SE5 2006

Happy New Year, everyone. There are two new bars opening soon (Buddha Jazz and the new Punch Taverns), a new cafe with good coffee, apparently, and the final closure of Wordsworth Books. What else will change in 2006?

There’s an interesting comment from Mark, owner of the Sun & Doves, on a previous post. If I may summarise: he’s set up an online forum at which aims to address issues of interest to Camberwell residents; transport, supporting independent business… the kind of stuff we talk about here when we’re not discussing coffee or curry.

As regular (or attentive) readers may know, that’s partly the reason I set up this site in the first place; it was to be a community portal, with the chance for everybody to get involved. I think that between the blog, the wiki and now the forum there’s plenty of opportunity for that to happen. They just need input. Ive suggested to him that we try to get all three more closely connected, so there’s not a duplication of function. We’ll see; it’s still early days yet.

Perhaps of more immediate interest to readers of this blog and members of the Flickr Camberwell SE5 Photo Pool is his interest in holding an exhibition of our photos. I’m going to discuss this idea more on the group homepage, so if you’re not signed up yet you might want to take this opportunity to do so.

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  1. If you’re moving into the more general community website territory, do join London Neighbourhoods Online — — the website’s a bit out-of-date but it’s an informal network of people doing the same sort of thing in other parts of London.

    It’s good to see another community site emerging elsewhere in Southwark. If there’s scope to co-operate in some way, I’d certainly welcome it.

    (Editor, )

  2. Thought you all might be interested in this email I got today:

    From: Pitt, Katherine []
    Sent: 06 January 2006 09:33
    To: undisclosed-recipients:
    Subject: Call for contributions to Camberwell map

    This is a message from Eleanor Margolies.
    Call for contributions to Camberwell map.

    Artists are invited to submit photographs and illustrations of Camberwell for a map to be published in March 2006.

    This new illustrated map and guide will cover roughly the area bounded by Camberwell Green, Burgess Park, Brunswick Park and Lucas Gardens. It is intended to link Camberwell’s green spaces with interesting walking routes, and to highlight local artistic and literary connections. The map will mix historical and contemporary images of the area. The range of illustrations might include cityscapes, trees, architectural details, favourite front gardens, public art and people. Please note: images will probably be reproduced in one or two colours only.
    Please email GreenCamberwell@​fsmail.​net by 31st January with any questions about the project or to send low-res images for consideration.

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