On-set report

No idea what it’s about, but there’s some filming going on in Gairloch Road as I write this. A small crew, and these are the elements I’ve seen so far:

  • A man in a leather jacket
  • A man in a fluorescent emergency services jacket
  • A man with a flower/some flowers
  • Some local boys
  • A woman in a car with the emergency lights on
  • Two cars having water poured over them

There doesn’t seem to be any dialogue. Perhaps an advert?

Hmmm… the man in the leather jacket just put on a balaclava and hit the man with the flowers, who was opening a lockup door. Crimewatch reconstruction?

The woman has also put on a balaclava, and another man has helped the victim to his feet. I’m curious — but not curious enough to go out and ask them what it’s all about.

Author: Peter

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7 thoughts on “On-set report”

  1. While we’re in the mood for reporting witnessed events, I’ve just seen 6 youths on the roof of Lakanal (one of the tall blocks on Sceaux Gardens Estate) throw what looked like a large sheet of plate glass down into the street below, narrowly missing a moving car! Yes, I have called the police, before you ask.

  2. I have seen this film since at the NFT. It is called “L’Homme au Veste en Cuir” and is about anomie. In the end a Citroen DS goes down Shenley Road a little shakily and on a stick — it looks as though it has been crudely edited in — pursued by a giant baby. A most remarkable and enigmatic film with English subtitles, reminiscent of the work of Tarkovsky, sponsored by The Camberwell Property Price Inflation Board, strapline: “So cool it’s Camberwell.”

  3. Just to say I informed the local Housing Manager on Monday about the report from Mushtimushta re the youths on Lakanal. He has spoken to the contractor to guarantee the security and safety of the site. Unfortuantely previous locks were either picked or broken. I am grateful for this report and I would impress upon everybody to report any incidents witnessed as this is the only way to combat loutish and criminal behaviour.

  4. @ Cllr Wingfield — thanks for taking the matter up, but you may be interested to know that there were some kids up there again tonight, until about 8.30pm. Perhaps you could let the Housing Manager for the area know that whatever steps s/he took to make the lock secure have failed on this occasion?

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