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Last night I was flicking channels when I caught the tail end of someone talking about demolishing the Aylesbury estate. The programme was Demolition on Channel 4, but on their website I can find no mention of the Aylesbury. Can anyone elaborate?

While we’re on the subject of property, last night I noticed some lights on in a few windows of the boarded-up buildings on Windsor Walk. There seemed to be a parafin lamp hanging in one window, while another had full electric lights and I could just see someone’s head in there too. Has it been squatted?

Moving on… I’ve had a few comments saying that the New Dewaniam restaurant on Camberwell New Road has just expanded and now sounds very cool. In fact, I get so many positive comments about the New Dewaniam that I’m beginning to suspect the owners read this blog; if they do, I’ll be happy to give you all the free publicity you want in exchange for a meal for two. Yes, I’m that easily bought.

Local artist Mark McGowan has made another high-profile protest, this time against the protest exclusion zone around the Houses of Parliament. He walked backwards around Parliament Square repeating the slogan on his t‑shirt, “this is not a protest”.

Meta: I’ve made the first, stumbling steps in setting up a CamberwellOnline Wiki. Obviously the design needs a lot of work, but if anyone’s interested in helping out by providing and editing content please go ahead and take a look. If you need help beyond the documentation, leave a comment here. Also, this blog is now open for registration in case anyone wants to help out by adding more news about the area. I still have editorial control for now.

Finally, there are a whole bunch of new contributors and photos in the Camberwell SE5 Flickr Photo Pool. Please keep them coming.

In case I don’t make another update before the weekend, have a great Christmas, everyone. Remember to keep it local where possible, and support independent retail. The best Christmas present would be a change of heart by Wordsworth Books. Look out for me in The Castle on Christmas Eve — I’ll be the drunk one.

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  1. I think I’m guilty of bringing up the New Dewaniam, but I promise I don’t work there! I actually went in last night and the new extension is a big improvement. The menu is the same but it was very quiet so I hope they haven’t over extended themselves.

  2. The developers proposing the redevelopment of the Mary Datchelor site have submitted revised drawings to Southwark Council. It’s not much to write about — it seems they’ve pretty much ignored the concerns of everyone, including the Camberwell Society. They’ve made a token reduction in the number of flats from 138 to 134 and there are some associated changes to the elevations.

    Cynically, they’ve made the changes just before the holiday period so that as few people as possible are around to formally object. The new scheme still fails to meet the requirements of the Development Brief prepared by Southwark; it would demolish the fine 1926 building on Grove Lane; and (worst of all, as far as I am concerned) it is dressed up in an atrocious hotch-potch of faux-Georgian and neo-traditional architectural styles that will make a mockery of the fine buildings in the area.

    Comments from the general public really do make a difference and are essential if Camberwell is to get the development it deserves on this site. You can object by writing to Sonia Watson at planning.​applications@​southwark.​gov.​uk quoting application no. 05-AP-1695 — but make sure you do it by 27 December.

    Oh — Happy Christmas everyone!

  3. just wanted to make a quick comment about the new dewaniam, there food is really nice so is the staff, they have gone really big! there new resturant is very impressive, i dont know if they will do well as it is camberwell after all! but i wish the boys !! they havnt finished yet, they still got a lot of work to do, but when they have finished im sure they will do well, good luck guys keep up the good work

  4. I think there should be a ‘New Dawaniam Anonymous’,
    Im a young & very busy female who, for the want of a better expression is culinaryley challenged!!!
    I haven’t been to new look restaurant, but what was wondering what the vibe was like.…Before I relinquish my Take-away menu!

  5. hey people a quick response to the new dewaniam emails, this place is the best indian in south london , the people who think otherwise,well.…. what can i say… you have no taste, and before someone say’s that i work there WELL I DONT!!!! i just love the food and the people who run it, i think there great and have done a really good job , well done guys keep up the good work
    sam x

  6. I think Ganapati on Holly Grove is absolutely brilliant — I’d go as far as to say it’s the best Indian food I’ve ever had. It’s not your average curry house & as such is more expensive than normal but not overpriced for what you get in my opinion. The Peckham Experiment on the other hand isn’t much cop at all. They never have what you want & the food varies enormously in quality. They don’t deserve that lovely Tom Phillips mosaic at all!

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