Camberwell votes 2: what can we hope for?

(this is the second half of my previous post that I decided to split as it was too long)
So Lambeth and Southwark elections 2010 what can we hope for?
The full lists of candidates standing are available on the Southwark website and Lambeth website . A feature of the election this time is a new party — the Camberwell Party which has emerged to campaign on local issues and has posted on this site. This has, I think, been positive because even if it doesnt win any of the Camberwell seats it has raised the issues facing the area.

The 2010 elections are in London particularly unpredictable as for the first time since the modern structure of London was established in 1965 the local borough council elections are occurring on the same day as the General Election and so the turnout will be greater — in Lambeth and Southwark turnout for local elections is normally around the 30% mark whereas for the General Elections its usually around the 50–60% mark. Assuming people vote the same way nationally as locally it is likely that Labour will win more votes in Southwark and Lambeth as the constituencies are all fairly safe Labour seats.

The best result for Camberwell would be, I believe, a majority Labour administration in Southwark. I think realistically Camberwell is still going to elect Labour/ Green Councillors but if the Camberwell Party can reduce the majorities and make the politicians take more notice of Camberwell that will only be a good thing. Camberwell will also be in a strong position as the leader of the Labour Group is a South Camberwell Councillor. Lambeth I think is unlikely to change control — Labour could lose one or two seats to the Lib Dems but is still likely to be in charge on 7 May.

So in short my prediction for the borough council elections: Labour gain Southwark with workable majority of seats, Labour keep Lambeth.

As (I hope we all are) campaigners for a better Camberwell we need to be asking questions of the candidates and most of all planning now so that we can hit the ground running with an agenda for Camberwell once the election is over. I hope that organisations such as the Camberwell Party and SE5 Forum are able to get well argued campaigning material onto the desks of the new Councillors within the first few weeks of the new administration when the programme for the next few years is worked out. We need to show our elected Councillors and especially the new administrations on Southwark and Lambeth that Camberwell matters!

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  1. Hustings are on Thursday..

    The only Camberwell-focused local elections hustings event will take place this Thursday, 29th April, 7–9pm at Jessie Duffett Hall, 92–94 Wyndham Road, London SE5 0UB.

    Each of the parties standing in the local elections have been invited to take part in the discussion with Camberwell residents.

  2. In no way is Labour dull, though. It is like an entrancing dark-haired woman wearing a red dress with a Martini Henry rifle slung over her shoulder, her face glowing in the candle light of a mountain auberge.

  3. Off topic…what was going on Camberwell New Road at the junction of Flodden road around 5:15 today?

    Looked like the aftermath of a girl gang fight. Loads of plod and ambulances and tape across the north bound carriage way.

  4. Dull policies are fine. Bad policies are the problem.

    Personally, I consider Iraq, ID cards and Trident to be three hugely expensive mistakes that the Labour Party has made or is intent on making. And these are mistakes that will take decades to reverse, if reversing them is possible at all.

  5. I am surprised Andy Stranack is standing as a Conservative candidate…To me his unique style makes him ideal for the Green Party…Maybe Jenny Jones can have a word in his ear for next time 😉

    He is possibly a little bit too radical for the Conservatives…

    I have also had through my door these last few days flyers for…

    Jill Mountford — Workers Liberty Party

    Joshua Ogunleye — Workers Revolutionary Party

    The latter seems a very impressive young man — He’s only 20 years old!

  6. @Lili I don’t know, someone emailed it to me and I noticed the Dulwich / Norwood claim. They’ve got some very progressive policies.

    All this noise about cuts again. As if we can keep on spending. Take a look at the disaster that is Greece. Portugal next. Labour has spent us into the ground, but the Greeks really did tank it.

    Course, the Greeks on the streets wanting their expensive pensions that the Germans don’t want to pay for might remember that Ireland was in a very similar boat, but there they introduced some proper measures and the Emerald Isle is recovering… allegedly.

  7. Vote GILLIAN DUFFY. Telling it how it is.

    You’ll need to be watching rolling news to get this one.

  8. James J

    Very Funny 😀

    I’ve always wanted to do the wrestling “Clothesline” move on Jeremy Clarkson smug fissog

    …so I guess that makes me a Green then

  9. Mark

    At the election night party…

    Can you arrange for somebody to create a papier-mache Jeremy Clarkson that everyone can beat up?

    I think everybody would enjoy that, no matter who they vote for! 😉

  10. Oi, Eusebioboy, you old bigot! [Gets in cab — “That Eusbiobigot, by golly, he is the special one!”]

  11. So, Gordon Brown is a man after all. If he were perfect I might not vote for him.

    Jeremy Clarkson is a man too. He is a man of papier-mache or, as I prefer it to be called, papier-mâché. Anyone up for making a lifesize punchbag ‘in his likeness’ that ‘we’ can be politically uncorrect with on the night.

    Vegan vegan vegan. YES. Will speak to chef about it Lili.

  12. Interesting that it was a Sky microphone that was ‘left on’.
    I just wish Gordito had stuck by what he said, rather than going round and apologising.

  13. Going back to the house to grovel was especially cringeworthy. But Labour were lucky. It could easily have been so much worse. He didn’t even swear.

