Weekend Festival Highlights

Greetings once again dear readers.  I bring you information about what’s hot and happening in the Camberwell Arts Festival this weekend.

On Friday you’ll be spoilt for choice.  Local artist Steven Appleby will be offering an insight into the extraordinary world of one of the country’s leading cartoonists.  Stephen is a regular contributor to The Guardian, and has published books such as ‘Steven Appleby’s Normal Life’ & ‘The Secret Thoughts of Cats’.  You can catch him at the Library at 7pm.  Meanwhile, at 8pm on the Green, the Scratch Choir of random passing souls will perform the songs they’ve been practising over the course of the week.  The songs all have a connection to Camberwell in one way or another, apparently.  And for the keen photographers out there — we know who you are — your challenge is to ‘Shoot Your Own Damn Festival’ — the results can be displayed at the Arts Bar.

Saturday and Sunday bring the famous Open Studios — all the artists who are squirreled away in Camberwell’s nooks and crannies all year round, throw open their doors and invite you in to take a peek at their work.  They might even offer you a glass of wine and a canape.  Hell, they might even sell you some of their work.  There are studios all over Camberwell, in collective buildings like Vanguard Court, or in the artists’ own homes.  Check out the names and addresses on the Camberwell Arts website (http://www.camberwellarts.org.uk/).  And if you’re a little shy and prefer to travel in a pack, a tour of some of the open studios will be meeting at Vanguard Court at 3pm on Saturday.

Meanwhile on the Green on Saturday will be Camberwell’s first Arts and Crafts Market.  Organised by Camberwell Community Council this could become a regular event if well supported.  Whilst you’re there it’s the last chance to enjoy the Camberwell Piano — there’ll be an All-Comers concert at 12noon, and then a stripping down of the thing to find new ways to play it at 2pm.  At the same time, in Butterfly Walk, deaf performance artist Aaron Williamson will be busking, but with a twist — he’ll give money to anyone who stops and listens (only 5p mind)!  Saturday night brings Wet Sounds at the Swimming Pool — an evening of underwater entertainment which invites you to float or dive through water to hear a collection of especially made sound art.

Come Sunday it’s wind-down time, and there’ll be an artist’s encampment on Camberwell Green.  More than 40 artists will be coming and going, creating art works, giving performances and leading interactive activities.  In the tradition of the historic Camberwell fair, the event will end with a puppet fight — Puppet Wars.  And then we can all go home.

More details and information about times and locations can be found at http://www.camberwellarts.org.uk/.

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  1. Off-topic (but then, isn’t almost everything?): Getting reports that The Castle is boarded up. Anyone heard about this?

  2. Someone had panelled in the windows with some kind of airborne missiles (bottles?) in the wee hours. My housemate said the the police were milling around this morning.

    TBH, is was probably one or more of their morlock-like Saturday night clientelle, post ejection.

  3. It may have been he last throw of Arts Week. They say round here that you can’t throw a bottle out of a pub without hitting an artist. Well, maybe some artist threw some bottles at a pub as an intervention or some such — maybe their practice is a serial, crosstransferational creative use of spatial and aerial sensational paramental ludic trajectorial smithereen-based glassware project.

  4. According to ED Forum The Silver Buckle has shut down.

    Please tell me this is a joke..

  5. Am looking to rent a car for a week. Alamo and Hertz near Oval seem the closest options. Can anyone pick a winner? Any other recommendations?

  6. IN my dreams; one day I would have a drink at the Silver Buckle with Alan Dale then we’d get a take away from one of those terrifying places further down Church Street and I would feel like I’d been baptised, again.

  7. @Phil G

    Don’t hire a car! If there are businesses with sharper practices I’ve yet to come across one (OK, if Mark’s listening, maybe Pubcos)

    Join Streetcar and pick-up one of many around Camberwell (Alan Dale Close, Denmark Hill, Denmark Road, to name but a few). Been a member now for a year or more and it works for me.

  8. In my experience Streetcar can be expensive if you are hiring it by the week — they are great for day or hourly hires but cant usually compete with the longer hire website deals of car hire companies.

    Other options at Oval include Avis, National and eSixt — check out their websites for the latest offers.

  9. Yeah, I’m loathe to do it. Seems like a rip-off and a way to get into loads of hidden charges. No choice though since I sold my car last year. I went with Alamo at Oval/Kennington in the end. I will report back.

    Sixt seem to be a bit less convenient for me as they’re at Battersea. Q a clear website though — unlike some of the others.

    Streetcar is v interesting. My neighbour recommends it. Mumu is right, it doesn’t really work out for a week’s hire but I am considering joining it for shopping / weekend jaunts etc.

  10. Streetcar sent me an email saying how they’d reduced their weekly rates and gave an illustration of how they were (probably read “could be”) cheaper than Avis etc.

    Anyone able to clarify how the Castle’s windows got piled in? There’s talk that it was gunshots. Surprise, surprise.

  11. PhilG — if Alamo is based at Vauxhall (like Hertz and Sixt), be aware that the first time you’ll drive the car it will be into the giratory system round the bus station, which can be pretty nasty. If you can, time your pick up and drop off to avoid the worst of the traffic, so while you’re getting used to the car there isn’t someone right up your backside. Alternatively adopt the white man van approach and take no prisoners!

  12. Cheers Yak. Damn I forgot about the Sixt at Vauxhall, I only saw the Battersea one on their site. Ah well. Alamo was cheaper.

    On an earlier thread, there’s an interesting special supplement in The Economist called the “end of retirement”.

