At the heart of the global media sphere

Note: I wrote this on Saturday morning, then lost half the post in a freak accident. It took me this long to reconstruct it; judge for yourself if it was worth the effort.

Good morning! Plenty of mentions of Camberwell in the global media today.

The south London shit spreader has been remanded in custody. The BBC say he caused £20,000 worth of damage, the South London Press says £60,000. Either way, that’s a lot of poo damage. I quite enjoyed the SLP’s description of his modus operandi:

Waiting until carriages are empty, he emerges from the toilet to spread the excrement on seats and walls. He then slips away.

It makes him sound like The Shadow, only stinkier.

Camberwell Green magistrate’s court is trialling a new ‘rapid justice’ system. OK, this doesn’t really affect us, but it’s nice to know we’re leading in something.

Dolly the sheep (not the clone, the Bonkersfest! escapee) has joined in the campaign to save the emergency clinic at the Maudsley. I met a man in the Dark Horse on Friday night who would have benefited from the clinic, and I dare say the south London shit spreader would too.

The owners of a local post office celebrate 25 years, and point out the value of local shops in the supermarket era. But I don’t know where Crosswaite Avenue is.

And an interview with a tramp who once got hit by a bus at Camberwell Green.

Once again, the media planet revolves around our sun.

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  1. Crossthwaite (correct spelling!) post office is my local PO, it’s the red post hill end of Denmark hill towards St Faith’s Church.

    It’s actually in some way connected to the Newsagent on Camberwell church Street, as Sam who works on Church Street sometimes works in the Crossthwaite one!

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