Of kebabs and kittens

What can I write that hasn’t already been mentioned in the comments? Very little.

Rumeli’s fish & chip shop has gone, with the all-new Grills Etc taking its place. Actually it’s a little unclear whether Grills Etc is the new name for Rumeli’s and they’ve left the old sign up, or whether the Grills Etc is a new direction for Rumeli’s.

Either way, if they make decent quality kebabs they’ll be a welcome addition; no offence to our existing Turkish restaurants, but I do like a proper flame-grilled kebab made from decent meat with nice bread. When I lived in Queens Park we had a shop called Spice Grills which made the best I’ve ever eaten. Mmm. Spice Grills.

No sign of Angels & Gypsies opening yet; I do hope the hotel does well and they raise the capital to get the restaurant open — I like a bit of tapas.

This is based purely on anecdotal evidence, but has Walworth Road become more dangerous since they started all that work? I never had an accident there before, but three times in the last month I’ve almost collided with cars that cut across the lane to turn left at the last minute. Maybe I’m being more reckless, or maybe it’s coincidence; or maybe it should now be called Deathtrap Road.

I used to like watching the foxes that run around our street late at night, but I’ve gone right off them since I saw them kill a young cat. I entertain notions of having a cat myself one day (wife permitting), and I can’t bear the thought of it ending up in a fox’s mouth.

I’m off on holiday for a couple of weeks from next Monday; would anybody like to make a few updates while I’m gone?

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49 thoughts on “Of kebabs and kittens”

  1. fuck the cats they kill loads of birds,mice rats and other animals
    the foxs are just trying to survive but not without the support of precious middle class waitrose pet food buyers.

  2. I dunno, it takes a lot to kill a cat. That must have been pretty nasty to see. The sound would have been spine-chilling.

    The urban foxes are OK but often look very scrawny. There must be lots of disease.

    I bet most cat owners round here keep one to keep the mice off. The mice are a pest. They piss everywhere as they move — they are incontinent — and it stinks. When they die and you can’t get to their corpses behind the floorboards or whatever, you know why there’s that phrase “the sweet smell of death”.

    Rats have the freedom of London, they need no pity.

    Thinking about it, the local cats are fascinating, really nice. A lot of them seem to disappear, though.

    Has anyone had cat? Bun Bo Hue?

  3. I dunno, it takes a lot to kill a cat. The sound must have been spine-chilling.

    The foxes are OK but are often very scrawny. There must be a lot of illness. Their diet must be poor — rubbish, not fresh meat.

    The mice are a pest. They leave trails of piss everywhere indoors. They die in secret places and then you know why people use the phrase “the sweet smell of death”.

    Rats have the freedom of London, they do what they want, they are fat.

    The local cats are fascinating, they look great. They are brilliant city creatures. Many seem to go missing, though.

    Has anyone had cat? Knowingly in restaurants? Deliberately at home?


  4. foxes smell. we used to live next to a family when we lived in oval and my did they honk. oh and the screeching at night…

    we inherited a cat from the person who sold us our flat. we now wouldn’t be without her. she kills mice very very occasionally but is too fat to catch the birds or the annoying squirrel that keeps digging up my pot plants. Up with cats i say.

  5. Don’t worry all, soon we won’t have enough urban ecosystem to support any foxes thanks to the “brownfield” targets forcing Councils to allow residential building over privately-owned green spaces, including those with mature oaks.

    This will also prevent Battersea re-homes such as “Jingles needs a quiet environment with access to a garden”, so there will also be fewer cats.

    = loads more rodents.

    On the plus side, due to flash floods from upstream as we concrete over all our vegetation, we may be seeing the occasional water vole and otter.

  6. I replied to post No.1 (“Make love vigorously to the cats..”) several times, editing down each time as the lost posts were sent futilely into oblivion, until I just posted, “Miaow,” which will do.

    Actually, my first post sniped nastily at some restaurants in our area for offering cat, either openly or as standard SE5 stringy chicken, so I’m glad it didn’t get printed.

