Eyeball to eyeball

There’s been lots of noise about having a Blog/Flickr Group meeting; we’ve had two before, with some success, but it seems like more people want to get involved now.

Let’s have a show of hands for the idea, and what dates you’d prefer and what form it should involve.

I’ll put mine up first for a Sunday afternoon/evening (not this coming weekend), venue(s) TBC.

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36 thoughts on “Eyeball to eyeball”

  1. Sounds like a good idea — I agree Sunday afternoon/evening would probably be best. How about Sun 11 March? The following week (18 March) is Mothering Sunday so we’ll all want to be with our mummies (having lunch at the Grove maybe? — as the notices inside say book now to get free bottle of wine)

  2. Sunday 11th is good for me if it’s after 4pm. Not sure I’ll be taking my Mum down the grove the following weekend though. She’s more of a nags head kinda lady!

  3. If I’m not going to the match we could always start the meet-up in the Cadeleigh?

    Hopefully the geezer who practically offered me outside on Sunday when I asked him politely if he’d move a couple of inches so I could see the screen won’t be there.

  4. That last post assumes that Arsenal beat Blackburn and are at home to Man City in the FA Cup …

  5. @Foxy- Intriguing.

    As previously mentioned, I am going to Vegas for a stag do at the end of April.

    What are you going for Foxy? Holiday? Wedding even?

    @squidder- Blog night out is an interesting idea. Have to turn down your offer of an arm wrestle though as my prosthetic wouldn’t stand up to the strain.

    I was almost tempted to come along until I read that you wear a hat indoors. What’s that about?

  6. @ Alan — If you knew the grief i’ve had from my friends about my sodding hat!

    “midlife crisis”,
    “are you pete doherty?” etc etc etc.

    and now you! but you’re right, there’s no excuse for wearing a hat indoors. you win.

  7. Stick with the hat- Apologies Squidder I was only being a cnut.

    Any of your flickr crowd get that rainbow this morning?

  8. Alan — I have no reason to be going to Vegas. I just fancied it. I will put the word about that you are on your way though!

    Squidder — What kind of hat is it that you wear? Stetson, Beenie, Flat Cap, Bowler? Baseball Cap? Fedora? I personally always thought Indiana Jones looked pretty cool.

    Mark — Is “Eostre” the name of your stall? If so, what does that mean? I personally never undertsood the orgnaic craze. What is wrong with normal food?

  9. Hey Foxy Al

    Eostre is the celtic/pagan word for the spring fertility rite, celebrating rebirth after the depths of winter. The pagan name for the winter festival is Yule, and the autumn harvest festival is Lammas. Of course I’ll bow to better explanations here…

    it is where we gaet the word easter, because of course in most Christian cultures it is called “passion” or something derived from that.

    Mark — does this mean we have to turn up sky-clad, and bring our magic wands?

    Isn’t the weather odd today?

    Drew Mishmash

  10. @dickdotcom: Was that right at the end of the match? I saw that, I didn’t realise it was you! I haven’t noticed that guy in there before.

  11. dickdotcom / Peter — I was in there and didn’t notice anything! oops! I wonder if I already know either of you, on nodding terms or otherwise?

  12. I really like the idea of meeting up but busy over next week as moving house. Don’t forget you said you’d help Squidder! A Friday or Saturday evening would be good. I like the nametags idea.

  13. Peter it was at the end of the match and if you were sat on the sofa in front of the big screen I was sat right behind you during the 2nd half … However I wasn’t quite sure and didn’t want to make a tit of myself by asking and getting it wrong !
    I didn’t expect to make the match as we had to go out during the day, but I got back in time for the 2nd half …
    Louie — bet we are on nodding terms — perhaps we should have a secret blog sign for future matches to aid identification????
    However we whould not have no reason not to make the meetup on Sunday 11 grrr

  14. Peter,

    why don’t you just set the date and venue and those who can turn up, will. The others can feel gutted that they missed it.

    There are also lots of lurkers on this blog — folks who never post but read it regularly. So expect a bigger turn out than just the posters, I reckon.

  15. Yes, unfortunately we’re not going to find a date when everyone can do it. I would like a nice healthy attendance, though.

    I haven’t had any big objections to Sunday 11 yet; Sunday 18 is Mother’s Day, so some people/places will be too busy. Sunday 25 is another option.

  16. you guys name the date, i’ll be there.

    i’m helping buk333 move house the weekend of the 11th, but i’ll drink his beers if he’s too busy etc.

  17. I hadn’t really envisioned it being an all-day pissup, as I don’t want to put off people who might just drop by for one.

  18. Hi

    mark — not a rugby fan are you.. — there’s no six nations on this coming weekend.

    scotland v ireland is 1.30 on staurday 10th; italy v wales at 3.30. england france is at 3pm on sunday 11th.

    it’s on BBC so you won’t have to pay mr murdoch your hard earned lucre.

    I might wear my kilt if you show the scotland game… as a warning to over-confident irish fans!


  19. Hi folks

    This drink thats being touted — is it just for the flicker group or is it a general bloggy forumy thing.

    I like blogging but I can’t take a pic to save myself.


  20. Hi

    So on sunday 11th I’m now looking forward to some veg shopping, a nice lunch perhaps with eggs benedict, a couple of pints in the company of some bloggers, and ainsi le certain victoire de la france gagne le rugby contre les anglais au twickenham? ca c’est bon pour moi!

    Andre le Mishmash

    ps the french nickname for the english is not, i can assure you, “les rosbifs”. it is “les fooking”. and they call scots rugby fans “les betes en tartan”.

  21. So is it happening next Sunday then? What time and what pub?

    We went to the Grove on Friday night — good beer (erdinger), excellent nachos, cheerful staff, pleasant “not too loud” music and overall, a nice experience. We could even play backgammon.

    We’ll be back again — it might even become our new local.

    Must say, though, the fruit machine would probably spoil things if someone played it.

  22. Popped into the grove Sunday 3.30sh. 7 people including ourselves. Not too impressed

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