Celluloid nightmare

There’s some serious filming going on in Addison Addington Square today; industrial-sized Krieg lighting, the works. It blocked off my usual cycling route, which irritated me. I was looking for the name of the production but it wasn’t given anywhere; it must be fairly contemporary as there was a dummy red phone box set up. One sign had an email address on it but as I was passing at speed I didn’t get a chance to note it. Any residents know what’s going on there?

I’ve seen a few calls for a meet-up, so what’s everybody up to on the afternoon of Sunday, March 30th? Would that be a convenient time & date to come out for a drink and meet your fellow Camberwellians? All welcome, no matter how contentious or irritating (that includes me). If anyone’s interested, say so below; if you’re interested but can’t make that date, suggest another. But please don’t make me sit there by myself.

Author: Peter

Long-time resident of Camberwell, author of this blog since July 2004.

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  1. I also cycled through and gawped at the filming, but I wasn’t held up at all. I couldn’t fathom what the production was, either. Essentially, this post isn’t much use…

  2. I cycled through the middle of the Addison Square video shoot too. I couldn’t see what it was, but my fiancé walked past a bit later and asked them what was up.

    Apparently it was a shoot for a Goldfrapp music video.

  3. Sunday 30th would suit, assuming I dare to step out from behind the keyboard and venture into a pub to meet a load of people who are, in essence, strangers to me.

  4. PeteW. Are you the piano player? You must remember this, a kiss is just a kiss, a smile is just a smile. The fundamental things apply, as time goes by. Ah, this gentle spring rain is bringing out the limoonalil in me, the loonalinalene, also the jolene, never mind the Khalil Gibran or Rumi.

  5. It would be cool to meet people who read this site. I’m intrigued by the “online but local” thing.

    Anonymity is important, though. All comments on this site are stored and are searchable. Without anonymity that could feed-back on you.

    I admire Mark Dodds, Peter Gasston, and Alan Dale 😉 for using their real names.

    Dagmar, Bavent, and love-borough junction seem to give their approximate locations. Regeneguru seems to reveal his professional leanings.

    Hannah, Matt, Phil G, and others – guess they’re generic enough not to figure out.

    Who are all you people?

  6. @ Copeywolf: Feel free to offer an alternative date.

    @ D‑MAN: You could always come along and not tell us who you are. We’ve had ‘lurkers’ and friends of readers along before.

  7. I’ll wear a mask. 🙂 I knew about Alan Dale, but still it amused me.…didn’t know he was an aussie soap star thou.

  8. Pretty sure Alan Dale is a “he”, thou. There’s enough context to draw that conlcusion.

    Similary Peter, I think i’ve seen you in the Cadleigh Arms watching Arsenal with a pint of guniess — based on how you’ve been physically described on here.

  9. Would be good to meet up — any chance of Saturday 29th?

    I work on Sundays, but suppose I could throw a strategic sickie if there are no other alternatives…

  10. @ eusebiovic: Sure, Saturday is an alternative. Anyone else want to weigh in on that?

    @ D‑MAN: Interesting… I do watch the Arsenal at the Cadeleigh while drinking Guiness… hmmm… now I’m going to read all your old comments and see if I can find any clues as to who you are 🙂

  11. Dagmar, neither the piano player or even, sadly, a piano player. I can’t make the Saturday option, for what that is worth.

  12. WE don’t hate anyone — we’re from diverse Camberwell. You guys set the date and I’ll do my best to be there.

    I went to Amaryllis last night, bumped into about half a dozen real regulars from the Sun and Doves in there, and then Miguel, one of the guys who works at S&D came in too to see what was going on. There was a band playing, didn’t catch the name but they were very tight musicians.

    The wine list is ropey and they don’t know how to open a bottle, or even that it should be kept in a fridge but, if clueless, the staff are sweet and nice. Didn’t have a chance to fry the food. I mean try the food but from what was going out to other tables the portions looked pretty huge with a lot of deep fried in evidence and the whole place smells of boiled rice.

    The tables are preposterously huge in surface area — the whole of the back of the bar is taken up with just five main table arrangements — and the place feels kind of full when there’s only two people at each arrangement which is rather crazy.

    You might be interested in this unique event that’s going on at The Sun and Doves over the next four weeks.

    And that there’s a new painting exhibition going up this Sunday. PV to be announced.

  13. Forgive me, PeteW. You spoke of daring to step out from behind the keyboard. I have this picture of a Camberwell Online meet-up in a pub, where the chap behind the Hammond organ stops playing Frank Sinatra tunes and says, “Hi, everyone, I’m PeteW.”

