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Two weeks between posts… my apologies. I have no excuse. I was enjoying watching the comments counter creep ever higher, however.

Debate is raging as to whether or not the Funky Munky is any good. When I was planning to move back here two years ago, I used the Munky as bait to impress my wife; “Look how cool it is here! Young, funky people drinking continental lagers!”. Since then, however, I don’t think we’ve been back once; I use the Cadeleigh for football, the S&D for the garden and food, the Grove/BRB for pizza (although that’s gone now),  the occasional foray to the Castle, Old Dispensary or George Canning for variety, but mostly it’s the convenience of the Phoenix (both my wife and I catch trains that arrive there at similar hours; plus, their selection of beers is great).

I’m sorry, I don’t have anything else to post about.

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Long-time resident of Camberwell, author of this blog since July 2004.

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  1. off message perhaps (was there one?) but can anyone tell me whether the camberwell LEAF community orchard still exists and if so where it is? i fancy doing a bit of scrumping (well, picking blackberries for crumble anyway).


  2. You must surely venture a little further afield, even occasionally. Brixton, Herne Hill (ganleys great for the irish sports, what can i say, my partner is a wexford fan), East Dulwich, Bellenden, Peckaham?
    A huge catalogue of places to go with their own strengths and weaknesses.

    Mind you i tend to end up at the George Canning because its a 2 minute walk too.

    And the munkey suffices for the right occasion, but that’s about it.

  3. had a lovely quiet few beers in the dispensary last night. good bangers and mash too. shame the place is always 70% empty (though i was grateful last night) i sometimes wonder how Greg has managed to stay afloat.

    Peter, not taken Dagmar up on her offer of a return to the buckle yet? that may widen your horizons..

  4. i also was really into funky munky when i first moved to the area, not been there much recently tho’. i love the Hermit’s Cave and the Joiners Arms for boozin’, S&D for its truly lovely beer garden and i’m a big fan of Mozzerella and Pomodoro (cheese and tomato!) for a treat meal with Mrs Squidder.

  5. I ve just discovered the Prince of Wales on Knatchbull Street (on corner with Denmark Street near Myatts Fields) which seems to be a good local pub and its got great potential.

    Although currently menu and drinks (especially wine) selection is not the greatest with a bit of investment from the new licensee it could be really good and would be great for sitting outside at on a summers day. Having two bars it is able to separate off the football from the general pub. Thorough recommend visiting it!

  6. I used to live on Knatchbull Rd, and we only went to the PoW once; it was a typical sticky-carpet boozer, the likes of which are on the wane nowadays. Whenever we wanted a drink we would walk to the S&D.

  7. yeah, the prince of wales! i’d forgoten about that place. when i lived on theTruly Horrible Lilford Road i went to the Prince of wales a few times. it was always pretty quiet but the staff were friendly etc. it’s had a refit to try to put it more in the “nice-pub” bracket, rather than the “boozer” bracket. shame it’s a bit out the way really, it’d do well if it had more passing trade.

  8. More on the ‘POW’…As squidder says it had a make-over a year or so back. Really rather nice with some quality artwork with a Camberwell theme on the walls, wood floors replacing the “sticky-carpet”, & leather sofas. Certainly some significant investment went into this. All seemed to be going well…Sky on the Plasma…Quizz nights…even free food (!) but I guess the Landlord got a cheesed-off having to eject drunken chavs (I have actually witnessed this) on a too regular basis. Anyway, for whatever reason, he’s up and left. Not sure about the new regime but my brief impression informed by a couple of visits is that it’s going downhill again, subscription to Sky cancelled. But if your are looking for a comfortable and quiet evening it’s worth a try. Just don’t wander too far afield on leaving after dark, unless your armed that is.

  9. Tadim’s for breakfast and lunch, Mozzarelle e pomodoro and Safa for dinner, Lamoon for takeaways, Hermit’s Cave for boozing and crackhead harassment if you sit outside.

