Happy Snow Day!

View from my bedroom window

Few sights are as glorious as a blanket of snow. Alright, 3cm isn’t exactly a blanket, but it was enough to make me happy this morning as I flung open my curtains to look at the lovely, crisp snow — before it turns into a vile grey slush later.

I took my camera out and took a few snaps from my window and on the way to Denmark Hill; if any other Flickr-using readers did the same, can they please tag their photos “se5 snow” so we can see them all together?

I hereby declare today to be Snow Day, the funnest day in the history of Springfield Camberwell!

Author: Peter

Long-time resident of Camberwell, author of this blog since July 2004.

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  1. Do you live in gairloch road Peter? I am house hunting and saw a house there (no.26 i think) yesterday. Giving it some serious thought.

  2. £375,000 for that house on Gairloch Road seems very reasonable, maybe because it’s through Shannon, the old-fashioned Camberwell estate agent. I mean, that house on Shenley Road just round the corner would be £75,000. What do you think, Peter?

    The people in all those streets round there seem as smiley as anyone in East Dulwich, because they’re sitting on piles of money, especially if they’ve been there a long time.

  3. I got some lovely pictures this morning at dawn, as I went for the camera before breakfast. They’re not online, though.

    Thanks to those who recommended doctor’s surgeries, by the way — I am now happily registered.

  4. @Peter — Perhaps it is, perhaps it isn’t. All we can be sure of is a burgeoning middle class solely reliant on their own upwards house price movement for social mobility, who will never find out the answer to that question.

  5. There’s a 3‑bedder house on Gairloch Road on homesandproperty.co.uk for £375,000 but it says it’s sold…

  6. Donald Shannon is a bit of a cult figure in our house (also a bargain through him). He runs a tight ship. Oh yes and the snow is lovely.

  7. I certainly won’t put my house on with them then. I have no interest in offloading for a bargain price!

    Foxtons are opening on Lordship Lane soon. Usually when they open they do an initial round of 0% commission sales and as everyone knows they really inflate their asking prices.

    I have pound signs in my eyes at the prospect.

  8. AAaagh! I would highly recommend Shannons — they have great experience, local knowledge, and are very friendly. Besides everyone knows that Foxtons are evil / manipulative / torture small animals, etc. They are the Starbucks of the property world.

  9. When I sell my house I am only interested in getting the maximimum return possible.

    The last thing I want is to read on here that someone’s been crowing about what a bargain they got off me.

    When I buy a house then I may consider Shannons. It seems they have their business model arse about face.

  10. £375,000 is a lot of money, Peter, but not these days for a newly done-out house up the hill there, where there’s a great view of London, the streets are quiet, the houses are solid, the people are varied and uniformly happy to inhabit that area of Camberwell. I mean, if it weren’t for the railway, it’d be part of Grove Park.

    I believe the streets are named after eminent lawyers who once made it m’learned friends’ preferred nesting grounds. Lord Lyndhurst could have posted on this blog as “Lord Lyndhurst”.

    There will be no justice, however, till everyone is housed as handsomely as the people of the gently contoured roads Gairloch, Oswyth, Linnell, Shenley, Crofton (which its interesting kink halfway down), Talfourd and Bushey Hill, where there are more and more book-lined rooms appearing amongst the satellite dishes.

    It’s good to see the books. Maybe some are by that mad radical William Cobbett, who complained that Denmark/Herne Hill was just two miles of stock jobbers. In fact he grumbled that between outskirts like ours and the great Wen (his word) there was little but houses and gardens for “the Jews and jobbers and the mistresses and bastards”. Let the good times roll!

  11. Is there really such a thing as a good estate agent? Aren’t they all, yes, every single one of the jumped up parasites, utter C**ts?

  12. bukowski333: seldom has a more indisputably accurate statement been made in the history of humanity. Thank You. Socrates, maybe even Sophocles, would be proud of you.

  13. Happy Snow Day?! The Evening Standard was talking about ‘Snow Chaos’ Today! It’s like the Christmas we didn’t have and the end of the world rolled into one! (as long as your definition of the end of the world consists of the weather being a bit different).

