say it intrigued me greatly — but as I was on the 36 at the time there was no way of getting into the newsagent to find out more! Thanks for enlightening me. He sounds like a very angry one legged man…

  3. I didn’t see the incident, but one of my friends told me it happened next to what used to be Bello Towers (one of those new, flashy-but-still-cool developments in rejuvenated areas) in Camberwell.

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