A bit gruesome this, but when I was in the Cadeleigh Arms last night I was told a story about one of the regulars. This man — by all accounts, not the most pleasant or well-liked of men, barred from the pub on occasion — hadn’t been seen for a while. It appeared he’d just dropped off the face of the Earth. The police had been informed and had asked questions of the regulars but had no luck in tracing him. Five months or so since he’d last been seen, neighbours began to complain of the smell coming from his flat. I think you can guess what happened next…

Finally, the police decided to break down his door and see if their suspicions were correct; they were. They found his body in the flat, five months dead. Suicide appeared to be the cause.

What a terrible life, to have no-one sufficiently worried about you that your disappearance is noted. Five months he lay dead, and he was barely missed. This happened right across the road from me.

Author: Peter

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  1. I dunno. To have nobody concerned about your whereabouts for five whole months is really going out of your way. Maybe this guy wanted it that way. Or maybe he was a total bastard. We have no way of knowing.

  2. I used to drink in the Anchor & Hope on the corner of Addington Square. There was a story with every pint, there…

  3. On Friday a man collapsed on the pavement opposite The Sun and Doves at 3.15pm and died. He was there for about half an hour.

    A man who was with him tried to stop other people — passers-by — from helping him; he seemed to think they were trying to harm his friend.

    The analogy is only that it was tragic and unnecessary as well…

    It’s the way it is. It’s not the way it should be.

  4. I can’t help but be reminded of a line the great Bill Hicks said — “I’m sick of all this backslapping ain’t humanity great bullshit, I’m tired of it — basically we’re just a virus in a pair of shoes,that’s all we are”

  5. Those drinking “schools”, Mark, as I believe they are called, who hang around Coldharbour Lane, are frightening. I was pedalling past once and a man began to try and kick the life out of a woman. His comrades dragged him off after 4 or 5 really sickening kicks. Sometimes, I agree, Eusebiovic, unless you want to become worried, it’s best to remember the immortal line, “Forget it, Jake — it’s Chinatown.” (“… it’s Camberwell.”)

  6. I remember something similar happening in Bedminster, South Bristol, when I was studying there in 99 (I think). Two guys who used to drink in the same pub all the time, but had a lifelong hatred of each other, ended up both returning to one of the guys flats one night after a drinking session (in the same tower block that was was used for external shots of Nelson Mandela Towers in Only Fools and Horses, apparently).

    Neither of them were seen after that, and eventually the police were notified. I don’t know the details, but once they’d broken into the flat, they found both of the two dead.

  7. Dagmar — Good point but sometimes I despair,I really do — but as we know all too well on every occasion the masses get close to enlightenment it’s taken away almost as soon as it dawned on them by the usual dark forces who pretend they are helping…

    By the way — Chinatown an absolutely sublime film — cinema rarely reaches such perfection

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