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Last month I published a message from Eleanor Margolies requesting images for a Green Map of Camberwell. The map is due to be published on March 6th and will be available from local restaurants and cafes, and will feature input from members of the Camberwell SE5 Group.

More details are in this post to the group by Eleanor, and there will be a series of walks throughout March.

Update: On the subject of green Camberwell, here’s the latest on the Mary Datchelor situation.

Author: Peter

Long-time resident of Camberwell, author of this blog since July 2004.

10 thoughts on “Camberwell: Green”

  1. Peter,

    Margarita O’Donnell, from Camberwell Renewal, the Community Involvement and Development Officer, would like to make contact with you…

    her email is margarita.o’ 020 7525 5523

    Regards M

  2. Does anybody think that it would be a good idea for Southwark/Lambeth Council to investigate the possibility of maybe extending Camberwell Green westwards? The land between Medlar Street and Camberwell Passage — there are some really grim late Victorian/Early Edwardian properties (opposite Redstar Pub) and an unremarkable Job Centre building built in the late 80’s and the old green bus depot — It would be fantastic if a new green space could be opened up between Camberwell New Road (where snooker hall and tool hire warehouse is) and Walworth Road extending the existing Green — there are so many unremarkable properties between that if they are really serious about regenerating the area in a positive way then this would be much more effective than building some more apartments

  3. I agree with your plans in theory, but surely in practice this will lead to the closure of the strange and mysterious nightclub that is Aristocrats. I, for one, look forward to their Bi-Annual Drive-By Shooting Event, which has brought a much-needed excitement to the area.

    Closing down Jono’s Snooker Hall is a big no-no. You can get a pint in there at 4 o’clock in the morning.

  4. I agree it would be a shame to lose the snooker hall (could it be restored perhaps?) — but the new park/green could also incorporate the Greek Orthodox Church which would be a period building worth keeping within the new green space — it’s just an idea but I’ve always found it a bit grim around there and it doesn’t seem to get any better maybe because it’s on the boundary of Southwark/Lambeth and it gets overlooked…

  5. Mark Dodds — Really? — I’ve lived and worked in North Southwark for 30 years and I used to go past that grim plot of land on my way to and from school and it doesn’t get any better with age! — a new green space would make a lot of sense and would give the Green a well needed boost — a bit like when Mile End Park was extended and re-landscaped…

  6. Well the last comment was made in 2006 so i’ll be more than pleasantly surprised if i get a reply…however.

    Im currently doing a project on camberwell green.

    What would you like done to this moderatly sized patch of green plus a park?


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