    Two lovely young girls greet him. “We’re PhilG and JohnnyM,” simpers the blonde one. She looks down sadly. “No-one likes us,” she says wistfully.

    “But we don’t care,” the brunette whispers in PeteW’s ear.

  14. Anyone know what’s happening with the Redstar? Went past it on the bus today and it’s looking like it’s going to reopen.

  15. Has anyone used the beer traps sold at Lidl to catch slugs and snails? These devices seem humane compared with the poison pellets that get taken up through the food chain, or with the use of oats that blow the creatures up.

  16. c
    When I’ve used beer traps all I remember thinking is ‘what a waste of beer’ I don’t recall any slugs. Maybe they were completely dissolved by the beer.

    Redstar will just go the way of its previous resurrections. I’d like to think I’m wrong.

  17. The Castle has got a bit trashy.
    But is now open rather late.
    Awful awful music on saturday night.

  18. ah, an old Aussie trick, using beer and salt for slugs

    put a saucer of beer dregs in the garden, slugs and snails will be attracted to it — then pour some salt on the slugs and they disintegrate

    (is that humane? not sure)

    Pete — yep, good for a meet, we enjoyed the last one we went to a while ago

  19. I’m sure you’ve heard, another murder on my doorstep last week

    Is there some sort of a competiton going on to see if last years total can be beaten?

    If so, the killers are on track. 27 in 365 days in 2007 = one every 13.51 days.

    If we look at their Q1 08 figures, we would say they’re exceeding expectations, with 9 in 74 days so far in 2008 = one every 8.22 days.

    Their mothers must be so proud

  20. @22 could it be true that the Dolly Mixtures playing on 94 are the same DMs who played with Captain Sensible (on Happy Talk?) and in 1979, looking simpering and cool, crashed my party? I hope so, and I’ll be there to find out.

  21. It’s a lovely image, Dagmar (post 24), even if JohnnyM might have other ideas. I’ve always believed the profession of lounge pianist is an honourable and undervalued one.

    Sadly I meant the computer keyboard.

  22. Keen to join in on a meetup on either 2930 if I can … meanwhile there was what looked like a nasty accident on Peckham rd on Sunday morning — about 9.30 the helicopter ambulance was basically hovering over my house …

  23. some random guy kept wandering up to my house and ringing the doorbell last night, I ignored for the most part but then looked out the window and he saw me, it was rather unnerving, he appeared to be going down the street doing it as he rang mine then walked away immediately, didn’t even wait for anyone to respond, then he’d go and do another house, then he’d be back to ring mine again. Happened about 5 times in total, my flatmate and I were a bit freaked out.
    Anyone else ever had this happen? We thought he might be scoping out to see what places were empty?

  24. Also what prompted me to say that was there was a helicopter (police i think) which seemed to be circling the carew/paulet/knatchbull rd area last night, anyone else hear it?
    I may have been being a bit paranoid after the doorbell incident though.

  25. Yeah, he was probably checking out the house. While I was away over Christmas a couple of guys were knocking at my door, but fortunately my neighbour came out to ask what they wanted, they came up with some bullshit and wandered off.

    When I went away again last month I got a couple of lamps and attached timers to them and had no problems.

    If it happens again, just call the police and let them sort it out. That’s what we’re paying them for.

  26. I was toying with the idea of calling the safer neighbourhoods team, is this the sort of thing they deal with?

  27. @41 maybe it was the Lib Dems? — as you will (probably) be aware there is a byelection in Vassall Ward on Thursday and a man from the LDs was canvassing Paulet and Knatchbull last night. you would have thought he would want to talk to you though!

  28. oh dear, I’m not sure if it was him, he was pretty scruffy and didn’t have any sort of LibDem paraphrenalia with him!

    Either way, the safer neighbourhoods team are on the look out for him now, oops!

    Don’t I know there’s a byelection happening! I can barely get through the door most evenings due to the ridiculous amount of marketing that’s come through the letter box. My hamster’s delighted with all his new bedding though.…

  29. In keeping with odd goings on last night someone dumped a front door — complete with hinges — on the pavement outside my flat.
    This morning it had completely disappeared — maybe someone in the Denmark Road area now has a has a nice new free door!

  30. when you go away you could try putting a 4‑way into a timer, and then a couple of lamps and an old tranny-type radio into the 4‑way. so there’s some lights and some sound going on.

  31. There is a left-hand drive G‑Reg red Maestro for sale at the bottom of Dagmar Road, in very good condition, with beige plastic trim and squarish (“quartic”) switchgear. The Maestro was sold on the strength of its “large glass area” and indeed has that “Dad’s greenhouse” look to it. Left-hand drive, with no rust, what an enigma.

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