Fatal incident

There’s one of those yellow police signs at the junction of Grove Lane and Champion Park appealing for witnesses to a fatal incident that took place at 9.13am on Wednesday 29th November. My assumption is that it was a car accident, but has anyone heard otherwise?

Author: Peter

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8 thoughts on “Fatal incident”

  1. The police who had shut off the road told my girlfiend that some poor old guy had had a heart attack at the wheel and crashed his car. I don’t think any pedestrians were involved.

  2. I think I walked past just after they shut the road off. One car had gone into the walls that go around the Salvation Army building, and another had gone into the back of that.

  3. I crashed into the Hermits Cave last night after lunch in Soho and a session at Gerry’s. Soho is so franchised. The Cave and Gerry’s each have people themes of their own which are unfranchisable.

  4. All quite on the camberwellonline front. Very cheap christmas decorations at the pound shop, a pound even, if only I could shake the feeling that someone got paid a pound for a days work making them…

  5. A pound (or 99p as it is in Camberwell) is a lot of money in China and even more in North Korea where they don’t even have the chance to make our baubles at all.

  6. I was just trying to keep the thread going, as they say in the textile factories of China. You don’t find China wanting to invade Iraq. They just work. And at this rate, a pound will be a lot of money here in a few years time. It is just human nature to outsource bauble manufacture to where it can be done cheaper. Workers in China should be paid European rates, I agree. But then there are more Rolls-Royces in Shanghai than anywhere else in the world, burble-burble, bauble-bauble… Thank goodness there’s a new thread!

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