Could Camberwell have a tube station in 2009?

According to the plans, Denmark Hill is due to join up with the East London Line as Phase Two of the extension project — with Phase One not due to be completed until 2010. But according to the BBC News , the whole project is due to be completed in 2009, with the Line being shut entirely for the two previous years. Have the plans been changed? Or have the BBC got the wrong end of the stick, and only Phase One is due to be completed by then?

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Long-time resident of Camberwell, author of this blog since July 2004.

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  1. I suspected this on a previous post here about a couple of months ago — The East London Line will be run by the DLR owners or along very simular lines to guarantee reliability (DLR track record is very good and the new ELL will have new tracks and signalling so is in theory this should work) — Also the Silverlink/North London Line will probably be extended from Richmond via Wimbledon and Clapham Junction and through Denmark Hill to London Bridge with the option of maybe connecting South London (say Charlton or Woolwich Arsenal) with North Woolwich Station to create say a complete zone 2 boundary orbital service (check your overground services map — it’s would be very straightforward and relatively inexpensive option which would make a lot of sense)

  2. Even if the tube cometh, it will be hot, bothery and expensive. Edwardes has a fine selection of Shanks’s ponies. Mine was £59 and has saved me at least £2,000 in fares over 3 years. The Routemasters were great especially up top; the bendy buses are reptilian. But on a bike, you see the do of London and live the natural weather. I hope the tube comes but it may be quite taxing.

  3. I’m with you on Shanks’s pony, Dagmar; with the weather back to decent and no more excuses available, I’m back on the bicycle to and from work — 30 minutes either way, which is quicker than the equivalent train journey, and saves me almost £100 per month. Of course, having had a lengthy lay-off, I’m still in the stage where it knackers me out.

  4. I would say that the BBC got the wrong end of the stick, and they probably meant that it will be handed over once Phase One is complete — unless more money has been committed somehow. The article mentions the £1bn price tag, which has previously been quoted as the cost for Phase One alone.

    Phase One got commitment from the Treasury in the 2004 Comprehensive Spending Review, but the next Spending Review has been postponed to 2007 — so I’d be surprised if the government were to suddenly stump up more cash at this point. Of course, there’s an outside chance that TfL have managed to commit more money from their own budget, perhaps from a combination of fare hikes and a bond issue — but don’t hold your breath…

  5. I actually thought it meant walking, but don’t often get the chance to say “Shanks’s pony” because it makes me sound old. As someone else said it, I thought I’d join in the fun.

    By the way, a nice public thankyou to Edwardes bike shop on Camberwell Road; I got a flat tire on the way to work this morning, conveniently (fairly) close to Edwardes. They changed the inner tube and got me back on my way in under 10 minutes. Excellent.

  6. Maybe it would be an idea to get Lambeth & Southwark council and TFL together to promote more bike journeys from Camberwell — They could build a bike shelter/park simular to one in Finsbury Park which has been hugely successful both as a safe,secure place to leave the bike and because it’s near the station it works well as a park and ride type arrangement as well

  7. Yes, Simon & Peter, I am confusing a bicycle with an “Armitage Shanks”. I have to say I’ve had some laxative moments on my bike. “Your usual cubicle, Dagmar?” they say to me at King’s A&E. Once the ambulance took my bike there with me and I put it in my cubicle. Someone had been shot in Peckham and was all tubed-up waiting for an op, so I had to wait a long time. When the doc finally appeared he looked at the bike and said, “Your forks have gone.” “Good,” I said, “I was hoping you did repairs.” Wilson’s Cycles are even better, really, really good, 32 Peckham High Street. In my view they are better than Edwardes. They’re a father & son team who offer 1950s standards of service and repair — excellent.

  8. Am in total agreement re biking. It’s free and green!

    Would also like to lobby for better bike lanes on Camberwell New Road and Camberwell Rd/ Walworth Rd — they can both be a nightmare in rush hour.

    Would be nice to see councils fining car drivers for driving in cycle lanes as well — bugs the arse off me when there’s some idiot trying to turn a single lane road into two by blocking the bike lane. Grrr.

    Also, is there any way bendy bus drivers can be given special training to notice cyclists? Maybe a pavlovian technique could be used. Perhaps by having a cyclist stand next to the drivers in their cabs to punch them every time they cut up a fellow cyclist?

  9. I wonder if I’ve passed any of you biking readers on my travels; you’d recognise me, I’m the red-faced cyclist being overtaken by everyone else.

  10. i have a working interest in the ELL phase 2. GLA assembly pose a questio yo mayor in lat few months, his comment then was that no decision would be taken until after 2012. however, a further consultation round is underway with a question of when it will be deliveerd not if. working with engineers on a project we believe some of the key decisions will be made summer 2007, and that delievry will be scheduled for 2016 or so.….more as we uncover it later

  11. I am not from Camberwell but the trip to buy a folding bike showed me what a fantastic bike shop Edwardes is. I arrived late on a December Saturday — and — to save my skin they had fitted a set of lights before I even arrived — complimentary! Thank you, Gary and team. What a fabulous shop!

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