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I know, I know… too much time between posts. I can only say ‘I’m sorry’, and thank my lucky stars that I have such a dedicated team leaving comments in previous posts. As I’ve said before, if anyone would like to step in with the occasional post in times when I’m absent, I’d be more than happy.

Plans for a meetup this Sunday (April 23rd) seem to have gone down like the proverbial lead balloon; as far as I can tell there were two in favour, one no, and one ‘maybe if I sneak away my boyfriend won’t notice’. I’m going to assume that the date was the sticking point, and not the idea itself, so I’ll suggest an alternative: how does Sunday 7 strike everyone? Show of hands, please.

Has anyone been to the Dark Horse yet?

Sorry, back with more later this week. I promise.

Author: Peter

Long-time resident of Camberwell, author of this blog since July 2004.

14 thoughts on “Mind the gaps”

  1. Well i’ve been to the Black Sheep — it’s ok if slightly hampered by a bit of a crap location!

    Sunday 7th sounds good for meeting up.

    Apparently there’s a local election on. Is everyone as baffled as me by it all — i have no idea who is standing for election in Camberwell Green ? Can anyone enlighten me cos most political parties seem to assume i live in Lambeth (another irritating thing about Camberwell those of us who live off Coldharbour Lane seem to exist in some sort of Administrative Black hole between Southwark and Lambeth)and have leafeted me about candidates who aren’t standing in my ward.

  2. Brunswick Park ward must be some sort of swing vote area as we’ve had loads of people round, Libdems mostly, talking about refurbing Camberwell leisure centre and the like. Labours key re-election issue seem to be that they aren’t going to cut back on vermin control… really reaching for the stars then.

  3. Yes, Brunswick Park ward is a very marginal one. The Libdems and Labour have both doorstepped us twice now and it’s beginning to get annoying.

    What I find repugnant is the two parties trying to make political capital out of the Peckham Pulse swimming pool saga. Just sort it out for f-‘s sake!

  4. my side of Camberwell New Road is in Lambeth and every leaftlet I’ve had seems to only talk about who will give me the lowest council tax. It would be nice to know once they’ve got the money what they actually plan on doing with it. A while ago I was also sent a consulation document about regeneration for the estate around the Myatts Field area. It all sounded quite positive but was essentially a whole load of questions no one could diagree with “do you agree that play areas are important for children” and that kind of thing. Still nice to know they have plans.

  5. Election update — well i got two leaflets yesterday for the right ward this time. One from Labour saying that the Lib Dems were too soft on crime and one from the Lib Dems saying that Labour would put my Council Tax up. So, your challenge should you choose to accept it is to find a council candidate that has a policy for Camberwell that goes beyond slagging off the opposition!

  6. I’ve found the same with the Brunswick Park ward — Labour seem especially bad at just slagging off the Lib Dems and offering little in the way of policy. While the Lib Dems slag off Labours last period in office. Thats modern politics for you!

    However Labours last period in office does sound pretty terrible — losing control of education for starters.

    Quite satisfying that the Tories dont even bother canvassing in our area!

    Our Wheely bin was stolen last night — so if any party offers to combat Wheely bin crime i’d vote for them! 😉

  7. Yes — there is a satisfying lack of Tories around — and even better, unlike many other London areas i have yet to see any BNP candidates in Camberwell — i hope it stays that way.

  8. Yea i can make the Dark Horse on the 7th! Will it be open? — not sure about the poo colour they have painted the exterior mind.

  9. Ben, here’s the answer to your police cordon enquiry — apparently gun shots were heard on Camberwell Grove but no body/injured person found.

  10. I’m not sure when it’s opening… still has whitewash on the windows to stop nosey sods like me snooping…

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