  14. Ola, dona Vilma! Nevou um pouquinho no ano passado, mas o chao era molhada demais e a neve nao ficou. Ultima vez que ficou branco assim foi em fevereiro de 2005. Um abraco pra todo mundo ai!

  15. On another note…

    I have a weekly 5 a side game down at Camberwell leisure centre. We arrived there this week to discover that we couldn’t play because of wind damage to the roof. They ‘couldn’t say’ how long it would take to fix.

    Anyone have an inside on this?

  16. Richie, how much do you pay for the 5‑a-side? It’s for an hour, I take it? Are there changing rooms?

  17. It’s an hour, there are changing rooms and a shower that I’ve never been tempted to use. I think it was about £32 for the hour but I’m not chief organiser.

    Last week we ended up playing on Ruskin Park. Jumpers for goal posts and rush goalie. Brilliant.

  18. Alan, do you have a plasma TV playing the Extreme Sports Channel, a green mini and a fridge full of Perrier water? Just wondering.

  19. Steady on with use of the word brilliant… I ended up getting a stitch and nearly vomited on my shoes.

    Popped by this morning and they’re still closed (and still without cash tills…) due to ‘health and safety’

    It is £32 an hour, or fractionally less if you’re a ‘Fusion Member’ and the changing rooms are as old school as you get, it hasn’t been redone in decades…

  20. Joe — I don’t work for Foxtons- I am a professional gambler.

    I have a 28″ Sony cathode ray tube television probably playing tellytubbies or Pablo the little red fox, a new Jag, an old Jag and a fridge full of unwanted vegetarian leftovers.

    This is a good ‘getting to know you’ game- anyone else willing to answer the TV, car and fridge quiz?

  21. 28″ Toshiba widescreen cathode ray usually playing Sopranos box-sets.

    No car, but two bicycles, one for the city and one for hurling myself down the biggest hills I can find in the countryside.

    A fridge that currently contains a spicy portuguese chorizo, a bottle of champagne and two bottles of San Miguel. I need to go shopping.

  22. 15″ LG lcd tv, shortly being upgraded to something i can see from my sofa. no car or bike, and a fridge full of ignored veg and a well used block of cheese. and two fish cakes (slightly past their sell-by date)

  23. an enormous 52″ TV (a house clearance job that’s never quite worked), no car or bike (Richie had mine nicked from his work…) and a bottle of beer, some pesto and a very elderly Vegetable Slice that a thoughtless vegan brought to a party once…

  24. I used to live in Brixton in a flat in a school conversation. Spent all of 2005 trying to sell it with ‘nice’ estate agents result: failure.
    Got Evil Foxtons on the job, they sold it immediately at a higher price that the nice estate agents were going to get …
    Further result: able to buy nice house in Camberwell …

  25. Exactly.

    Foxtons are going to float soon. I will definitely be investing some of my winnings with them.

  26. dickdotcom

    “I used to live in Brixton in a flat in a school conversation”

    I reckon this could be the basis of a new Charlie Kaufman film. Imagine it: no one seems to be interested in this abstract concept of buying a property that only exists in a conversation at a school until a ‘Milo Minderbender’ character working for Foxtons manages to convince people of its true worth. Fantastic.

    TV: 15″ Grundig CRT TV that I never watch.

    CAR: No car, had both Vespa and bicycle stolen from my garage.

    FRIDGE: Wine (rose and white), beer, tonic water, chicken, vegetables (various), fruit (various), oyster sauce, fish sauce, mint sauce, jerk seasoning, chili sauce, maple syrup, olives, jam (strawberry and fig), eggs, cheese (assorted varieties), quince jelly, capers, gravy, hummus, Christmas pudding, milk, fruit juice, fruit smoothie, cream, butter, nuts (assorted varieties), yogurt (Greek, mint and rhubarb), rice, baked beans, pitta bread and an eye mask. That’s all I can remember.

  27. Exactly, Joe Damage, we are situationists. For instance, this conversation takes place on a screen.

    Very cheap telly, just about colour, always showing Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Fridge full of kid food, organic, only the best. Small car, four classic Raleigh bicycles, one for sale, no rear wheel.

