Hello, hello, hello.

Hello. I’m back from my holiday. Massive thanks to all the contributors in my absence; I’ll be in touch with you all personally, begging you to write more.

Hello to the new crop of students at the College of Arts; it’s great to have you all here. Feel free to get involved with us.

Hello also to the latest to try their arm in the Camberwell pub scene, Grand Union, who take over the Grove at the end of October.

Author: Peter

Long-time resident of Camberwell, author of this blog since July 2004.

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  1. As one opens, another shuts. Noticed that the George Canning has a final looking steel plate over the door and cellar.

    It was never packed as such but didn’t envisage it closing anytime soon. I wonder what (if anything) will take its place.

    Interesting to see what happens with The Grove when it’s taken over. Even though it’s at the end of my road and probably means it’s my local, I can never bring myself to go in it. We’ll see if that changes.

  2. Not been able to access the site much recently as I’ve had pc/router problems. Can anyone recommend a local expert? Thanks.

  3. Hmmmm…

    I have been to the Grand Union in Kennington opposite the Imperial War Museum…It used to be Bar Room Bar — Just like The Grove

    I had a burger and chips — It was functional, but that’s about it…However they do have another branch in Acre Lane Brixton which has a great beer garden with gazebos and they have a habit of showing films there on a big screen during the evening…I suspect not in the winter though…

    Like I said the burger was average in my humble opinion…maybe I will give them another chance once they open in the Progressive People’s Republic of Camberwell…

  4. Another highlight of last weekend, apart from the set by the excellently lunatic Saudis at Warwick Wingding, was the ladies’ tug-of-war in Warwick Gardens on Sunday afternoon. What was that all about, apart from straining thighs?

  5. I thought those mums looked finely tuned & strung. I thought it was a photo-shoot for Vogue Private Members, the new Conde Nast magazine for high-end, quite explicit, edgy fashion. How cool Camberwell is. The energy. Talk about current!

  6. The article about Grand Union says that one of the successful openings the group’s had this year was at the Grove in October. I like that.

    In the same spirit of time space discombobulation; I sent you another email. But because I haven’t written it yet you will probably get it later on today or even tomorrow.

  7. Seems q expensive for what it is. Nice though. I recommended that area to a colleague but the one bed place she was keen on had already sold.

  8. We walked through the village and along Love Walk this afternoon to revive our relationship. It is remarkably quiet, Selborne, and the houses are at odd angles to each other like a real village. They are quite close together — presumably people can shake hands with each other from under the eaves across the street shout “Gardy-loo!” as they used to in old Southwark and for the same reason. The thought of this and the earthy life to be had here on this earth brought us close together, too.

  9. By the way — the email I hadn’t sent this morning but which will have been received whether I sent it anyway has now definitely been transported ether wise and it was for John — whose name I completely forgot to include in the message above. I wanted to warn John — for obvious reasons — to know that I had not sent him an email which I knew I would write and then send later — after I had told him I’d sent him an email. Looking forward to Grand Union’s successful opening in October.

    Notice the Wooster Stock particulars on the palace in Alan Dale Close carry on in this time space discontinuum vein as well… perhaps it’s a modern day virus affecting us in these here parts:

    “A top location for the amenities of central Camberwell… while Kings College Hospital and the Maudsley are just four minutes on foot if that is where you work. On the food front, the excellent Seymour Bros Salad Bar is only four minutes away and closer still (you can practically smell the food from your front door!) is the fine gastro pub The Dark Horse.”

    Ahem, interested viewers of the property may find Jannsen’s and Petit Parisien alongside the others mentioned. They don’t tell of the George Canning or The Silver Buckle though, which I find confusing in the timeline they decided to take.

  10. @ Alan

    It’s got a “nifty serving hatch”!

    I’ve always had problems with the non-nifty kind so this would swing it for me.

    (Estate Agents, love ’em)

  11. Mm. “The best of Camberwell is just a stone’s throw.” Sounds like Derry’s Bogside. “Secluded,” but “with garage.” That is loud music!

    Walworth Road is for sale, the old Labour HQ. This would make a good Spoons. Maybe Tesco will get it. It would also be the most visited Pizza Express in the whole country, full of old-style Labour voters harking back to the old days, after Peter Mandelson has got his hands on the rump of the Labour Party to manipulate it into shape again, handing over to Jon Cruddas to head up a new, electable Labour Party that everyone can believe in, even the suburban conservatives, who by this time will welcome a government who can represent the by now wretched majority.

  12. Slight change of subject here — but does anyone know when the double yellow lines were painted on Maude Road/Vestry Road?

  13. Thanks John. Glad it worked out. Actually on that note, does anyone need a plumber/heating engineer? I know one who’s good.