    Course he owed her an apology. It was ridiculous behaviour and the overreaction of a control freak, especially since the original public chat was a relative success.

  14. @St Giles. While it’s comforting to think of it all as a dark, spidery, Murdoch plot, you have to remember that he said this stuff within seconds of leaping into a car. The sound guys with the headsets on and the correspondents alongside them would’ve heard it no matter what. Even if the newsdesk had stopped the story the sound guys would’ve chatted, especially when surrounded by a huge press pack. It’s almost impossible to contain something like that.

    I’m sure Sky were thrilled though and had probably already planned to listen hard for ‘car chat’. And it is interesting to consider whether the BBC would’ve vetoed the whole story as it was ‘in private’. But they almost certainly wouldn’t. And as soon as Sky ran with the story the BBC were blanketing it just as much. Don’t forget that the head-in-hands shot which gave the story extra legs was from a BBC studio.

    Let’s not also forget the minor point that Sky and The Sun etc backed Labour for the last three elections.

    Personally I think it’s a real shame that this event has such a strong chapter in the story of this election so far. Alas this is the world we live in.


    She’s signed up a PR firm now, I see…

  15. final reminder before i rush off to do some manic taping of things & chair arranging & panicking etc

    (6.30 for) 7–9pm tonight, jessie duffett hall, 92–94 wyndham road se5 0ub, the one chance to talk about camberwell with the local election candidates camberwellians get!

    come if you can

  16. Again nothing to do with politics but ate a takeaway from Cinnamon last night on Camberwell Church Street.

    Very very tasty. A damn fine curry and they deliver too. It’s got the traditional stuff but lots I haven’t seen or tried before.

    Hope they don’t put Ambrosia out of business though. They are much more delicate curries.

  17. @Monkeycat — good, was waiting for someone here to comment on Cinnamon. Might give it a try this weekend, sounds nice.

  18. Gay Camberwell, a dictator who can do some painting is Adolf Hitler, but he is dead. Most of our current politicians also talk like he did in a sort of painting-by-numbers way, stringing “hard choices” and “surges” together, going forward. Soon many of them will be available to you.

  19. Normality? In almost four years I can’t remember seeing anyone ask for a cleaner recommendation on this board. It’s very East Dulwich. Decorators? Hello?

  20. Still, at least SE5 might be gentrifying. 4 years back we were swapping tips on ‘hot wings’. Note that Morleys now only do 4 wings for a quid. Used to be 5. That’s some real inflation Prudent Gordon!

  21. What kind of chicken has 4 wings? You may have bought a quartered squid, Phil. Like Monkeycat who bought a takeaway curry from Cameron — this was probably a pig in a poke.

    That’s what Gordon successfully said last night on the telly — when you bet Cameron you get a pig in a poke. Gordon was on form.

    They all looked like Thunderbirds puppets, though.

  22. We had a local election leaflet from the Green Party. They want to put in a Zebra Crossing on Lyndhurst Grove so the kids can cross to Warwick Gardens.

    Politics you can use.

  23. I’d like a zebra crossing to cross Denmark Hill just opposite Love Walk to the alley that connects on to Coldharbour Lane. I know there’s a crossing by Kings but it’s a bit far and so everyone just runs the gauntlet of 4 lanes of traffic to get over and get the buses up towards Dulwich etc.

  24. A crossing opposite Love Walk is a very good idea, ditto the zebra for the Warwick Gardens kids. Today’s Guardian editorial is also brilliant, excellent, scintillatingly intelligent.

    Tomorrow is May 1st, May Day, the people’s day, has been since the dawn of time. The Conservatives may soon rule with their ridiculous — that word! — lack of being in touch, but nothing will rain on the people’s parade tomorrow.

    Let us erect our maypoles between the strong breasts of the socialist woman in her red dress also wearing an old Martini Henry rifle!

    Avanti popolo!




  25. Interesting to see the Guardian today.

    Does anyone know how many people it would take to replace harriet with the lib dem candidate, whoever they are?

    How big is the swing needed? How many people do we need to switch from labour to lib dem, and could it be done?

    am just wondering whether its worth voting next week or not, that’s all.

    Don’t mind voting lib dem if enough others are also willing to do it, to replace harriet.

  26. the lib dem candidate is columba blango.
    jenny jones is also standing for camberwell & peckham
    as are jill mountford (alliance for workers’ liberty); andy stranack (conservatives); yohara robby (english democrats putting england first); three independent candidates, decima francis, patricia knox and steven robbins; margaret sharkey (socialist labour party) and joshua ogunleye (workers’ revolutionary party).

    a really nice story about why every one action counts:

  27. sg it will take a LOT of votes to get Lib Dems taking over from Labour. Given that none of us is clarivoyant, throw caution to the wind, don’t NOT vote and vote Lib Dem anyway.

    Walks and crossings: More road crossings ARE needed. The suggestions above are for crossings in foot paths that are broken by roads. It is natural these routes should be made contiguous but we need a LOT more than safe road crossings in Camberwell.

    Holistic planning to make sense of the area, which includes transport, is needed. This area’s never had it.

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