I want to be a model

A quick plea for help from local photographer Steven Williams:

I am a local based photographer and digital artist who is putting together a photographic installation at the end of June in conjunction with the Camberwell Arts Festival. I am currently looking for people who work, study and live in the area who would consider sitting for a photographic portrait and spend a few minutes talking to me about the experiences and thoughts of the area.

Contact Steven via his website, or Email me if you’re interested, and I’ll pass your details on.

Author: Peter

Long-time resident of Camberwell, author of this blog since July 2004.

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  1. Scarcely surprising that Southwark features regularly in Private Eye’s Rotten Boroughs. From closing a Children’s Museum to trying to prevent publication of a report by Lord Ouseley on the “culture of racism” at the council it’s no surprise that Southwark is trying to sell off public space. One wishes the Community Council good luck.

  2. Is it just me, or does anyone else sense an air of desperation from the Council’s plans to sell off the Town Hall and associated properties in SE5, alongside John Smith House in Walworth Rd? It’s happening at a time that the properties are worth less than they have been for the last 4–5 years, and we’re told it’s to fund the move into rented accommodation in SE1.
    I suspect that any money made on the sale of these properties will disappear into funding the Council Tax freeze for 2009 and, surprise, surprise, there are Council elections in 2010. Then from next year onwards, it will all be gone and the Council will be liable for rent on the new property in Tooley Street and we’ll all be paying for that.
    You couldn’t make it up.

  3. Did they have to narrow Walworth Rd as much as they did? The situation is ridiculous and almost impossible for cyclists and motorcyclists. I saw a cyclist get wedged against the pavement today by a car.

    FFS an extra foot would’ve made all the difference and their “uplifting” of that dump could still have gone ahead.

  4. @Mushtimushta

    Hard to say wether it’s conspiracy or incompetence, but I doubt that the money is intended to fund the council tax freeze. I’m more inclined to expect services to be cut. That does rather beg the question of where the money is to be spent. Perhaps Camberwell Grove is to become a gated community. Or we’ll get some more street furniture. Or an independent consultancy has decided that council executives need better remuneration in order to retain talent.

    I’m still undecided wether the council’s departure from SE5 is a good thing or not. They’ve hardly done a good job for us whilst being situated here. But why stop at Tooley street? Let’s outsource it to Mumbai.

    At least they’ll answer the phone politely.

  5. With regard to Lucas Gardens and the sale of buildings in its frontage.

    Can anybody here come up with actual facts or correct numbers as to profits made or lost?

    All the assumptions and rumour are not facts.

    Someone, who clearly wants to know should, instead of whinging on here go find out.

    I type this as posters who do the same about our MP get the same treatment.

  6. Maybe they could turn the Registry Office into affordable housing. That could be a nice place to live.

  7. A friend suggested that the council buildings for sale opposite Lucas Gardens might be nice for English National Ballet, if they still haven’t found a home having not got the baths. Seems like a good idea to me… Anyone know that guy who looks like the lead from Rocky Horror Show who did the ENB presentation at Benfield Hall (I think that’s what it’s called)? For a gallon of blood I bet he’d persuade them to come back to the Camberwell fold.

    The Magistrates’ courts should be commandeered for a culture crafts and arts centre and their current function be moved to the town hall when it’s vacated…

    The Register Office. Well, what to do with that ABSOLUTE GEM? The South London Arts Club (SLAC)? Chelsea eat your heart out. It could be The Camberwell Arts Club then it would be the same CAC as north of the river.

    Then there’s the police station — at the back of Morrisons.

  8. “Of course, everything that happens in the entire world nowadays is, somehow, bad news for Gordon Brown. All these face and hand transplants are going to play hell with ID cards.”

    - comedian Frank Skinner

  9. Chunters try the NFU — or the rare breeds survival trust if you want some different looking pigs.

    What do you want them for? As someone who grew up on a farm i’ll warn you one pig is difficult to control let alone 30!!!