    Frank’s cafe and Campari Bar MIGHT be making another appearance next year (it ought to, really). Frank is currently in Corsica on a week’s well deserved vacation. Resurrection of the car park roof top bar is dependent on a lot of variables.

    Back to do some other ambitious temporary exotic thing during December if he can organise a venue and a licence in time.

  14. I was expecting that Estate Agent ad to mention The Artichoke,Father Red Cap and the Walmer Castle…

    Old Camberwelians 😉

  15. Dagmar

    Labour Party is dead…The Bourgeoise Supremists have sucked all the marrow out of it’s bones — R.I.P

    We need a new political movement — The Tory Party smells as well as their unofficial sympathetic subsidaries the B.N.P and U.K.I.P…

    The Greens and Lib Dems should form a coalition…but would the Libs have the backbone to enforce positive change…Their lily-livered sidelining of Vince Cable and Simon Hughes would suggest not…

  16. Copeywolf- Plumber recommendation :Peter Bennison of PM Bennison Plumbing & Heating. Corgi registered — 07788–412880. 0208–299-1385. He’s done loads of stuff for us. Good guy.

  17. I’ve been itching to start a cafe for years around here but I think it’s better to start small…The George Canning would be perfect but it’s far too big and the rent is no doubt astronomical…plus no doubt I’d have to sell beers and wines that were not of my choice or preference…

    Better a modest premises packed to the rafters than a large establishment barely half full…

    Do my economics sound correct?

  18. Mark


    You may well be hearing from me very soon…

    I’m curious about how things lie in this part of town concerning rents and business rates…I also like Hackney and it’s potential but this is my home 😉

    My plan is a cafe with a more Northern Spanish feel to it…Not so much Med more Basque/Cantabrian/Galician/Northern Portugal — I will include many British Classics freshly made from scratch with all the best ingredients too…

    If that makes any sense to you at all…

  19. Maybe you should wait till the Conservative Party Conference is over, eusebiomate, before launching any venture or even going outside.

    There is an amazing article in the Daily Mail — bung in “Daily Mail David Cameron cut-glass vowels textbook toff”; also “he exudes Eton from every pore” — which gives a glimpse of what we are in for. His old boss at Carlton telly, Michael Green, is also worth a look.

    By the end of their 5 years maybe Labour will have reformed with Peter Mandelson as head boy during the interregnum and Jon Cruddas as a leader whom people can understand when he talks and who sounds and is optimistic.

    Like Margaret Thatcher, Cameron will have to to use the police to enforce their policies. He is clear-minded and intelligent. We are in for a rough ride.

  20. Recently back from Basque region of France and a day in San Sebastian. Great food. Go for it Euse!

    I’ll vote for anyone who sacks everybody with “stakeholder” in their job title. Just spoken to one now. What an appalling waste of money these people are. They could disappear tomorrow and we’d never know…

  21. I have a question to ask. I should put in the caveat that I am not naturally a tory voter and not sure who to vote for at the next election.

    My question is this: Why is it seen as such a bad thing that David Cameron comes from a privileged background?

    Any politician will be either lower, middle or upper and how much experience will they have of the other classes? Since this is so, how much experience can anyone have of others?

    Tony Blair came from Fettes college in Edinburgh, which is seen by those in Scotland as an Elitist school but this was never a sticking point for Tony.

    On another note, slightly more relevant. What is the point of voting in Camberwell if you don’t want to vote for Labour? Harriet won by a majority of 13,483 and 65.3% of the vote. How on earth can we overturn that? Second place Lib Dems only got 5,450 votes or 18.8% so not much hope there either!

    Answers on a postcard (or this blog) please.

    Just found this quote from http://www.UKPollingReport.co.uk

    “This is one of Labour‘s safest seats in the South of England and, while there is some gentrification in South Peckham, and pockets of Conservative support in the large Georgian houses in places like Camberwell Grove, there is presently no possibility of that dominance being challenged.”


  22. Inverse snobbery. It’s really easy to cast someone from Eton as a distant toff who thinks he’s born to rule. As you rightly point out, Blair was hardly the son of a circus performer.

    While I don’t much care that Cameron went to Eton, I have to say the fact that a ruling cabal were all there at around the same time (Osborne, Boris) is distasteful and, I think, is a negative thing. So the possible PM and Chancellor and Mayor of the capital were all in the same upper class uni drinking club? It doesn’t feel good.

    Good point about Harriet. I have had the same debate with friends, and indeed this problem applies to anyone who is unfortunate enough to be in a super safe seat where they don’t like the incumbent.

    The hard fact is, that without some form of proportional representation, there’s almost no point voting if your vote is to have an impact. Since this is defeatist and anti-democratic perhaps the main thing is to register a vote for turnout’s sake. So, you can
    — vote for one of the mainstream parties if you wanted to anyway
    — make a protest vote (Greens, marginal parties, independents)
    — spoil the ballot paper. It’ll still count as a vote. Draw a big cock on it or something.