  7. Foxes and cats. Both disgusting parasites that don’t belong in cities.

    Same goes for non-working dogs.

  8. what about non-barking dogs? walworth road is featured in this week’s “southwark weekender”. it’s such a retail wasteland, they are forced to feature one of those iffy “money shop” cheque cashing joints as a local attraction. Walworth Rd a death trap for cyclists for sure. but easily avoided.

  9. Walworth Road is the longest road in London, with commercial properties, without an estates agent. Hope that helps with the comments.

  10. Streatham High road is loads longer and there is an estate agent on Walworth Road.

    Anyone drinking in the Hermit’s Cave tonight? Why not?

  11. Returning to the original argument I feel I must defend cats here — they are part of the biodiversity of the country and bring happiness to their owners. I dont really have an answer to the killing birds and mice argument apart from saying its the way of the world, survival of the fittest, etc etc etc — cats are essentially wild animals so its all in their instincts.

    Cats are certainly more suited to inner city life than some of the dogs I see being walked around Camberwell.

    On another note I see that the inhabitants of the Camberwell Squatted Centre on Warham St were evicted yesterday morning — http://earthfirst.org.uk/actionreports/node/5003 / http://56a.org.uk/warham.html

  12. I think Di Die Day should be marked somehow in the alehouses tonight. It was funny that Jeffrey Barnard had been promising to die for years and then when he did, 10 years ago, he was totally eclipsed by the death of the decade. The day of Di’s funeral I went to the Coach in Soho. Hardly a soul there.

  13. “It’s great, it’s got wide pavements and, er… that’s it.”

    All WR and CR side street parking sectioned off and dedicated to local residents and taxi firms. Yeah, that makes sense. Well done everyone that worked on the project.

    Where’s the estate agent? Might be one on Camberwell Road, but that’s a bit of a blind spot for us Camberwell New Road softies…

  14. re unremarked deaths, two very famous people died the same day as JFK; one was aldous huxley i think. any guesses at the third?

    house cafe is being re-decorated and having either baffling or heat insulating done.

    i’ll do a post as long as its after the 5th, and as long as you don’t mind my drivel.

    also please note that i, yes I and no-one else, am the Chairman of Camberwell Arts, hwah hwah hwah, soon the aesthetic universe will be all mine.

    Drew Mishmash

  15. Hello.

    Actually I do sometimes envy those living off Walworth road (not profiteering) and having access to Oli’s, the Turkish grocers.

    Fresh mint, mulberry molasses, Polish meats, Pakistani mangos and now oakleaf lettuce, reglar like. Not great news for your bedfellow, depending on the strength of your stomach.

    But then, you need a strong stomach to live off the Walworth.

  16. Foxes scream during mating season becasue the male has a barbed p3nis.

    I have heard storeis of a cat in the window of Sophocles Bakery that sleeps in the window on top of the warm bread. Anyone confirm this?

  17. For fox sake, all my posts went up all at once at last! Anyway, am well chuffed, have just bought Richard Mabey’s concise edition of Flora Britannica in the Peckham Scope for a quid.

  18. There is a cat in Crusons the greengrocers nextdoor so I guess its conceivable that it make its way to the bakery, dont know about lying on the bread though

  19. maybe it burrows its p3nis thru the wall and fox the bread. a whalerman used 2 do that 2 me in greenland but i has had so much akavit i didnt even notice. talk about midges dick anyway!

    silli season — LAST DAY TODAY.

  20. Went ot the Doves on Saturday. Seems the party is in the garden. Speckled Hen is a bit too strong for a full night out though.

    We’ve just got more good pubs than we know what to do with in Camberwell.

    Went to the Hermit’s Cave afterwards. Great pint of Shrimpers.

  21. Forgot to mention that we had dinner in the Grove on Sat teatime. Very good.

    Another pub that deserves to be busier.

  22. Anyone out there got a suggestion for someone who can do a reasonable price on fitting a kitchen? Planning to rip the current one out ourselves, but not chancing it on the installation! Cheers!

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