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  1. It’s certainly seen better days that place — I ventured once, but never returned again (blame it on the gut rot) — I think Walworth Road is one of the few places where the Spoon “Caffs” continue to thrive and there are some much better ones along there than anything Eddies can be bothered to serve…

  2. I have just had an interesting morning in pursuit of a greasy spoon.

    First I went to Seymours. They took our order — for three breakfasts — then casually turned up with only one plate of fried goodness. Expecting another to emerge from the kitchen at any moment, we patiently waitied. And waited. It became apparent that there had been some sort of mistake. So we decided to let the waitress know when she came over to ask how things were going, if we were enjoying our food etc. If this didn’t happen, we reasoned, we would go elsewhere.

    We fully expected someone to notice that three people were sitting at a cafe, with only one eating. The scene was even more odd as I was with my parents, and the two blokes were sitting watching the little lady wolf down a fry up. But no.

    So we went to the jungle, where the food is decent spoony fayre, the service is quick and attentive and the prices are low. Everybody’s a winner.

    The moral of the story: if you want any kind of level of service whatsoever, don’t go to Seymours.

  3. I went to Seymour’s on Saturday for an omelette. Our waitress was very nice and friendly, although a little shaky (perhaps from the night before).

  4. I remember visiting Rose’s Brittania Cafe on Camberwell Road a few times in the past — it still looks pretty well looked after although I haven’t been there for a while now…

  5. I still have a Wimpy on the odd occasion, although the one on Walworth Road used to be a lot better than it is now… If only McDonalds and Burger King had never darkened these shores and Wimpy had remained king!!!

  6. I was walking down Denmark Hill this morning and noticed the shop on the north west corner at the junction with Coldharbour Lane is being refurbished, I also noticed a temporary sign outside for Subway Sandwiches. Can it be true? And just after that new independent sandwich shop opened just up the road.

  7. Yes, there is a Subway opening on the corner of Coldharbour Lane/Denmark Hill (if only it was a tube station) — I hope it doesn’t put the new cafe by the Willow out of business — they have really made an effort…

  8. Great; Subway. While I’m kind of happy that big business has noticed us, I’m dismayed that it’s yet another crappy takeaway chain.

  9. As chains go — it is one of the better options. Anybody remember the huge (ahem) bruhaha about the man who lost tons of weight by only eating certain Subway sandwiches?

  10. It’s still fast food — and it’s still penal gland’s in a bun to maximise shareholder profit — end of story…

  11. It’s rubbish.

    It’s typical — and it distorts the market — the rent is 22K a year. What independent can afford that? It just encourages more and more crap to come and keeps small people out.

  12. Another closure I have noticed is the British Raj, formerly Zaras Kitchen. Shame to lose places but this did go downhill a bit after its transformation from Zaras. And the neon lighting in there was weird… made my head spin after too long in there.

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