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As I mentioned in a previous comment, I’ve added a new function to the site to allow you to directly reply to previous comments. Please let me know if you encounter any problems with it, or have any opinions on it; bear in mind that I’m still tweaking the appearance.

Author: Peter

Long-time resident of Camberwell, author of this blog since July 2004.

49 thoughts on “Little site updates”

  1. Looks good. Out of curiosity, what would you do specifically for iPhone users?

    One thing I’ve always liked about this site is that it works well on my mobile using the inbuilt Nokia browser.

    1. Overall, pretty sophisticated this comment system. You should do this for a job 😉

      Talking of which and I will stop posting inanities and go get some work done. Cheers.

  2. [reply] [reply] Help, I am a badger being shot at by lampers. Also, I think that the previous narrative of people posting and reading each other’s posts is fine. This nanny software that… BANG! ouch! [reply] [reply]…

    1. Dagmar has a point — going with the flow sort of makes more sense. It’s all fairly random here anyway (in a good way).

      Sites that use things like Disqus become pretty annoying cos you can’t see who commented last very easily.

    2. I’m going to evaluate it for a week or so, then make a decision about it. In the meantime, you can just choose not to use it if you wish.

  3. Oh him, yes. His street name is [reply]. Once the western world collapses, he will lead a righteous world government. Ye, there is a secure unit in Camberwell. On the other hand, there is no secure unit anywhere.


  4. Is anyone going to the Big Draw in Myatts Fields at the weekend.

    To celebrate the completion of the new playground they are having an event on Sunday (12Oct) including 12:30–1:30 grown ups’ play time: your chance to explore the new playground and draw with our artists and 1:30–3:30 family play time: draw around the playground and show us what play means to you!

    The events are part of the Big Draw —

  5. The Big Draw’s always a great day — our children have spent the best part of whole days completely absorbed with different drawing activities until hunger diverted attention.

    The Sun and Doves’ Quiz is back on Wednesdays at 8pm. Guaranteed £60 pot. Had awful problems with email invitations not sure people are getting them at all.

  6. Hello

    Just found this blog and since I live in Camberwell and love it thought I would say hello.

    I run two bookshops, one in Lower Marsh behind Waterloo station and one in Chelsea on the Fulham Road.

    Thought it worth mentioning that I deliver (for free) to people in Camberwell. But maybe (this being the net) you are all Amazon lovers? We also blog a fair bit, mostly bollox but sometimes Camberwell/South London oriented!

    1. Hi MC. Have never seen your bookshop on Lower Marsh; is it new, or have I just overlooked it? Although I use Amazon for a lot of other stuff, I prefer to buy books from a bricks & mortar shop; I like to read them for a bit before I buy them.

    2. Welcome, MC. I know your Lower Marsh shop and have bought several times from you. Do you have a website then?

  7. Well done Lambeth Council for its makeover of Myatts Fields. Well done Southwark Council for its strategy of devoting more time and money to develop a strategy for Camberwell. A huge grant for the Green, funding the Olympics do for the Borough on the Green recently, and working with the Leisure Centre Group to find a way forward. And to Southwark for the upcoming knife crime summit. And huge dues to Camberwell Society for renaming Denmark Hill station to include ‘Camberwell’ and for the works about to commence to improve it. And to the Society for its ambitious project to upgrade shopfronts around the Green. And for always monitoring all planning applications and making submissions where appropriate. And to many TRA’s and Resident’s Associations for getting on with improving local streets (hats off to Loughborough J as the latest). And two things Mark mentioned, to Camberwell Renewal who invited anyone to attend recent walks with Senior Council members all across Camberwell streets and to Val Shawcross who invited anyone to attend what promises to be regular public meetings in Camberwell (yes everyone was/is invited).

    Southwark Council, Lambeth Council, Leisure Centre Working Group, Camberwell Society…all groups actually getting on with long, medium and short-term projects that are improving Camberwell regularly. Well done. If you’ve time and money, I’d suggest these groups are a good place to start.

  8. I met the owner of Pasha when the front was being refurbished — charming man.

    Amaryllis on Coldharbour Lane seems to have opened its kitchen up to the chef from Tasty House on Denmark Hill…

    Amaryllis is owned by Mark — he of Spice and Nice further along Coldharbour on corner of Valmar and began with a Jamaican menu which included the occasional lunchtime special of Batted Cod and Chip for £3.50.

    Apparently Tasty House has, or is about to be, closed because ever since the inimitable and wonderful front counter Virginia died about 18 months ago, keeping up with demand of food deliveries has been too much work to on the family for them to be able to keep it up any longer.

    So Jamaican jerk food alongside cantonese and Malay. Stranger fusions have rarely been created.

  9. What dreadful things are befalling this blog? Has the crunch hit? Is everyone away? Is Camberwell becoming a desert?

    I’m hearing good reports about The Cambria…

  10. Has anyone actually stayed in Pasha? I’m debating whether it’s an acceptable place to put my parents! (also intrigued by their promise of a new hammam opening last month)

    I was very taken with the Cambria when was there the other day, and planning to check out their jazz night next Monday.

  11. Are your parents gay? Then they will have good welcome at Pasha, because Khazaks venerate elders and welcome strangers, bingo. Their nomadic bareback culture…

    Pasha looks like a really fine place with posh reception. The Daily Mirror fanfare is blazoned across their windows with big PR wonder and great swellings of pride.

  12. Church Street Hotel is good for guests. Great breakfasts. Not exactly a budget place though. Maybe Pasha is cheaper?

    1. Both start at £90 for a double, although I believe that at Church St that’s with a shared bathroom. Neither is exactly cheap. Still, I wish them both very good luck.

      Church St people: please open your tapas restaurant soon. We’ve been waiting for years.

    2. While appreciated, I suspect Church Street no longer needs luck. They are full most nights, attracting a customer base that frequents many of the treasured restaurants in town. As for me, I’m thrilled the old ‘rent by the hour’ establishments, which were exactly cheap, are gone. But that’s me.

  13. What do people think about kids in pubs?
    I was at the Gowlett Sunday afternoon (without my kids, yay), and the place was overrun with children.

    Normally I’m cool with that, but tolerance has its limits… 🙂

    Which pubs are good/bad in Camberwell to take kids to or to avoid them?

    1. Hey thanks Mumu. I actually don’t mind that much – the more the merrier.

      Sometimes I wonder how fair it is on the kids – but so long as there’s oversight, and the parents don’t get wasted, or do it every weekend, it probably helps young ones to see how the world works a little bit.

      Depends on the pub as well – S&D, BRB, Gowlett, are more suitable than, say, the Funky Munky.

    1. People I know have stayed there. They like it and it wasn’t empty or full. Lot of guests are linked to Kings Hospital, apparently.

    2. Don’t be so defensive; I was just wondering how you knew, as I haven’t heard anything regarding its relative success or failure.

      Some friends of mine stayed there, but that was last year. It’s beautiful inside. I maintain, however, that £120 for an en-suite double is bloody expensive.

    3. We stayed at Church St Hotel once, about a year ago, and found it to be rather sweet, with lots of eccentric architecture and decor, random books in the room, comfortable beds, nice en suites. We were really quite impressed. But yes, it is a bit expensive. Have just been on the very musical Pasha website and see it’s £65 for a single room, £90 for a double, £115 for a triple.

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