  28. TV: 24″ Toshiba (I think).
    Transport: Shanks’s pony (bicycle stolen).
    In fridge: a few vegetables; a tube of tomato puree; one bottle each of green wine, fortified wine & champagne; a carton of soya milk; ketchup; half a pepperoni.

  29. TV: 24″ Samsung LCD — usually showing ER and Home & Away to Mrs Dotcom
    Transport: Alfa 147 Diesel, BMW 650 GS, elderly and much loved Ridgeback mountain bike
    In Fridge: mostly organic: some veg with mud on, various pots of jam, lots of yoghurt (fruit and plain), bacon, eggs, milk, fruit juice, wine for Mrs Dotcom as I am thankfully nearing the end of a dry January, harissa paste, mustard, mayo, cheese, hummus, anchovies, cream, cat food

  30. Televisual: i just got my first big telly free off my mate “The Bear”, having always previously mistrusted the concept of possessing a TV any bigger than my own head.

    Transport: old mountain bike from Re:Cycle at elephant and castle. it’s shabby but i LOVE it!

    Fridge: Alcohol. Mustard.

  31. TV: Widescreen Panasonic, not sure how many inches, but rest assured, it’s bigger than yours.

    Car: My deranged chauffeur, Carstairs, stole my charabanc. Haven’t seen hide nor hair of it since.

    Fridge: bottle of Stolichnaya, a Just Juice, pineapple chunks, two Tesco dinners (cod, chicken chow mein), and a slice of strawberry- and-fresh-cream cake I picked up today from Patisserie Valerie. There’s some vegetation in there as well, a holdover from the days of Lady H, no longer of this manor (see “Car”).

  32. TV — None, I have a Sanyo projector which I use to watch films and comedic programmes

    Car — Any mode of transport courtesy of Mr Livingstone and TFL

    Fridge — Bosch, contents dry cure unsmoked bacon,creme fraiche,cod fillets,watercress salad,rachel’s organic milk,salami napoli,butter,yogurt,wholegrain mustard,chicken liver pate,humous and a bottle of Galician Albarino Wine…yum

  33. TV — Goodmans one off my friend for £50 / ibook.

    Car — Overground or Mk 1 Raleigh Burner red and yellow 1983

    Fridge — Feta, milk, tabasco, tomato puree, parmesan, cheddar, falafel, olives, mushrooms, onion, bread, prawns, veal

  34. I’m hungry.

    TV — Philips 14″ stereo with analogue alarm clock on front and ridiculous pointless lighting array on its feet. I was on the verge of a nervous breakdown when I bought it.

    Transport — Citroen vancar and small bicycles.

    Fridge / freezer — Bosch ‘logixx’ frost free, ere, frei? Full of milk yogurt juice and cured meats, Black Forest smoked ham, etc from Lidl. Abel & Cole eggs and veg. Meaux mustard. Tom puree. Maggi tomato chilli sauce. Mayonnaise. Unsalted butter. Various cheeses. Frozen bread and guinea fowl stock. Margariat pizza. Buy tow get one free. Or something. From Waitrose. Don’t know how that got there.

  35. TV 28inch CRT bought in a panic when the old one blew up 5 mins before the footy kicked off

    Car: 4x4 (for the snow!)

    Fridge: Wine, Water, Yoghurt, Milk, Old Jam, Cheese, Beer, Houmus, Swede, Spinach, Brocolli

  36. TV: a small portable Matsui TV i “aquired” about 6 years ago from a friend

    Car: a whole fleet of uncle kens lovely buses

    Contents of fridge: Not very much as haven’t been shopping for ages. A quick look this mornign confirmed there was some cheese, various pots of mustard, pesto, pickle etc.., some lettuce, butter, apple juice, bacon and some milk.

  37. Seems like a theme is developing. Your stereotypical Camberwellian isn’t overly bothered about telly, eats organic food and gets about by bus or bike.

    Pretty admirable really.

  38. That about sums me up i think!

    I’m much more likely to spend money on food than a TV! to be honest once we all go digital i’m considering not gettign a new TV at all.

  39. didn’t know you could buy Albarino in Uk — I’m impressed — a friend of mine owns the bodega and with all the liquid restrictions it was very hard to get it back into uk.…

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