    A while ago when I was younger and sillier I lived in a very safe Tory seat and thought it pointless to vote, so I voted a marginal party as a protest vote. Wish I hadn’t though as it turned out that the LibDems surged that year, though they didn’t win it. So, the moral is, you never know. Harriet may get squeezed yet, but probably not by as much as some of us would like…

  23. Politics is dead

    Labour and Conservatives are like two bald old men fighting over a comb…

    We need a new political movement…not the unofficial sympathetic subsiduries of the Tory party (ie: BNP or UKIP) but neither do we need the archaic rhetoric of the Socialist Workers Party

    We need responsible economics…not just in Britain but in most developed economies — in these places there isn’t much growth to get a maximum return on investment anymore so we can afford to start concentrating on the technology of the future rather than try to maintain something which is clearly unsustainable…

    Brown,Cameron or whoever else is the public face for all the proles to get wound up about has no power because they are just a token gesture to try and maintain the illusion we are living in a democracy…

    O.K, granted nobody is cracking our skulls open with a stick or physically torturing us to conform to the official line but that’s because in that sense governments have become a lot more sophisticated in how they mould and manipulate the people — however, the end result is always the same, we are merely here to service the small minority of bourgeoise supremist families who really run the world…

    They couldn’t care how much death and destruction they cause as long as in the end they always benefit from it…

    WW1, Spanish Civil War, WW2 and numerous wars since…have all been about one thing only…

    Maintaining the status quo — but they dress it up as if it’s for the benefit of the masses…which of course it never,ever has been since history began…especially the past 200 years!

    I drink my tea

  24. Gordo gave a list of all the things that the Labour party had achieved at the conference last week.

    If he wants lists I’ll give him a list. This is the real list of the last twelve wasted years:

    - £22,500 of debt for every child born in Britain

    - 111 tax rises from a government that promised no tax rises at all

    - The longest national tax code in the world

    - 100,000 million pounds drained from British pension funds

    - Gun crime up by 57%

    - Violent crime up 70%

    - The highest proportion of children living in workless households anywhere in Europe

    - The number of pensioners living in poverty up by 100,000

    - The lowest level of social mobility in the developed world

    - The only G7 country with no growth this year

    - One in six young people neither earning nor learning

    - 5 million people on out-of –work benefits

    - Missing the target of halving child poverty

    - Ending up with child poverty rising in each of the last three years instead

    - Cancer survival rates among the worst in Europe

    - Hospital-acquired infections killing nearly three times as many people as are killed on the roads

    - Falling from 4th to 13th in the world competitiveness league

    - Falling from 8th to 24th in the world education rankings in maths

    - Falling from 7th to 17th in the rankings in literacy

    - The police spending more time on paperwork than on the beat

    - Fatal stabbings at an all-time high

    - Prisoners released without serving their sentences

    - Foreign prisoners released and never deported

    - 7 million people without an NHS dentist

    - Small business taxes going up

    - Business taxes raised from among the lowest to among the highest in Europe

    - Tax rises for working people set for after the election

    - The 10p tax rate abolished

    - And the ludicrous promise to have ended boom and bust

    I could go on:

    - Our gold reserves sold for a quarter of their worth

    - Our armed forces overstretched and under-supplied

    - Profitable post offices closed against their will

    - One of the highest rates of family breakdown in Europe

    - The ‘Golden Rule’ on borrowing abandoned when it didn’t fit

    - Police inspectors in 10,Downing Street

    - Dossiers that were dodgy

    - Mandelson resigning the first time

    - Mandelson resigning the second time

    - Mandelson coming back for a third time

    - Bad news buried

    - Personal details lost

    - An election bottled

    - A referendum denied

    He also spouted that his party had introduced the Disability Discrimination Act, this, in fact was John Majors. This tells you a lot about our dishonest prime minister.

    So Dagmar let’s vote Labour!!

  25. Oiy’ you over there!!

    Most of the points you mentioned are all negative social side-effects caused by persuing an aggressive,unregulated, free market economic model…which has to be pursued regardless of which party is in charge

    I dare you to make the quantum leap and make the link between the two things…Go on! I Double dare you!

    I drink my tea

  26. Read comments below this article for more polarised political views.


    Has anyone else got an opinion on why it is so important that while someone can be proud to be working class, but not upper class (i.e. David Cameron)? Would really appreciate your views on this one.

    Oh and here’s something that might make our M.P. squirm:

  27. So, where’s old equality Harperson when it comes to equalising retirement ages for men and women? Bit stumm about that, along with all the other wimmin’s groups. Strange eh.

  28. The other day I remembered the old launderette near St Giles church near the bookies. Let us all remember it now. Sigh…

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