  10. Thanks for that Hannah.

    The farmer would be invited along to look after his herd (?).

    Transport would also be provided.

    I can’t really say at the moment as to why I/we want them, but if this works all will be revealed sooner rather than later.

  11. I have had an email exchange with Craig Hassell, the CEO of the ENB, who has told me that they have looked at 29 Peckham Road and are interested in it and hoping that something will come of it.

  12. Pigs may yet dance in Camberwell,
    In fluffy tutus, they’ll look just swell.
    They may trample some of the green shoots here,
    But we can train ’em to hunt for truffles, m’dear.

  13. Mark you should move.

    France has just cut booze and restaurant sales tax from 19.6% to to 5.5%. Booze taxes are already reasonable in France, this makes going out even more reasonable.

    This move is to boost the economy, no danger from our lot as we have to finance digging out moats and fixing dry rot.

  14. I am really annoyed that booze and ciggies are so heavily taxed in the UK. I blame the NHS. As long as people want free health care then the government is within their rights to discourage unhealthy behaviour through punative taxation. If we had private health care then people could do as much self inflicted harm as they fancied. Lets get rid of the state and let people make their own choices and be responsible for their own outcomes. Agreed?

  15. Why stop there, Alan? Let’s privatise all essential services and infrastructure, then remove cumbersome regulation to help facilitate it. Our bankers have proved that a free market is the most efficient way to run things and in all of our best interests.

    What’s more, the new companies can offshore billions in profit and pay double dividends to shareholders. And our politicians, who’ve been showing their integrity lately, can sit on the boards of these companies.

    As for the private healthcare companies, one would ultimately hope that they will keep genetic profiles on a database so that anyone predisposed to illness — and costly treatment — can be excluded.

  16. Walking past the ex‐Somerfield soon to be Morrisons I see that it the new Morrisons is scheduled to open on 13 June

  17. My point is that punative taxation aimed at influencing our behaviour is the price of the NHS. That is unfair but there is no fair alternative..

  18. WAY off topic. The Business Enterprise Committee (pubcos) 2008 published its findings today — a thick report — on the state of the relationship between pub companies and their tenants.

    This report, regular long standing readers of this blog may recall, was stimulated in large part by calls from The Fair Pint Campaign for a fairer contract between pub lessees and their freeholders. The campaign was conceived and set up by four people from Camberwell and a few friends in the trade

    I am slightly pleased to say the report is a Massive Slap on the Face for all pubcos. It found them to be abusing their power over tenants and taking too much share of the profits from pub businesses. It recommends the competition commission forthwith and much more detailed scrutiny of the pubco business model.

    This has enormous ramifications for the way the entire UK pub industry operates in future and has been reported in business media world wide and has stimulated a free fall in share prices of pubcos.

    This was UNTHINKABLE even a year ago and it is WE WOT DID IT!

  19. Well done Mark. A righteous cause, which came through strongly in the coverage. Peter Luff is a very good chap.

  20. Mark that is great news! Will try to stop by the S&D for a celebratory San Mig sometime,

  21. Great news indeed Mark! I was guffawing into my cereal at the lame excuses of the Pub Co association (the name escapes me)on the radio yesterday. Hopefully the reference to the Competition Commission will now go ahead.

  22. Well done Mark! I only hope that as their shares tumble, they don’t hike the prices even more to appease the shareholders

  23. Well done Mark. We can’t hear enough about the factors involved in the decline of local pubs, some of which are also connected to the decline of the high street. Local publicans and postmasters do not automatically belong in the same category as Jeffrey Skilling, as a certain section of a certain political party believes.

    With the Mayor weighing in to back small business as the cornerstone of economic recovery, there’s much to look forward to for Camberwell’s entrepreneurs from London‐wide initiatives:


    Local politicians, campaigners and commentators now have the perfect springboard to introduce new planning priorities to help small businesses. This will create instantaneous local employment in this depression recession, to cut off the development of a new sink estate and welfare culture at its roots.

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