  13. On the housing market — I know a few people flathunting in SE5 and SE22 and stuff is moving very fast. My mate sold his house in Loughborough J quickly and there was a bidding war for it. Another mate had 10 viewings in a few days, and 3 offers.

  14. For some reason my previous post didn’t go through. I blame it on being dopey. Was at Wimbledon on that hill (it’s a lot steeper than it looks on telly)for A.M. Esq. and his true brit extravaganza. i.e. almost grabbing defeat from the jaws of victory and giving us all a few heart attacks on the way.

    Anyway, enough boasting of my day off.

    For some reason, car brokers are often cheaper than booking direct so try someone like




    or http://www.carrentals.co.uk

    By the way if you are going to Spain (and I believe other countries around there) try http://www.hispacar.com By far the cheapest option. I used them all the time when i lived there as it was cheaper than owning a car. To give an example, it cost €35 to rent for a weekend, but €46 to get a return taxi to the airport. A week would be about €50 or €60. These guys are brokers too.

  15. So what are we hoping for to replace the Silver Buckle?

    I am hoping they completely gut it out and start selling rugs with pictures of tigers on.

  16. Maybe they could follow the example of Zavvi on Oxford St and keep the old fittings but have have various stalls inside selling cheap clothes and accessories, sort of like an indoor market.

    Or maybe a nail bar? Or a yam shop? Or both in one? That’d be what the good people of Camberwell want, right?

  17. For some reason renting a car is usually cheaper through a broker such as holidayautos.co.uk or just type cheap car rental into google.

    On an aside http://www.hispacar.com if you are ever in Spain and a few other countries. I wish all car rentals were as cheap as them.

  18. Ok so have discovered that when i mention anything to do with car rental it gets put down as spam…why is this…I was only trying to mention a cheap car rental option!

  19. Ideally the Sun and Doves would relocate to the middle of Camberwell.

    I expect that the rent on the Buckle is astronomical though.

  20. @Monkeycat: Have rescued your posts from the spam filter; had to reach all the way down inside it, and now I have spam under my fingernails.

    Hopefully you won’t be flagged as a persistent spammer (as Chunters is, for some reason), but if you do have trouble posting you could try asking me to register an account. That goes for anyone, by the way.

    If posts ever get mislaid, email me at peter@​camberwellonline.​co.​uk and let me know.

  21. Thanks Alan, it crossed my mind once — moving to the middle of Camberwell — but the location (middle of Camberwell) is potentially more terrifying late at night even than Coldharbour Lane.

    I believe Silver Buckle’s rent was £75K. At least it was a few years ago. Could have gone up since.

  22. Greetings all. Slightly off-topic (as usual) — has anyone heard a date for when the new morrisons will open?
    Seems to be taking an awfully long time ..

  23. It was supposed originally to be opening mid-June but when I passed it yesterday they didnt seem to be very close to finishing — the interior was still empty although they had started to remove the Somerfield graphics from the windows and the Somerfield sign had gone. I guess it is taking longer than they thought

  24. Whilst I am very happy with Camberwell I do feel that the are around the Green could do with rebranding.

    The rebirth of the Buckle as S+DII would definitely expedite local gentrification (nb if not regeneration).

    That said S+D does pull a mixed crowd. There was a family of about 20 Brazilians drinking outside the Doves with me on Saturday night. Not your usual Converse wearing trendies… they were in the back garden.

    Almost forgot the Lesbian tango lessons. What an incredibly strange evening. Well done Mark and Gay‑C — I assume that’s you Gay‑C running the same sex ents.. apologies if not.

  25. I saw Marie Cool smile. This sublime experience was the pinnacle of my Arts Week. Too hot to say more as yet. Will make enquiries about the Buckle. I wonder if the parish council, the beadle and the constabulary had a hand in its closure. The house took good money. There must be more to this than meets the eye.

  26. @Dagmar; there’s a pubco somewhere behind it. It’s almost always the case when a pub closes.

    ON a serious note oh readers. What WOULD work at the Buckle site? Speak out! I have an idea.

  27. Me no expert. But the people behind the East Dulwich Tavern do corners well (Antic?). So booze, food, comedy and rugger. Has it got a garden? Never ventured in myself.

  28. The Buckle was an excellent Buckle. The nearest other such pub was in Grimsby, Glasgow, Dublin or Lagos.

  29. The Golden Grill must be feeling the pinch with the absence of the Buckle and all you can eat Chinese in the same price range.

    What’s the big idea Mark?

    Will you save the day?

  30. It’s far too small for a cinema. A nicer pub or restaurant. It’s all it can be.

    Salsa dance studio? Sex shop with continental style video “cabins”?

  31. Spoke to a nice chirpy chippy at the Morrisons site yesterday. He told me that they are signing off the site next Thursday and that it usually takes to weeks to stock and get the staff ready.

    So in 3 weeks time…

    Re: Buckle…any decent wood oven pizza restaurant would have my vote…there are a lot of blooming good pubs at the moment anyway, and another will just hurt my liver and bank account far too much!

    A small cinema would be great too… how about a cinema / bar?

  32. I thought someone posted up ages ago that when Safeways closed it was going to be for 3 months, so by that reckoning, it should be open at the beginning of August.

  33. By the way, does anyone play tennis? My usual tennis partner is away for the summer…

    I can only play a few sets at a time at the mo cos I sprained my ankle and have only just started playing again…

  34. Do people live above the Buckle?

    Maybe it could be a bloody awful five floor super club like On Anon.

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