Stop us becoming a backwater

Network Rail want to reduce the number of services from Denmark Hill — again. This time, however, they’re looking to cut the direct service to London Bridge. I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you how this will affect an already poorly-served area.

More details on the proposals at the blog of Councillor Fiona Colley, and news of a petition on the site of Councillor Peter John. Send your views to southlondon.​rus@​networkrail.​co.​uk by October 26th.

Update: You can sign an online petition in support of this campaign. Further methods of action in the comments.

Author: Peter

Long-time resident of Camberwell, author of this blog since July 2004.

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  1. Linked the ED forum in to this. A lot of people there use this service even though there is also and ED LB service.

    Equally I expect those that use the East Dulwich — London Bridge Line feel it’s already crowded enough.

  2. Its worth also writing to Lambeth and Southwark GLA member Valerie Shawcross — whenever I have spoken to her she has expressed concern about the transport needs of the area and will therefore want to defend DH especially given plans for possible future integration of the overground lines with TfL. She is also close to Ken and whatsmore Lambeth and Southwark is a marginal constituency so both she and Ken will have their eyes on the 1 May 2008 London elections.

    It may also be worth contacting the Lambeth and Southwark Lib Dem GLA candidate — I’m not sure who the constituency candidate is but Caroline Pidgeon who lives in Camberwell and is a current Southwark Councillor is on their top up list of GLA candidates so she is likely to be interested in the issue.

  3. Great action by Alan, and excellent political analysis from Mumu. I will certainly sign, and we could use the same method for other issues.

    This impressive mobilisation leads me to reflect how the “right to commute during rush hour” is the last of Camberwell’s sacred cows — the only really red line for those whose politics goes beyond voting. But sometimes, even these can’t be protected, as in Llanpumsaint earlier this year.

    Always worth keeping the odd spare sacred cow as a buffer for those things you really want to protect.

  4. Don’t put any faith in Livingstone supporting this, he’s the man who thought it would be mad to get rid of Routemasters and then … got rid off them and brought in fare-dodging friendly bendy buses to South London. Much better to concentrate on lobbying Val Shawcross, much more voter friendly.

  5. Hey Alan Dale

    I had a peer through the window last Saturday. I don’t think it’s tapas as such, I think the menu said it was African and Portuguese inspired. Interesting. Can’t remember what was on the menu now, but it looked very reasonably priced.

  6. I went past it on my bike last week. Doesn’t it have a big picture of a cock in the window? I love the english language.


  7. yes, it seems sweetly Camberwellian — the habit of one shopkeeper deciding we need a widget shop and then like magic overnight we suddenly have 5 identical ones appear.

    Think of pound shops, off licenses, dry cleaners — it’s like we have only 10 types of shops but multiple of them.

  8. It’s as Mel R said; a joint African-Portuguese venture. Took a look at the menu there, it was interesting but a little limited; steak, rice & beans; tasty basics.

    I think it will appeal to people from either community, but probably not break through to mass consumption. I’ll go there soon for some rice & beans and let you know.

  9. Why write them off prematurely?

    Give them a chance and it could be the next big thing.

    People were quick to prophecise doom and gloom for the Dark Horse. That seems pretty well established now. Might have happened sooner without the negativity.

  10. Drew — yes, there’s a big cock in the window. And a stuffed one on a shelf above the bar.

    The menu looked basic and cheap. Which suits me. I’ll give it a try and wish them well.

  11. East Dulwich Forum are having drinks tonight in the Canning.

    Second foray into SE5 after similar activity at the Ivanhoe.

    I’m not around this weekend but if I was I’d be in the Hermit’s Cave. I love it in there. Good pint of Shrimpers.

  12. That’s a shame Alan — I was at the EDF’s first birthday party, and was very popular indeed when I showed them my “just who is Alan Dale?” portfolio.

    I’ll be in the GC tonight about 9ish, if I can get some of my postponed voluntary work done [sorry Mel!]


  13. Had a very high quality Camberwell experience this morning in an unexpected place. After a week of toothache a colleague recommended Camberwell Dental Surgery … so I went along and not only were they very pleasant, they explained everything really carefully and they’re NHS too. The first time I have ever walked out of a dentist thinking … ‘wow that was nice’

  14. I see the new Italian cafe in Church Street is to be called Caravaggio. I hope that means we can look forward to a dramatic range of food in shadowy surroundings, illuminated only by a dazzling shaft of light.

  15. Caravaggio was alledgedly a bit of a dodgy character with a taste for young boys, as well as being a murderer!!
    He was of course the best artist of the era — lets hope his other proclivities
    don’t run off on the cafe!

  16. “dodgy character with a taste for young boys, as well as being a murderer!! He was of course the best artist of the era.”

    In some weird way all very appropriate for Camberwell.

    Proclivities Declivities Schmilivities.

