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Many is the evening when my partner and I and sometimes other friends yearn to display our knowledge of useless information attempting to beat resident teams of beardies in pub quizzes.

Since moving to the area we have competed in the quiz at the Sun and Doves several times and recently tackled the Grove’s Monday evening pub quiz with some success.

When I lived in Canning Cross we used to indulge in the George Canning quiz regularly but the walk up the hill seems such an effort these days (if its still running).

Does anyone know of any other quizzes in the area? As a general service to blog readers and for people searching for pub quizzes in the Camberwell area I thought it would be helpful to compile a list of Camberwell pub quizzes so add any details you have of pub quizzes below — day, location, regularity, time, general comment on how good they are etc

Update 22 April
List so far (based on contributions to thread and me looking at signs in pubs)

Monday Grove 8pm — good general quiz, bonus questions as well as normal rounds
Tuesday George Canning 8pm
Wednesday Sun and Doves 8pm — good general quiz, well attended
Thursday Cambria 8:30pm
Sunday Phoenix 6pm

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  1. great idea — I only ever seem to get the craving for a quiz on the nights when there isn’t one on! I’ll kick off with the Phoenix on a sunday evening at 6pm — pretty good (read easy!) questions of the trivial pursuit type level and a very good roast at the same time — perfect!

  2. I would also like to recommend the quiz at the Grove. The quiz master is entertaining, the questions not too easy or impossible and you get the chance to win the odd free drink during the proceedings. Would be good to get a few more participants.

  3. Off message completely, I hear that there was a dawn raid this morning on the remaining squats in St Agnes Place, just up the road off Camberwell New Road at the Oval. I thought that St Agnes Place had finally been pulled down about a year ago. Obviously not. Over 20 arrests, rumoured to be drug related.

  4. They pulled down most of the houses (nearer the Camberwell New Rd end) but left some at the end nearer Kennington Park. It used to be on my cycle route (up until last autumn) so i watched the whole debacle every day this time last year. Last time i looked they still hadnt done anything useful with the building site left after pulling the houses down but that might have changed by now.

  5. I guess it’s the community centre that’s been raided. But no posting on the St Agnes Place website to that effect yet…

    I cycle through St Agnes Place everyday and nothing has changed since last year’s evictions. Still a fenced-off wasteland. I’m no apologist for squatters but Lambeth made a big deal just before the evictions (and subsequent demolitions) that the land was going to be used for affordable new housing. It’s a disgrace that there has been no movement whatsoever.

  6. I’m pretty good at the music and books stuff.

    If anyone fancied getting a camberwell-online team of uber-brains together, i’d be up for it…

  7. I think it’s completely despicable about St Agnes Place. i’m not advocating squatting per se but the council’s motives are not good and their actions have not achieved anything:-
    ‘According to reports by some of the displaced, pledges by Lambeth council to provide rehousing and alternative accommodation to the vulnerable and those with children failed to materialise.
    Ironically, councillor Mary Lynch, of Lambeth Council, told BBC News: “We can’t justify letting people live in these houses when we have 12,000 homeless people on our waiting list for houses.” Ha so they knock them down and add more people to their housing list.
    They havent re-built anything at all!
    (rant rant)

    i love a pub quiz. really not sure why though. i very occasionally manage to nearly get one answer right but then dont quite. but i did once win a prize for the best team name.

  8. it was really mean and immature and i’m not sure i’m feeling quite so proud now. we didnt even win anything.

  9. We were called ‘The girl with black hair at the bar is showing off most of her pink thong’. Because she was. And everyone looked. And in the 2nd round she’d pulled her trousers up a bit and called her team ‘Blushing at the bar’.
    She was leaving very very little to the imagination but twas a tad bitchy and she took it so well. But we won the prize for best name. Except there wasnt one. And lost the quiz of course.

  10. 9 out of 10 at least and i don’t think she really minded the attention. In fact in hindsight she really should have bought me a drink.

  11. When you tell the story in future she should buy you a drink and in the end you could have indulged in coitus. Why let the truth impair an excellent story. Was pretty good anyway though…

  12. It would be too far fetched to be believed as I think that it would be the first time ever that a pub quiz has led to the old coitus

  13. @ Jozza — posting 9
    St Agnes Place has been squatted since the late 70’s, so I think the people there have had a pretty good innings. I’m not against the concept of squatting entirely, but my knowledge of squats over the last 20 years (The Pullens Estate in Walworth, Bonnington Square in Vauxhall, Villa Rd in Brixton) has shown it to be very much a lifestyle choice by overwhelmingly white, middle class, extremely literate and, ultimately, employed people, not the vulnerable underclasses. I find it highly amusing when I watch these people take on the Local Authority owner of their property, as every now and again, they win their case (revealing themselves to be solicitors in some cases), gain ownership of the property, sell it almost imediately and move back to Oxfordshire or wherever they came from, into a nice little biscuit-tin cottage, bought with their ill-gotten gains. So, don’t use up all of that vitriol on Lambeth Council, please.
    There’s a building in Blackfriars Rd, owned by Sainsbury’s, that has been empty for 8 years now. It is 4 storeys high, sound, fully carpetted, 50 yds from a tube station and miraculously, has not been squatted. Funny that?

  14. There was a massive drug bust on the Rasta Temple in St Agnes’ Place last week.

    200 arrests leading up to the raid. In thirty years the police chief concerned with the case had never seen anything like it.

  15. Cycled through St Agnes Place this morning, still cordoned off to motorised traffic with considerable Police presence. The Rasta Temple is still standing.

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