Life’s better in the sun

What a treat, to have sunshine that warms you! A walk down to Camberwell Green this morning (for reasons to be revealed at a later date) was made so much more pleasant by the clear sky and the sun that heated my skin by about half a degree. I went for a haircut at Cube and the sun coming through the window made me feel sleepy. That’s the excuse for my latest haircut, anyway.

Work is underway on the former Blake House; a sign on the scaffolding reports that it is to be called The Dark Horse and will open at the end of the month. Looks like it will be a bar, rather than bar/restaurant as it was.

On the subject of bars, I haven’t been to Buddha Jazz yet, but reader Ken has and he is positive about it.

I’m off to make the most of this sunshine (from behind glass); enjoy your weekend!

Author: Peter

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8 thoughts on “Life’s better in the sun”

  1. It will be good to have Blake House back in action again. That building is perfectly suited to a bar/restaurant type establishment.

    Here is a link to the Black Sheep site with mention of the Dark Horse — — not a lot of details at the moment though.

  2. I believe it was Punch Taverns who acquired Blake House, so either Punch have sub-letted to Black Sheep (possible) or they must own them.

  3. I used to love the cube when it was Kut Klose, now though it’s rather intimidating, & those plastic seat are the most uncomfortable & impractical hairdressers seats I’ve ever had the misfortune to sit on.

  4. I stopped going to Kut Klose when it became the Cube because the new manager rather disdainfully refused my request for my usual bog standard gents’ dry haircut. And I was prepared to hand over 15 quid for the privilege! Bit too picky for my liking.

  5. I’ve gone off Cube as well. Sometimes they did a good job but more often I came out with a pretty dodgy haircut. Now I go to Michaels (or something like that) on Denmark Road. It’s much cheaper and really friendly.

  6. The exterior to the Dark Horse is finished. They’ve got the signs up and everything. I don’t think they did much work to the interior, so it’s probably about to open soon.

    It still says “Dining”, so maybe they’ve kept the restaurant. Let’s hope the prices aren’t as expensive as Blake House. Let’s also hope they don’t do that really annoying thing where they hand you your change on a silver salver. “Um, no, I don’t think I do want to give you a tip just for handing me my pint.” Hilariously, The Grove started doing that at one point, soon after Blake House opened, but they ended the practice quick-sharpish. They still do it at The Dispensary, though.

  7. Hey, I think they’re doing a good job at Cube hairdressers. At least Emile is very good! In fact I’ll go there tomorrow.

    p.s. the staff at the Castle opposite the Olive Shop has the same continental (?) habit of reminding you to tip.

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