  10. That was no crackhead, that was my wife. As Frankie Howerd said, “It’s cruel to mock the afflicted.”

    bukowski — do you really get up at 6.01 in the morning, or were you up all night drinking like your namesake? I hope for your sake it’s the latter, sir, as the former is a cause for despair!

  11. Returning to the POW I reckon it’s got great potential to be a gastropub — with all the large houses on Flodden Road, Calais Road and the other roads around Myatts Field and its great location near the park I would have thought there are lots of potential customers for gastropub services.

    The other drinkers who are displaced (and there never seems to be more than five or six when I go in) can I’m sure find other venues for drinking — the Robin Hood and Little John on Denmark Road, the Hero of Switzerland on Loughborough Road or the Paulet Arms on Paulet Road for example all of which look like drinking pubs and scare me when I walk past

  12. Therapia, Mundania… The petrol station on Peckham Road is doing some strong screwcap Aussie red wine at half price. The label on the back is signed by a doctor, Dr Henry Lindeman.

    The wine is packed with reveratrol, the polyphenol antioxidant that is also an antifungal chemical found in the knotweeds that are invading the railway line embankments. Reveratrol is a stilbenoid, a derivative of stilbene, which comes from the Greek “shining” — it’s found in dyes and is also good against neuronal cell dysfunction and cell death. It’s jolly good stuff.

    Therapia and Mundania are names from the Crimean War and of streets near the Rye. Mundania Street is a bit boring, Therapia Street is mad. The area is surrounded by the ineffable hush of cemeteries.

    Anyway, instead of rushing into the Bickleigh last night and declaring, “The Princess Dagmar has been reinterred! Give me vodka! I want to get langers!” I took “The Shining” instead and, lo and behold, today the Bickleigh is up for sale!

    I looked on the web for details but could only find a March 2005 entry on Camberwell Online. So I rang the agents Symon Smith in north London and they could tell me that it’s on the market, vacant possession, for £750,000 + VAT.

    The pub could be the answer to all my woes.

    One floor could be a progressive primary school, two floors could be our home and the ground floor could be a pub. I’d just have to fall down the stairs to get to the pub.

    This would obviate the need for looking for a home in the Therapia, Mundania area where you can hear the skeletons rattling away at night, dancing and chugging screwcap wine to alleviate cell death.

  13. Amy — Interesting to hear good things about the Prince of Wales — I’ve lived on Denmark Road for a couple of years and I think it’s my closest pub (well, actually my nearest pub is the Rose and Thistle, but since I’m quite fond of all my limbs and like my teeth in a straight line I’ve never been in there). It used to look extremely dodgy, but after the refit it’s looking pretty good — I must persuade my flatmates to try it out…
    Where’s the Robin Hood and Little John — it sounds vaguely familiar but can’t quite place it. I “know” the Hero of Switzerland having run past it a few times (in an exercise-type way as opposed to being pursued by Authority) — always good for posting an especially fast time, since the sooner I get away from it the better.….

  14. Lord Henry — The real answer is not so exciting.
    I woke up at 4 and couldn’t sleep so farted about online until I was ready for bed — think that was about 6:02

  15. Lib — yeah definitely check out the PoW, it’s worth a visit. the Robin hood and Little John is on lilford road toward the coldharbour road end. while i’ve never been in there i walked past it every day for about 18months, i’d say it’s probably pretty horrible. it looks a lot like the Walworth road Castle or the hero of switzerland if that helps. (ie YIKES!)

  16. The head of Peckham Academy was on the Today programme this morning, did anyone hear it? The school closed early one day last because of the gun-shooting threat just as Mark said. A Peckham woman spoke more sense than him, less spin. She said there’d always been gang trouble in Peckham since she was a little girl. The trouble that closed the school was between the Peckham Boys and Lewisham Boys, she said. Damilola Taylors killers were waiting to join the oversubscribed Peckham Boys, I think. A woman was on the programme talking about “issues”. I wonder, was that Camilla?

