6th of September already

My apologies for the lack of updates recently; between working and making the most of the dog days of summer, I took my eye off the ball a little.

Speaking of balls, I’ve discovered the upstairs bar in The Castle has a TV projector suitable for watching football; unfortunately the seating layout is pretty poor, so you have to get there early if you want to sit in one of the leather booths. I did for the Wales v England game, but I’ll still be using the Cadeleigh Arms for club football. The Castle do a mean (that is, good) burger, by the way.

On the bank holiday Monday the wife and I went up to the Sun & Doves for a bite of lunch; there was a barbecue on, and it was fantastic to drink an iced cider and eat a proper lean burger in the sun. I would recommend it, but you’ll probably have to wait until next summer now.

And that’s kind of it, although I’m pretty interested in Mark’s post about a Camberwell forum and may get involved in that; I have an idea or two involving this website. I was pretty disappointed when the old Texaco garage reopened as a hand car wash; I know I shouldn’t knock someone with the enterprise to run a small business, but does it have to look so ugly?

No movement at the former Bee’s Auto Bits or Blake House, as far as I can see, which makes this a pretty unedifying roundup. Anyone care to add more?

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4 thoughts on “6th of September already”

  1. It’s been a great summer in Camberwell, I reckon. And the Ashes are finishing just up the road at the Oval…

    A while ago I asked a workman I saw in Bee’s Auto Bits what was happening. He said it was going to be a “restaurant”. So your fear of another chicken joint may about to be realised, Cheeks. Although it’s all gone quiet since…

    A shout out for ‘Basic’ on Denmark Hill. The best kind of local shop and one we should all support.

  2. I managed a quick peek in there (Bee’s) recently; there doesn’t seem to be any counter, and the kitchen area would appear to be downstairs; based solely on the fact that the people I saw in there were Indian/Asian, I’m guessing it will be yet another curry restaurant.

    Which shop is ‘Basic’? I don’t think I know it.

  3. There seems to be a bit of refurb work going happening on Southampton Way too. Opposite the Costcutter/Post Office it looks like a shop could be opening soon.

    Next to this, the old Bricklayers Arms pub (which used to look very scary inside!), is up for auction. From rumours I have heard it is expected to bring £1m and has potential for flats/property development.

    Further along this road, has anyone ever seen ‘Tom Bedfords Dairy‘ open? Or has it closed down now?

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