Leaving on a jet plane

I’m off on holiday again; feel free to run amok in the comments. Back on Sunday 10th.

Author: Peter

Long-time resident of Camberwell, author of this blog since July 2004.

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  1. Have a good one, Peter. Now, Amanda, something good has happened: the mushrooms have appeared in Lucas Gardens. Me and Rosie (3) circumnavigated the whole park this morning (and exorcised it — yes, we have “got a life” or rather got that part of it back) passing by the “mushroom house” which is a large holly tree which they grow beneath. There was a mushroom about 5 inches across with a 2‑inch stalk. I went back to photograph it — as I got there, there were three magpies pecking at it. I ran at them and they scattered, but you have to admire their foraging ways. I normally blame the mushrooms’ quick destruction on those nature-loving people with carrier bags and colour supplements who nick ’em for their cuisine.

    Tomorrow, we’ll go and see the Tour of Britain just across the river. They make a terrfific “whoosh” as they go past. There’s no other sound like it.

  2. Just to say the This weeks Time Out has not one but two items of local interest this week.

    1. A article about the state of Camberwell Baths
    2. An article about Elephant and Castle shopping centre.

    Don’t all rush at once!

  3. Southwark Life free mag has a feature “Up Your Street”. I thought, oh no, Lord Henry and Carstairs have penned this. It begins: “With its pleasure gardens and zoo, Walworth…” but then says this was in Georgian times.

  4. Southwark Life free mag has a feature “Up Your Street”. I thought, oh no, Lord Henry and Carstairs have come up with this. It begins: “With its pleasure gardens and zoo, Walworth…” but then says this was in Georgian times.

  5. Whoops, sorry, am feeling a bit humid today. Had a farewell drink with a friend last night who has left Camberwell after 25 years to go and live in Hampstead Garden Suburb.

  6. I saw the Southwark life article too…The little drawing of how Walworth is ‘supposed’ to look when they’ve finished developing is very attractive…And unlikely.

    Anyway, my brother and his wife are over from Australia and I want to take them on a Camberwell pub crawl on Thursday, think we will work our way down in this order taking in :

    - The Castle
    — Hermits Cave (even though I don’t like it)
    — Dark Horse
    — Funky Munky
    — Sun and Doves

    Then a meal either in Mozz Pom or Safa. Should all be good alcoholic fun.

    Amanda x

  7. You could fit in a half in the Silver Buckle. (See “Stab in the dark” thread). Asking for a half in the Buckle — the whole place would go quiet, like a saloon in a western. But then maybe other people would pipe up, “Hey! Gimme a half, too!” You would be the toast of the blog, Amanda!

  8. BREAKING NEWS!!! (Well quite recent anyway…)

    Mayor Of London Ken Livingstone, to announce new orbital tube link that will connect The East London Line Extension with The North London Line (Silverlink at the moment) — It will be ready by 2010 and will include the Clapham Junction branch which…drum roll please — passes through Denmark Hill!!! — Okay we still need The Cross River Tram and maybe Camberwell Station (behind Bus Garage) re-opened but it’s a start!!! — What does everybody else think?

  9. Yay! Well it’s start i suppose, but doesn’t really do much for those of us down the bottomm of the hill who don’t use Denmark Hill Station at the moment — would we be more likely to make the trek if it linked to the East London line i wonder? Probably not, seeing as it would still be quicker and cheaper to get the bus to most destinations if you live in and around Camberwell Green.

    Also the North London Line is horrible and is one of the worst trainlines in London for delays, breakdowns and attacks on passengers.

  10. The line from Surrey Quays through Denmark Hill to Clapham Junction has been talked about as an extension to the East London Line for some time. Currently this is the only part of the Overground ‘orbital’ with no funding.

    As the rest of the line is due for completion in 2010 I wouldn’t hold your breath but at least it looks like it will happen.

    There’s a map at

    I hope they make the entrance to the staion a bit bigger.

  11. Joe Damage — Apparently all stations will be getting an upgrade and lick of paint where needed including new entrances and ticket barriers…

  12. But who wants to go to East or North London anyway? I’m happy here, twiddling my thumbs, drinking my port, watching my Monte Hellman double-bill (RIDE IN THE WHIRLWIND/THE SHOOTING).

    As Henry David Thoreau said, “People are rushing from A to B. But what is there in B that you can’t find in A?”

  13. LH — Good Point, the only thing about South London is maybe our high streets aren’t quite as well presented as those in North London…but they are more vibrant…

  14. One of my neighbours has flown to Rwanda today to do VSO for two years. Another has relocated to Athens, Greece.

    “Sometimes I get this crazy dream
    That I just drive off in my car.
    But you can travel ten thousand miles and still stay where you are…”

    Harry Chapin, W*O*L*D

  15. You are so showing your age, Dagmar, quoting Harry Chapin! Some of the bloggers won’t know who he is (I do) or what a one hit one wonder he was!

  16. I mentioned in a previous posting that there was to be a reggae version of Radiohead’s OK Computer, released by The Easy Star All-Stars. I eventually got it this weekend and what a hoot. They’ve called it Radiodread.
    Those familiar with OK Computer will get a real kick out of the Fitter Smarter, Happier, Stephen Hawking track. Only £9.99 too!

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