On drinking and drunks

It looks like Camberwell Green is about to be inundated with street drinkers again, as Southwark council are likely to close the ‘wet centre’ which helped drinkers address their problems while allowing them to keep drinking. The old method of criminalising and punishing looks likely to return as the solution to the problem.

On an entirely unrelated note (he preferred to drink his Tennants Extra at the Silver Buckle rather than on Camberwell Green), a quick goodbye to long-time reader Daniel Hoffmann-Gill (a.k.a. Guy Gooberman) who is moving to the arse-end of the middle of nowhere Essex today. Thanks for the support, Daniel.

Just remembered: there was a public consultation for St George’s new plans for the Grove Lane development on Thursday and Saturday, but I only found out an hour after the Saturday one had closed. Does anybody know what their new plans are like?

Author: Peter

Long-time resident of Camberwell, author of this blog since July 2004.

5 thoughts on “On drinking and drunks”

  1. They’re the same person?!

    Missed the public exhibition as well. Well publicised, wasn’t it? Sneaky weasels.

  2. Yes, the same person; in fact, I strongly suspect that I only have two readers but they use many pseudonyms.

    The only notice I saw about the consultation was a poster hung up outside the Mary Datchelor school on Saturday; before that, nothing.

  3. I trekked over to the Planning Dept and had a look at the Grove Lane proposals. I took some sneaky photos while I was there, which I’ve uploaded to Flickr, in the Camberwell group. Sorry for the poor quality…

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