Camberwell, 1086

Reading Camberwell history lately; here’s our entry in the Domesday book:

Hamo himself holds Cambrewelle. Northmann held it of King Edward. It was then assessed at 12 hides; now at 6 hides and 1 virgate. There is land for 5 ploughs. In demesne are 2 [ploughs]; and 22 villans and 7 bordars with 6 ploughs. There is a church, and 63 acres of meadow, [and] woodland for 60 pigs. TRE it was worth 12l ; afterwards 6l ; now 14l.

In the register of Bishop Edington at Winchester there’s a commission dated 1346, for “reconciling Camberwell church, which had been polluted by bloodshed”.

A gazette in 1868 said:

As one of the most pleasant suburbs of the metropolis, Camberwell contains many seats of the gentry and residences of wealthy merchants and citizens.

And did you know that Coldharbour (as in, the Lane) appears to be a corruption of the German ‘kalte herberge’, a mediaeval inn? It was literally a ‘cold shelter’, a place for travellers to rest but with no food or fire. Also linked to Colde Abbey, a nearby manor (long gone).

Would make for an interesting psycho-geographical study.

Author: Peter

Long-time resident of Camberwell, author of this blog since July 2004.

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  1. Great.

    Does anyone on here keep a weapon in the house that they would rely on if there was an intruder?

    I am thinking of mounting a baseball bat so that it looks like a trophy without any provable intent.

    The other alternative is a huge wrench that I could leave near the sink but I don’t want to kill anyone..

    Any suggestions?

  2. I’ve got a maori patu so the option of chopping up or knocking out, depending on my mood.

    Can’t remember where I put it though.

  3. First, turn the lights on. Then act strange, shout a lot. Come out with a few lines from King Lear. “Blow, winds, and crack your cheeks!” That kind of thing. Intruders will think you’re a psycho or a duppy

  4. Acting weird is worth a try but I am more interested in domestic weaponry. Not sure I’d have time to tie string round a phone in an emergency but I could drop a paperweight into a football sock..

  5. Just had a look at a patu. Great idea. Ethnic souvenir weapons.

    That Samurai Sword I bought in Okinawa.. I just grabbed it without thinking..

  6. I have guard cats that will ruthlessly smother intruders with love and demand stroking so that ill-doers will realise that a life of crime is not worth it

  7. @mumu: when faced with flat intruders, our guard cats use the run’n’hide technique and guard the areas underneath the sofa or underneath the bed. to give them credit, they are exceptionally good at this.

  8. @mumu and @Liliana — ours are likely to beg for food from intruders, or run up the chimney (a new skill developed recently which leads to much soot and dust over cats and humans alike). I had high hopes that they would keep the squirrels out of Yakvilla gardens, but to no avail.

    @Peter — thanks for the info on Coldharbour Lane. It’s name has always puzzled me!

  9. Paranoia aside, many large corporations don’t indulge in buildings insurance because the costs are so astronomical.

    @The Eyechild: The M61 Vulcan cannon is a beaut. No self respecting homemaker should be without one.

    I once found myself completely naked in the living room standing between the intruder and the open doors he’d broken in through. He seemed shocked to a state of near catatonia by being caught so.

  10. I’m off to the GXGallery tonight, very excited, probably returning home via the S&D, what’s good on the menu at the moment?

  11. I am almost tempted to break into Mumu’s house just to be be smothered with cat cuddles 😀

  12. My guard dog didn’t work when getting burgled in May they broke in took everything I own that they could sell. Ooh and they gave the dog 2 lamb chops out of the fridge to shut him up, what a traitor. I wasn’t in it was in the middle of the day and there was no damage just a lot of stuff taken.

  13. Many gourmets posting here have burgled prawns, etc. and taken just about everything bar a few antennae.

    Sodium Laureth Sulphate’s debut album “Toys” is soaring up the charts. Laureth is a striking redhead from Peckham, and the rest of the band are some boys. Laureth, with her iconic red hair, is a graduate in conceptual and etherial art from Goldmsiths University. Her emblematic red hair chimes with the zeitgeist which is currently personified by fiery and maybe a little dippy redheads who dominate disposable floppy boys.

    Laureth tells Camberwell Online, “Basically what I do is go out with a boy and when he finds I am a bit of a pain despite my iconic red hair and burlesque get-up and he dumps me, I throw my toys out of the pram. They land with little random plasticky pingy noises on the ground which are recorded by one of my boy spods and sampled against a backing track of Camberwell-Peckham art beats, or beat beats, because we are all sort of beatniks aren’t we? Anyway, when I am tired of the spods, I just throw the boys out of the pram, too. In the zeitgizzit of these Ombama years, the yes-you-can society, my practice is also to interpret the burlesque can-can on stage just because I can, I mean if Lacan can, I can, right?”

  14. Do people know about the meeting at the Town Hall on Monday night at 7pm to discuss the future of Camberwell. (I think it will focus on the appearance of the town centre.)

    And I think there’s more about it on the SE5 Forum site.

  15. @Peter. Well it’s like this: Peter Blake was at GX Gallery with his Art Bus, signing prints and books. Then I thought I’d have a look around the other pubs in the area, see what’s going on. Started at The Cambria and it was closed for a ticket only event with Hazel O’Connor performing. I took a few pics through the window like a peeping Tom.

  16. Sodium Laureth Sulphate tells Camberwell Online, “Peter Blake was my mentor and Hazel O’Connor copied my iconic red hair and androgynous style I think you’ll find.”

  17. Tomorrow is a big day for Camberwell — dont forget too it is the first day of the new Morrissons. 9am Monday 27 July

  18. JAZZ tonight at The Sun and Doves Free from 8pm. Jim Bennett, our tattooed bartender and waiter is also a very talented musician. He’s moving to Dorset next week and this is his benefir gig before he goes.

    Photographs will be taken of this historic moment, come along and see for yourself.

  19. @J Mark Dodds
    is that like E. Annie Proulx?

    Anyway I had a blast at the gallery and then at the Sun and doves afterwards, nice mushroom burger but burnt my mouth with the spinach, oh well swings and roundabouts I suppose. The boyf enjoyed his cheesy chips.
    Saw you at both venues Mark but there was never a good time to come over and say hi — can you guess who I was though?

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