White is not right?

I’m back from France and forced to the George Canning for the use of their wireless internet, as my home connection has been unavailable for 2 weeks now (don’t use Bulldog Broadband). I may have a Guinness while I am here.

So I come back to stories of race hatred in the parks and gardens of Camberwell; was that what the march through the streets was about, which delayed my taxi so horribly yesterday?

Lots of things to comment on, no time to do them justice now. More tomorrow.

Author: Peter

Long-time resident of Camberwell, author of this blog since July 2004.

2 thoughts on “White is not right?”

  1. Welcome back, matey — as you will see, I tried to organise a palace coup while you were away, but it didn’t work, so your jewels are where you left them.

  2. I have emailed Southwark Council about the preaching of racial hatred in Lucas Gardens. I wonder how seriously they will take it. Unfortunately, you have to give your name and address when lodging a complaint. I am amazed they sanction the preaching of racial hatred to anyone, let alone kids, and exclusive, intimidating usage of their public parks by hate groups. Did Southwark need to let them broadcast it over a wide area on a loud p.a. system? Do they want Reparations Day back in Lucas Gardens? I expect they do want all these things. We will see.

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