Jamaican patties, Greek olives, etc…

Before making the ultimately futile journey to a friend’s house to watch England crash out of the World Cup on Saturday, my wife and I passed by the Arts & Crafts Fair on Camberwell Green.

There were a number of stalls with… well, arts & crafts items. Not much for a man like myself, with simple tastes, but quite a few nice geegaws and trinkets for those of a more flamboyant bent, I’d imagine. I hope it was a success as I’d like to see the idea expand, to take on the aspects of the Camberwell Fair from days of yore. Failing that, to at least be a bit more like Greenwich market. Still, a good start and a decent turnout for it, so fingers crossed.

One thing I’d have liked to see more of would be food (no jokes please, from those that have met me); there was a cream tea shop, but a few stalls selling foods from the many cultures represented in our corner of the world would have been welcome. Or maybe I’m just saying that because I hadn’t had any breakfast.

A few pictures here, here and here.

Author: Peter

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9 thoughts on “Jamaican patties, Greek olives, etc…”

  1. yes, food would have been lovely (obviously!)- actually who do we need to speak to in order to get a farmers’ market on the green once a month- that would be truely fab!

    on the subject of food I went to the new chinese restaurant on the walworth road, Now I appreciate that it is more Elephant than Camberwell, but it was thoroughly enjoyable, beautiful surroundings, lovely food & in-obtrussive service. It was also doing a roaring trade!

  2. One year at the art college degree show, there was an enterprising chap, spliffed up I think, selling 6″ tall china figurines he’d made, like you’d see in Catholic churches in Italy, of saints. They were great, with the name of the “saint” on the base. I bought Hendrix, Marley, Zappa and Lennon.

  3. Jay Raynor in the Guardian gave that restaurant a very good review. Apparently if you are very persistent you can get hold of an ‘alternative’ menu usually only given to Chinese punters with all kinds of gastronomic wonders inside.

  4. Breaking (if off topic) news! walked past the Dark Horse this morning and the gas board are finally sorting it out…

    Oh and do you think anyone at Seymour’s wonders why they’re so quiet? try opening earlier! It must be lovely, working those sort of hours!

  5. The British gas is for the lager. Or for the fast-talking web designers, so they can say things like “Can I get a Coors?” Can I get. Can I get. That’s how they talk these days in places like the Dark Horse. I myself will be next door in the Hermits, grumbling into my ale.

    Listen, I’m just filling in while news of the Forum meeting is being typed up.

  6. I have dissolved in my own bile. However, today is a new day and I am searching the world’s excellent websites for “What really happened with Zinedine Zidane?” The latest is that Matterarsi called him a “terrorist”. He has won the Golden Ball award anyway. I hope to rise from my pool of bile, too, like a swan.

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