    I saw a bicycle mugging gang in operation on Camberwell Grove early yesterday evening and do not advise any woman to walk alone anywhere round there until the “issue” has been dealt with.

  17. Did you tell the police about the muggers Dagmar? Hope so. It’s one thing for girls on their own to avoid our streets after closing time, but early evening? On Camberwell Grove??

    I look forward to Rio’s sensitive documentary on Damilola. Can’t think of a more suitable person. Ahem. Maybe it will start with the words “I f***ing legged it from the hood as soon as I could…”

  18. Rumours that Lee Bowyer is to present a documentary about the murder of Stephen Lawrence are, as yet, unsubstantiated.

    On a lighter note, I perambulated through Myatt’s Fields today and was delighted to find that two of the three tennis courts have been refurbished, and they’ve even constructed a practice area on one of the new courts.

    My predilection for the game of course began in earnest with the arrival onto the scene of the fragrant Billie-Jean King, and has grown, tumescently, ever since. In fact I was once a member of Wimbledon Tennis Club until they decided to let all the riff-raff in.

    I burned my membership card one wintry autumn afternoon, along with incriminating photographs of myself and June Whitfield, and various papers relating to the Third Secret of Fatima.

    Ah, where are the snows of yesteryear, hey?

  19. “Ou sont les neiges d’antan?” Ubi sunt? Ubi? Many fellows, I believe, were rather taken by Virginia Wade. Billie-Jean was tough. Still is.

    I wish I were tougher sometimes. I should have called the police, Copeywolf. I had no phone on me. The boys on bikes were swirling towards a black woman walking up Grove Lane, not the Grove as I mistakenly said, looking, my prejudices suggested to me, like a careworker, maybe in on old people’s home, on a small wage, which the boys were about to relieve her of. I didn’t know what the outcome was — she was probably OK. Grove Lane, especially the alleyway past the BRB, is notorious for young boy gang muggings. It really made my blood boil. I thought, sharia law — maybe it’s not such a bad thing.

    Old Rio Ferdinand may not be the coolest role model, but “something must be done” about getting the boys to feel more like men rather than rats in packs.

  20. You see, Dagmar, when you said “bicycle mugging gang”, I had images of cyclists being hauled off their bikes, and the bikes then skedaddled with. Which sounds like a scene out of MAD MAX II. These are the dangers of ambiguous syntax.

    Is the alleyway by the BRB really notorious for muggings? I’ve never been bothered, and I’ve lived here for 25 years. Even when I’ve been off my head on 10 Kirins and numerous quantities of cocaine.

    But then again, in the interests of full disclosure, I am built like a brick shithouse and I brandish a molucca cane at every opportunity.

  21. Everything is going putrid in South London lately — Brixton Shootings,Peckham Gang Fights In Schools — and I thought we’d turned the corner but it looks like the morons are back in town and worst than ever — What chances that the annual slaying/violent incident outside Camberwell Green McDonalds will be next…surely it’s due around this time?

  22. We need the Forum to shout about this, as well as bugging the powers that be individually. We’re good at putting up with a lot here, and this doesn’t do us any favours sometimes.

  23. Uncharitable as this sounds, if there was going to be a shooting, what better a place than McDonalds for it to happen in. If we all go out and get guns and then go brandishing them in all the local branches, people will be too frightened to go in them, business will suffer, they will all close and, hey — we have our high streets back!
    I shouldn’t really post this, I know.

  24. Oh dear. What’s going on? Shootings anywhere is very bad. For everyone and everything. Being in McDonald’s is as public as being in a bus queue. Imagine what it feels like to work there when this kind of thing can kick off at any moment.

    The Forum will SHOUT when it can… it needs a bit of time. There’s a lot going on behind the scenes but it’s not in a position to really hammer tables yet. It needs momentum, a bigger mebership, at least a half time administrator before it can get stroppy. Even though I believe it should have happened years ago it will not happen overnight.

    We’ve been too polite for too long around here.

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