  17. :sg funny that. I made a posting this morning about redstar but managed to switch the computer off at the socket by mistake and it all got lost…

    The original owners — the ones who had Dog Star, Living Mass and various other further away venues, the ones who changed it from Father Red Cap and missed a HUGE opportunity to make an iconic contemporary gay venue with long legs that could have had national recognition and a good income but were too short sighted and only after treating punters like cattle, still own redstar. It’s being redecked by them to market — I didn’t get detail, like they should not be subletting because those tied leases (Punch from recollection) don’t allow it. Perhaps they intend to sell properly and do an ‘assignment’. It’s being done in magnolia so it’s easy for someone, someone stupid enough to take it on, to visualise doing their own scheme on top of bland.

    The rents on the rooms above are all that keep it from not being boarded up.

  18. If anyone fancies the idea of being a part owner of a pub and would like to own The Sun and Doves and be involved in a Social Enterprise limited company — get in touch, NOW!

  19. Hi all, not been on here for a long time. I just wondered if anyone knew what the deal is with parking on Camberwell Grove? We’ve just bought our first car and will be needing somewhere to park soon near the top end. It seems like I have to pay to park outside my flat. I guess it’s just a case of the nearest st.

  20. You can park for free in Ivanhoe Road, Malfort Road, Grove Hill Road and on the Dog Kennel Hill Estate.

    They’re all pretty close to the top of Camberwell Grove. don’t know when it reopens.

    Drew — not sure about your ‘who is’ portfolio but if you are stalking me you aren’t doing a very good job. I was sitting in the Doves with you last night…

  21. Willow has become a tapas bar according to the new window frosting. I do concede that its’ not obvious from the menu though.

  22. It’s not a tapas bar; they sell petiscos, which are basically small side portions, but also have larger main courses as well — unlike tapas. You wouldn’t find steak or feijoada (pork, rice & beans) in a tapas bar. It’s not quite a full restaurant, but more than a cafe.

  23. I agree that the menu is out of sync with the window signage.

    Have you seen what is says on the window? It says tapas.

    What do you make of that? Mistake or prophecy…

  24. Thanks Alan.
    Just spoke to a really unhelpful person about it at the council who told me I need a permit to park pretty much anywhere in Southwark. I presume that doesn’t apply on these streets.

  25. If you really must have free parking come over the border into Lambeth — roads around Ruskin Park have no parking restrictions (although check as there have been proposals to include it in the controlled parking zone) and roads such as Paulet Road, Knatchbull Road (the lambeth part) and Calais Street do not have parking restrictions currently (much as we Lambeth residents may actually want them).

  26. As a matter of fact, it’s about a 98% subsidy on the market rate for on-street parking.

    Whisper it, though — they’re supposed to be discouraging the use of the motor car.

  27. Ye Buk it’s free in those streets and there is no need for any permit.

    I saw on the planning appo for the Ivanhoe flats that a CPZ is being tabled but for now you can fly tip as many cars as you want in those streets.

  28. buk some of the streets mentioned do already have a problem with bus drivers driving in to work [flippin irony!] and leaving their cars there all day.

    please do avoid calais street too as it is very narrow, and still has the P5 service running ‘temporarliy’ along it. the resulting nose to nose standoffs between busses and cars is causing a gret deal of distress to residents.

    and its likely to get a lot worse when the park development starts — woe betide anyone who parks their car on a corner frequented by the lorries.

    alan — i’m really hoping that wasn’t you I sat next to [although if it was you might have said] so i reckon you were behind me somewhere; i’ll look out for you next week. you could always introduce yourself!

    chin chin


  29. Local access roads and retirement home car parks:

    When the CPZs come, you will be the capital of parking overflow and fridge, carpet and sofa disposal.

    If I was a pensioner, I’d get in my rickshaw and set an example to all septuagenarians and upwards. A leisurely 15mph to the market every day down the New Road, slowing down the traffic.

    And what a way to go, holding up some hipster-with-80 decibels-worth-of-drum-n-bass. A final noble act.

  30. Cheers for the advice. I have no problem with getting a permit as I’ve never had a car or need for one but the times they are a‑changin.

  31. Bukowski — or you could pay my landlord £10,000 for the private parking space we don’t need cos we don’t have a car!!

  32. I say we need a new tax on private car parking spaces — anything concrete or solid that could accommodate a car whether used or not. This would hearken back to the windows tax and warm historical cockles.

    At the same time, owners of garden areas certified as contributing to the local ecosystem should be granted a tax rebate.

    What say the commuters of Camberwell?

  33. brilliant! i’d love our useless car park to become a garden — it might then stop our horrible neighbours from dmping their rubbish in it as well.

  34. Conservative Party Policy.

    (I’m hoping for a Google search from Alistair Darling, so he stumbles upon this.)

    I believe the locally-owned car is the ultimate embodiment of our ghettoist culture in Camberwell, and want to see more interaction between local communities of the type Bevant describes, in order that we can have less killings and more local prosperity and community.

    I understand Alan’s observation that there may be logistical difficulties with implementation, but the Registry are doing wonders with e‑categorisation and analysis of land these days.

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